Friday, April 11, 2014

Quick Bites: Magdalena's 70% Cacao Bean Chocolates

It's always great to see good products succeed in a competitive market. And Magdalena's 70% Cacao Bean Chocolates is one of those little gems...

Local organic cacao beans, lovingly harvested and made with absolutely no preservatives or artificial additives, just pure 100% artisan chocolate. For more on Magdalena's 70% Cacao Bean Chocolates, check out my previous post here at

Packed in attractive and new packaging, Magdalena's 70% Cacao Bean Chocolates are now easier to spot in  its convenient and handy boxes. Magdalena's newest variant, candied guyabano coated in rich dark chocolate, presents another unique blend of flavors combining the refreshing tartness of soursop with the rich and bold flavors of chocolate. Like the dried mango variant, the sharpness of the fruit are tempered and balanced with the richness of the dark chocolate. Then, there's the variant with roasted cashews, a personal favorite. Just can't go wrong with chocolate and nuts.

Pure artisan "bean to bar' chocolate goodness in a box. Here's wishing even more success to Gerry Baron and Magdalena's 70% Cacao Bean Chocolates.

For more information and details on Magdalena's 70% Cacao Bean Chocolates, you can check out their Facebook page at 

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