Monday, February 22, 2021

Add Some Real Pop to Easy Snacking with Corn Pops by Kelly & Co Snacks

 Sweet Corn, Cheese and Barbecue. It's the flavors that lead you to the way of easy snacking...

Kelly & Co Snacks brings easy snacking to your home with their best-selling Corn Pops, spicy, sweet and savory bites that's perfect for binge watching and movie nights. Simply open the resealable foil bags and snack away. That's easy snacking. 

Packed in resealable bags, each 230g bag of Corn Pops (P 80) by Kelly & Co Snacks is your ticket to easy snacking. In this new normal where dining at home and the rise of the food delivery culture are just some of the emerging consumer habits due to the pandemic, stocking up on tasty bites at home is always a good idea. A few bags of Corn Pops are a great addition to your provisions. 

Packed in sealed foil bags to keep your crunchy Corn Pops fresh and safe from the elements, Kelly & Co Snacks adds its own unique spin to snacking with its take on the classic pop corn staple. Perfectly crunchy with the sweet notes of corn, these Corn Pops can be addicting. The rich Cheese variant is a tasty alternative to the usual cheese-flavored snack, combining the familiar notes of pop corn with every bite.

Each crunchy bite combines the sharp of notes of cheese with the natural sweetness of corn for that delicately balanced finish capped by that delectable crunch. A burst of vibrant notes is released after every bite and once you start, you just can't let go of the bowl. 

And you'll be surprised how fast you can go through a bowl even before the climactic scene of your favorite movie or NetFlix series. The Cheese flavored variant brings familiar notes, while the crunchy corn kernel sized bites complete the snacking experience. 

And before you know it, you're going for another bag of Corn Pops. But there's more...

The Barbecue flavored variant adds savory and smoky hints to the crunchy Corn Pops best paired with a refreshing beverage or a cold beer for game nights. 

Not too salty, one can still enjoy the natural sweetness of corn with each crunchy bite. Just like the Cheese flavored variant, the crunchy corn kernels pair well with the distinct barbecue notes for another tasty option from Kelly & Co Snacks. 

Bold flavors with the deep finish of savory smoky notes, the Barbecue flavored variant will have you going for endless bites for movie nights at home.

But if you want pure, fresh and clean flavors, Kelly & Co Snacks has that covered too. The Sweet Corn variant offers natural flavors with a mildly sweet finish. 

The lightly-colored and original Sweet Corn variant is the perfect way to get acquainted with the Corn Pops experience. The delicate lightness of flavor won't make you notice that you've already reached the bottom of the bag. 

The sweetness of the crunchy bite-sized corn kernels are complemented by a subtle salty finish to complete the flavors. If by some remote chance you still have a few Corn Pops left, simply reseal the bag and store in a cool and dry place. 

As you probably well know, snacking is an integral part of the dining at home experience in this new normal. Kelly & Co Snacks makes it easy with their Corn Pops. That's what easy snacking is all about.

We've seen countless innovations during the quarantine, and you can safely add these Corn Pops by Kelly & Co Snacks to the long list. 

Sweet Corn, Cheese and Barbecue. And if you still can't decide, why not just have all three variants for easy snacking at home or anywhere in this new normal. 

Kelly & Co Snacks also offers other great snacking options, including Artisanal Uraro, Candied Peanuts and Greaseless Nuts. Check out their FB Page and IG Feed for details on ordering, payment and delivery options.

The quarantine experience will continue to transform the way we go about our daily routine, but our insatiable craving for snacking will endure. Kelly & Co Snacks makes it easy with their best-selling Corn Pops

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