Saturday, April 5, 2014

Huat Pot Redux: A Few Tips to Enjoy Your Huat Pot Experience

Another round at Huat Pot. And a new strategy.

After an enjoyable and satisfying visit at Huat Pot (see my previous post here at, I knew I had to come back. The extensive selection at Huat Pot promises infinite combinations and flavors. Armed with a plan, here's a few tips to enjoy your Huat Pot experience...

Load up on fresh vegetables. Leeks, mushrooms and leafy greens add to the overall flavor of your broth, and it's good for you too. The vegetables also balance the richness of the various ingredients and flavors of the broth.  

Add your favorites, but dare to explore new flavors. The variety of fresh and premium ingredients, most imported from Taiwan, adds to the uniqueness of one's experience at Huat Pot. Add a few lobster balls with purple yam to your broth, and some egg dumplings. Each ingredient adds its own unique layer of flavor to your broth, and the flavors continue to build as you prepare for a second round. 

Enjoy the experience. A good hot pot meal shouldn't be rushed. Instead, give it some time to fully boil and savor the lingering aroma. Place the thin strips of beef, pork, and lamb on top since this cooks pretty fast, as the colors change in minutes.  

Get help for the dipping sauce. Ask one of the servers for assistance in creating your dipping sauce. The selection at the condiments station is equally impressive, and if it's your first time at Huat Pot, ask for assistance. With the help of Huat Pot's courteous server, I prepared a sauce that was much better than my first attempt, with strong yet balanced flavors. 

Take it slow, and allow to ingredients to simmer. Once the ingredients are tender or the colors change, it's ready. 

Mix it up. Add some noodles for variation.

And once you find a combination you like, stick to it and go for a second, a third, or a fourth round. Just go with the flow. And don't rush, go on a leisurely pace, any good meal should be enjoyed slowly.

End your meal with fruits. Fresh fruits. It's good for you.

But leave some space for Magnum. You just can't not have a Magnum. Time your visit to Huat Pot on your cheat day. 

After your epic feast, just sit back and relax, and end your experience with a freshly brewed cup of coffee to settle down after another epic feast at Huat Pot. Huat Pot's all-inclusive price (P 688++ per person) covers all the ingredients you need for that perfect hot pot experience, including unlimited beverages and desserts.

Ready for a whole new hot pot experience? Make that Huat Pot.

Huat Pot Hot Pot Restaurant is located at Unit 2F, Metropoint Center, P. Guevarra corner Averilla Street, San Juan City or call 650-3091 for inquiries and reservations. 

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  1. Delicious! Hotpots are one of my favourite things to eat and is so much fun for group settings too! You've definitely bringing up some serious cravings in me now =)


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