Friday, February 26, 2021

Noods with a Fiery Kick: The Spicy Chicken Ma La Noodles by The Villamaria Kitchen

After the initial success of their Spicy Stir-Fry Ma La, The Villamaria Kitchen scores another game winner with the Spicy Chicken Ma La Noodles...

The ubiquitous noodle gets a spicy makeover with the latest offering by The Villamaria Kitchen for yet another sumptuous dish from one of the metro's unique home-based food businesses. Topped with their specialty Stir-Fry Ma La, the usual noodle dish is given a flavorful upgrade with the new Spicy Chicken Ma La Noodles (for more on The Villamaria Kitchen and their specialty Stir-Fry Ma La, see my earlier post, Dining in the Next Normal: Cloudy Quarantine Days and the Spicy Stir-Fry Ma La by The Villamaria Kitchen). One of the best new finds during the quarantine, The Villamaria Kitchen rolls out yet another must-try dish for a sumptuous noodle fix. 

The rise of home-based food businesses and the food delivery culture are just some of the enduring consumer habits in this new normal as value and differentiation sets a distinct few apart from the others. The Villamaria Kitchen is one of them, bannered by their specialty Stir-Fry Ma La. Packed and sealed in containers, your order arrives fresh and ready-to-eat. 

Topping comforting noodles with their specialty Stir-Fry Ma La just changes the dish, weaving comforting notes to the experience. Loaded with fresh broccoli, mushrooms, potatoes, pechay or Chinese cabbage, meat balls and tender chunks of chicken draped in chili-infused oil on noodles, the Spicy Chicken Ma La Noodles becomes a complete feast.

The numbing notes of the Szechuan-style Stir-Fry Ma La are faithfully recreated by The Villamaria Kitchen, opening up the palate with its bold flavors. But it's really not just about the spicy kick. The Villamaria Kitchen builds layers of delicately nuanced flavors that isn't one-dimensional with its medley of fresh ingredients. The soothing heat is rich, deep and nutty even fragrantly floral for a flavor sensation that lingers long after the last bite.

To enjoy it at its flavorful peak, simply reheat the Spicy Stir-Fry Ma La Noodles. Then, mix everything well since the vegetables and noodles are at the bottom and it's ready to serve. And be sure to drape each ingredient and the noodles with the chili-infused oil for an indulgent and unctuous mouthfeel.

Each dish from The Villamaria Kitchen is filled with premium ingredients adding real flavors with each bite. A closer look at the sample serving reveals the overflowing abundance of ingredients with each order. The first bite is announced by pronounced yet subtle sharpness from the chili-infused oil, followed by the sweetness of the vegetables and the juicy notes of tender chicken. Each bite builds up more layers of flavors, draping the palate with a savory richness. And it gets even better with succeeding bites. 

But it's the intricately choreographed play on flavors and textural contrasts from the different ingredients that complement the heat of the Spicy Chicken Ma La Noodles, all seamlessly woven with every bite. The heat definitely stands out, followed by the various notes of the ingredients for that delicate balance. And underneath all the generous toppings, all these flavors are absorbed by the noodles releasing even more intense notes for a rich and savory finish. Like their signature Stir-Fry Ma La, The Villamaria Kitchen offers a Mild, Medium and Spicy option along with a variety of toppings and add-ons for a customized dish.

In the mood for noods with a spicy kick? This fiery contender is worthy of your attention. When a sudden craving for noodles strikes, The Villamaria Kitchen is ready to satisfy your noodle fix with a spicy finish. Game? Turn up the heat with the Spicy Chicken Ma La Noodles by The Villamaria Kitchen with just one quick call or message...

For more on The Villamaria Kitchen, call 0939 374 9790 for orders or visit their FB Page at for more details and updates. Customers may also opt to pick-up their orders at 9 Sapphire Street, Villamaria 2 Subdivision, Baranggay Cupang, Antipolo, Metro Manila.

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