Sunday, February 21, 2021

Quick Bites: A Real Good Chocolate Chip Cookie is Prettier in Pink, Just Ask the FetBoysPH

The guys behind the Giant Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookie are back with an indulgent baked creation that's absolutely Prettier in Pink...

FetBoysPH proves that real cookies are way prettier in pink with the new and indulgent Prettier in Pink, a decadent cookie made with dark chocolate cookie dough loaded with three types of chocolate namely Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate and Ruby Chocolate. Now that's one pretty cookie, don't you think?

FetBoysPH clearly made an impression with their Giant Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookie, a massive upsize of their popular chocolate chip cookie (see more on my previous post, Dining in the Next Normal: Go Big with the Giant Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookie by FetBoys Bakery). Imagine a cookie as wide as your palm or the saucer of your favorite coffee cup and thicker than most loaded with premium California Walnuts and Dark Couverture Chips and you get the picture. That's why FetBoysPH made it to my list of quarantine picks for cookies (more here on my post, Dining in the Next Normal: Fill Up Your Cookie Jar with These Cookie Picks...). And now, FetBoysPH continues to churn out lavish creations with their new Prettier in Pink Chocolate Chip Cookies made with three types of couverture callets or chips, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate and Ruby Chocolate baked in dark chocolate cookie dough. It's an equally impressive cookie loaded in the same over-the-top style of FetBoysPH.

You can enjoy the new variant with their All-In-One Box (P 800) containing four pieces each of their specialty Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookie, Coffee Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Cookie and the latest cookie creation, Prettier in Pink Chocolate Chip Cookie packed in a special box. Think of it as a triple treat of chocolate chip cookie goodness.

Just take a closer look at these fresh-baked creations and you just know that FetBoysPH isn't fooling around. Cookies are a serious thing with FetBoysPH. These are, in the words of FetBoysPH, "cookies that hug." In this new normal, this may very well be the next best thing to a physical hug in the time of social distancing. The Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookie takes the popular cookie a step further with double the load of Dark Couverture chips and premium California Walnuts. The generous load allows you to enjoy the richness of dark chocolate and walnuts with every bite.  

Thick, chewy and moist, the Coffee Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Cookie introduced back in October last year brings coffee, butterscotch and premium imported walnuts together in another indulgent creation.

In true FetBoysPH style, each bite brings chocolate chips and walnuts followed by the rich deep notes of coffee and sweet butterscotch in a decadent weave of flavors. The coffee and butterscotch complement the other while the chewy cookie dough and walnuts complete the flavors. 

Then, the distinct dark Prettier in Pink Chocolate Chip Cookie catches your eye. It's a sinfully decadent cookie filled with three kinds of chocolate. You have the familiar white and dark chocolate but FetBoysPH adds yet another layer with Ruby Chocolate. It's also nut-free, that's good news for those allergic to nuts. The three types of chocolate are more than enough to compensate for this nut-free variant. But it's the Ruby Chocolate that gives this cookie its unique prettier in pink vibe. A pink colored chocolate, Ruby Chocolate is now commonly accepted as the fourth real chocolate variant after dark, white and milk chocolate. But it's not only the color that makes Ruby Chocolate different. Ruby Chocolate delivers vibrant fruity hints, almost like raspberry with the silky smooth finish of chocolate. 

It's this unique blend of chocolate with the fruity notes of Ruby Chocolate that sets Prettier in Pink apart from the usual chocolate cookie. Each soft and chewy bite melts in your mouth releasing the decadent flavors of white, dark and Ruby Chocolate draping the palate with a lingering richness. One bite and you'll agree, a good cookie is prettier in pink.  

Experience the new Prettier in Pink by FetBoysPH in Giant (a large cookie variant approximately 180g) or Regular. Or go for the All-In-One Box with Too Much Chocolate Chip, Coffee Butterscotch and Prettier in Pink variants in one package for a triple treat of chocolate chip cookie indulgence. We've seen innovative home businesses emerge in this new normal, and this is one of them. With its growing portfolio of innovative cookies and brownies, you can expect to hear more from FetBoysPH soon.  

For more on Fet Boys Bakery and their specialty Giant Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookie and other tempting creations, call 0917 665 7381 for orders and inquiries. You can also visit their FB Page at and their IG Feed at @fetboysph for more updates. 

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