Wednesday, April 9, 2014

If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Arabian Delights at Diamond Hotel's Corniche

Diamond Hotel's Corniche launches its Themed Dinner Buffet Nights to satisfy any food lover's diverse taste buds for an exciting and new dining experience. 

And if it's Tuesday, it's Arabian Delights at Diamond Hotel's Corniche with a wide range of sumptuous dishes from the fabled and exotic Middle East.  

Stop by the Shawarma Station as the chefs prepare your custom shawarma a la minute. Fresh from the vertical grill, spiced free land chicken marinated in rich middle eastern spices is carved and served with homemade garlic flatbread, onions, cucumber, tomatoes, and lettuce  drizzled with tahini-garlic sauce and spicy herb sauce. 

Cucumber with Spiced Yogurt, a refreshing starter with the familiar tatziki sauce. The freshness of the cucumbers add a crispness in every bite, and pairs well with the creamy tatziki.

Fatoush, another refreshing salad with crispy pita bread croutons mixed with cucumber, tomatoes and other vegetables in a light dressing made with olive oil and lemon.

Fragrant Couscous, delicately steamed grains of durum wheat with a blend of spices topped with aromatic herbs. The blend of various spices add layers of flavor to each and every dish, as you discover new flavors at Corniche's Arabian delights.

In addition to the usual bread selection, Corniche also featured crispy pita bread, great for dipping in an assortment of traditional spreads made from mashed chickpeas and eggplant

The selection of freshly made spreads include variations of Hummus, a traditional dish made with mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil and lemon...   

...Babaganoush, another traditional spread made with mashed eggplant, olive oil and spices, and a refreshing Tatziki, a yogurt-based sauce that's great with fresh cucumbers.

No middle eastern culinary journey will be complete without preserved dates. Along with some cheeses, whole pistachios are also available to add to your starters.

For the mains, start with the light yet richly flavored Fish Fillet with Harra Sauce, with delicately flavored fresh fish fillet topped with a medley of vegetables in a rich sauce made with sesame seeds and seasoned with herbs and spices. 

Or go with the Whole Steamed Fish with Preserved Lemons and Exotic Herbs on Seafood Rice, almost like a paella but with a more intense note of lemon and herbs. Richly flavored with a variety of middle eastern spices, and a comforting dish to start your Arabian culinary journey.

Garithes Yiouvetsi, or Baked Prawns with Feta and Ruccola, large prawns grilled with crumbled white cheese and shredded arugula. The rich, creamy notes of the feta combine well with the fresh, briny and delicate flavors of the fresh prawns.  

Moving on to more mains, don't pass up on the Lamb Kofta Braised with Vegetable Curry, a personal favorite. The rich flavors of lamb combined with a variety of spices and an equally rich yet mild curry sauce burst with complex flavors in every bite. And you need to pair this with rice, but not just any rice... 

Lamb Biryani, long grained basmati rice cooked with spices, herbs and chumnks of tender lamb. Great as is, even better when paired with the Lamb Kofta Braised in Vegetable Curry.

Baked Salmon with Middle Eastern spices, grilled premium salmon with yet another medley of spices for delicate yet bold flavors. The regular seafood selection also features the familiar baked salmon, but this variation with middle eastern spices had a refreshing twist, and definitely different. Other mains include an Arabic style Steak Churrasco with grilled sweet corn, Arabic Lamb Stew with smoked onions and beef Kofta.

Your culinary journey continues with dessert. Kunafa/Kataifi, a cheese pastry with a crust made with long threads of crisp noodles and topped with crushed pistachios...

...Lokum, also called Turkish Delight, is another traditional sugary confection made with starch and and sugar, with a light layer of rosewater flavor...

...Baklava, a more familiar dessert made with thin filo pastry and layers of chopped nuts with honey...

...Dates Fudge Bar, a moist and chewy fudge made with dates and dark chocolate...

...and Nunnmoora, a sweet cake made richer with almonds. From starters to mains and dessert, Corniche brings you a wide range of authentic middle eastern flavors for an awesome Arabian-inspired evening.

Embark on an Arabian culinary journey with Arabian Delights every Tuesday at Diamond Hotel's Corniche for only P 1,980 nett per person. The Themed Dinner buffets at Corniche also include regular sections like the fresh seafood station, a carving station, a Japanese corner, an appetizer counter and dessert station. On Thursdays, it's Steak Night at Corniche (P 2,395 nett per person), Salmon Nights on Fridays (P 1,750 nett per person) and on Saturdays, you can enjoy an impressive array of Mexican dishes with Cena Mexicana at Corniche (P 1,750 nett per person). 

Craving for a taste of the world? Just pick a day, and let Diamond Hotel's Corniche take care of the rest. 

Corniche is located at Diamond Hotel, Roxas Boulevard corner Dr. J. Quintos Street, Manila or call 528-3000 for inquiries and reservations.

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