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Experience Chef's Noodle's Unique Korean Flavors, Now Open at Robinsons Magnolia

The creative fusion of authentic Korean flavors and classic Asian cuisine combine for a unique experience one can only find at Chef's Noodle. And now, you can experience the signature dishes of celebrated Korean master chef Choi In Sun at Chef's Noodle's newest branch in Robinsons Magnolia.  

Playful, adventurous and a fine balance of traditional flavors with a contemporary and modern twist, Chef's Noodle showcases chef Choi In Sun's innovative dishes in a celebration of fresh and unique flavors.

Chef's Noodle formally opened its sixth branch at Robinsons Magnolia last April 23, with Korean celebrity chef Choi In Sun along with Chef's Noodle Korea's owner Mr. Kim Huk Soon, Chef's Noodle's Philippines CEO Mary Simisim, and Operations Manager Nancy Go.  Immediately after the blessing and ribbon-cutting ceremonies, guests sampled a wide array of signature dishes created by chef Choi In Sun, ranging from traditional dishes to creative and updated classics.  

A multi-awarded master chef and popular celebrity, chef Choi In Sun is a regular guest chef at SBS TV Channel's "The Starking Show" where his signature Starking Fire Sushi was created. Chef Choi In Sun was then tapped by Chef's Noodle to create its unique and innovative menu, which was well received as Chef's Noodle now has over 65 branches in Korea since it first opened in 2011. The fastest-growing Korean casual-dining restaurant, Chef's Noodle continues its expansion with its first international branch outside Korea in Manila in 2012. This was then followed by even more branches in Manila, with more scheduled to open.

Chef Noodle's signature Starking Fire Sushi (P 245 Beef/P 298 Shrimp/P 225 Tuna), chef Choi In Sun's unique and innovative take on a Korean version of sushi made with sticky rice balls topped with Australian beef, fresh shrimps or tuna, and torched right on your table

The use of Korean sticky rice adds a unique and different flavor experience, and torching the dish right on your table adds that extra element of excitement. Torched to your preference, I go for a medium rare. The rich and tender beef and the distinct texture of the Korean sticky rice blend well together, add a little wasabi and dip in the special sauce for a medley of balanced and unique flavors.

Though it may look deceptively light, the Korean sticky rice can be quite filling. I go for one more piece, knowing even more dishes are about to be served, and go for a third. And a fourth...

Seafood Pajun (P 245), the classic Korean pancake made from a light and tasty batter infused with a variety of seafood and vegetables topped with sesame seeds. Served fresh and hot, the light and subtle flavors are best enhanced with a dab of chili sauce. If you're craving for beef, Chef's Noodle also offers a Beef Bulgogi Pajun (P 198) to satisfy your beef bulgogi fix.

The Shrimp Starking Fire Sushi (P 298), delicately torched and topped with leeks, served with wasabi.  The light sweet and briny flavors of fresh shrimp with wasabi is comfortingly familiar, and the Korean sticky rice adds a distinct yet refreshing layer of texture.

Bulgogi Kimbap Rice Rolls (P 125), another unique twist to Japanese sushi with a distinct Korean touch. Instead of the usual vinegared sushi rice used in the typical Japanese sushi, Chef's Noodle's version uses Korean sticky rice rolled with beef bulgogi and vegetables wrapped in seaweed. The sticky rice has a unique nutty flavor that complements the richly seasoned beef. Like the Starking Fire Sushi, these rice rolls can be quite filling, but then again, just go with the flow and go for another piece.

Wanja Steak Jun (P 298), prime Korean burger steak seasoned with Chef's Noodle's very own authentic spices topped with cheese and fried egg, and served with teriyaki sauce. The richly seasoned and bold flavors of the patty are balanced by the egg and cheese, providing a layer of creamy flavor in each bite. Great as is or with rice, it's yet another unique dish from Chef's Noodle.

In an innovative fusion of east and west, chef Choi In Sun combines Italian flavors with Korean ingredients in another unique dish. Ddukbokki Carbonara (P 245), a creative fusion of Italian and Korean flavors, with soft and chewy Korean rice cake blended with creamy peppered mushroom sauce and diced ham. And it works quite well. I've tried traditional Korean rice cakes in a spicy sauce before, and never knew the rice cakes would would also work with a non-traditional sauce, like a creamy carbonara style sauce. Definitely different. And the surprises don't stop there...

Chef Noodle's Shrimp Twigim (P 345), a distinctly Korean version of the classic Japanese tempura, lightly coated with Chef's Noodle's seasoned twigim batter mix, fried until crisp and tender, served with fried onion rings and a tart dipping sauce. Deliciously crispy, and an all-new experience with the flavorful red sauce.

The signature Chef's Noodle (P 225), the dish that made Chef's Noodle famous in Korea. A rich and hearty Korean noodle soup with a beef broth base and Korean noodles topped with leeks, bean sprouts, fried tofu, spring onons, egg roll, and beef bulgogi.  The subtle flavors of the beef broth, almost similar to the broth served with beef ribs, is enhanced with leeks. Now this is a complete meal in itself, with a variety of toppings for a variety of flavors in a bowl. Add a little chili sauce to kick up the flavors, and you just can't stop.

Chef's Noodle also offers a variety of shakes and ice cream based desserts, including Lovers in Paris (P 155), inspired by the immensely popular Korean telenovela, with three scoops of ice cream topped with whipped cream, mini-marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles and cherries.

Coffee Prince Smoothie (P 155), a refreshing coffee-based dessert topped with chocolate sprinkles, whipped cream and mini-marshmallows.

Rich and smooth, a perfect ending to a feast at Chef's Noodle. And one cool way to beat the summer heat. Different, unique, yet familiar and comforting, Chef's Noodle offers a whole new way of enjoying Korean flavors with a unique twist. Experience chef Choi In Sun's signature dishes yourself, at its newest branch in Robinsons Magnolia.

Chef's Noodle is located at the Lower Ground Floor of Robinsons Magnolia (beside the Appliance Center), Aurora Boulevard corner Dona Hemady Street, Quezon City or call 656-7033 for inquiries.

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