Tuesday, February 16, 2021

All-Day Cravings Satisfied with 24/7 EATS by Chef Carlo Miguel

The rise of the food delivery culture and dining at home remain some of the enduring reminders of the quarantine experience. And we've seen some interesting culinary innovations emerge from the pandemic, including healthier options for the new normal. GrabFood levels up the food delivery game with their innovative 24/7 EATS with Chef Carlo Miguel. Like an online 24/7 foodcourt, Chef Carlo Miguel weaves his own culinary style to comforting classics adding even more tempting choices to your food delivery list in this new normal.

Noted chef and culinary personality Carlo Miguel unveils his latest offerings with 24/7 EATS for delivery provider Grabfood with an array of hearty and sumptuous meals conveniently delivered to your doorstep. It's a timely innovation that's clearly in step with the times, guaranteed to satisfy any craving. Read on for a tasty peek at some of the unique culinary offerings from 24/7 EATS...

From small bites to big meals, 24/7 EATS is an all-inclusive one-stop shop for refreshing beverages and snacks to satisfying meals tied in with delivery for added convenience. Think of it as your online foodcourt with its extensive array of tasty selections at your fingertips. It's a novel idea for the new normal where changing consumer habits such as dining at home and the rise of the food delivery culture become the rule rather than exception. And now, you can satisfy all your cravings with 24/7 EATS (for more information on GrabFood and 24/7 EATS, visit https://food.grab.com/ph/en/ and  https://www.grab.com/ph/blog/grabfood-goes-24-7/). 

It's the wide variety of offerings that sets 24/7 EATS apart, with its round-the-clock operations (depending on curfew guidelines) in tandem with its delivery feature in one complete package for your convenience. From food selection to delivery, all you need is one app, one number, one site. You can also check out their IG at @247.eats for more updates and order via Grabfood. Let's see, how does wings, a burger and a healthier alternative to pork sisig sound? Chef Carlo Miguel shows you some tempting options...

The 6 pc Garlic Parmesan Wings from 24/7 Wings is a tasty starter with crisp and juicy wings draped in flavorful Parmesan cheese and garlic butter. Tender and juicy capped by a lightly crisp layer, the Garlic Parmesan Wings delivers a vibrant burst of richness from the sharpness of the Parmesan rounded out by the deep nutty notes of the rich garlic butter. 

Perfectly fried and coated, the Parmesan and garlic butter enhances the delicate notes of the juicy and crisp chicken draping the palate with a lingering richness. The pronounced Parmesan hints are tempered by the garlic butter for balanced flavors. Mild salty notes with an indulgent mouthfeel and finish, think of Parmesan and garlic butter as the power combo for wings. And they do wings well at 24/7 Wings.

The bold fresh flavors and level of quality from 24/7 Wings are a preview of what 24/7 EATS has to offer. Other tasty options from 24/7 Wings include the classic Buffalo Wings with Sriracha, Salted Egg Wings, Original Fried Wings, Honey Garlic Wings and Korean Fried Wings. From savory and spicy to salty and sweet notes, that pretty much covers all your chicken wing cravings. Now you're ready for a rice meal...

Savory sisig on rice remains a popular staple in the culinary mainstream, but Chef Carlo Miguel takes it a step further by offering a healthier alternative. After all, a healthy diet is your first line of defense in this new normal. The Omni Not Pork Sisig is one such option. Chef Carlo Miguel brings the innovative and healthy product offerings of Omni Pork and Beyond Meat to your table with savory dishes that's good for you. Chef Carlo starts with the familiar, then uses the non-meat vegetarian products of Omni Pork and Beyond Meat to transform the dish. And the results are surprisingly tasty. The same unctuous richness of the popular sisig is replicated by Chef Carlo Miguel with the Omni Not Pork Sisig, down to the texture and mouthfeel. 

And the flavors are just what you'd expect from the traditional sisig with its comfortingly familiar rich notes. Topped with fresh onions, green chili and a special sisig sauce, the Omni Not Pork Sisig is just as flavorful but without the guilt. The tender texture of the Omni Pork slathered in the rich sisig sauce followed by the fresh notes of onions and the soothing heat of the green chili won't make you miss your favorite sisig. In fact, I suggest you order two. 

Finding non-meat and vegetarian options can be challenging, more so in this new normal. But 24/7 EATS makes it easy for you. Other healthy non-meat rice topping alternatives include the Omni Not Pork Thai Bowl, Beyond Meat No Beef Silog with garlic rice and egg and the Beyond Meat No Beef Bratwurst and Mash

The inclusion of Beyond Meat and Omni Pork in the repertoire of dishes offered by 24/7 EATS is a refreshing response to changing consumer habits. And it's good to know you can find non-meat options available for delivery. Burger cravings? Burger Beast by Chef Carlo Miguel is also part of the long list of offerings at 24/7 EATS... 

Launched middle of last year at the height of the lockdown, Burger Beast by Chef Carlo Miguel showcases his creative and inventive burger mastery with a wide variety of burger expressions. Chef Carlo pushes the flavor boundaries of the usual burger, spinning it with flavorful combinations for a unique burger experience.

The smoky sweetness of caramelized onions, the creamy and sharp notes of premium Yellow Cheddar and a juicy all-beef patty slathered in a rich proprietary Umami Sauce. the Umami Burger is the perfect introduction to Burger Beast's culinary style of pure unrestrained flavors. 

The multiple layers of savory richness come together seamlessly, complementing the other for a savory weave of pure burger goodness. The bold beefy notes of the juicy beef patty stands out from the very first bite, but its the play of contrasting flavors and textures from the caramelized onions, the yellow Cheddar and the special Umami Sauce that ties it all together. The soft brioche absorbs all the richness from the different components delivering even more flavors while maintaining its form all the way to the last bite. That blend of salty and sweet is delicately balanced, rounded out by the Umami Sauce for that perfect burger finish.

The classic burger has long been a staple for food delivery, but Chef Carlo Miguel clearly elevates the burger experience with Burger Beast. Other must-try burgers from Burger Beast by Chef Carlo Miguel include the Blue Cheese Burger, Double Trouble Burger, Buffalo Chicken Burger, Classic Cheeseburger, The Frenchie Burger and the Bacon Cheeseburger.

Garlic Parmesan Wings, the Omni Not Pork Sisig and Umami Burger, and that's just the proverbial tip of the iceberg of the wide and extensive offerings from 24/7 EATS. Hungry? You know who to call, and let Chef Carlo Miguel show you the countless ways to satisfy your cravings with 24/7 EATS. 

For more on 24/7 Eats by Chef Carlo Miguel, you can check out their menu here at GrabFood.

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