Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Authentic and Flavorful South American Journeys Served and Delivered with Viaje by Kev

One chef's journey with authentic South American flavors is recreated, boxed and delivered to your doorstep...

Viaje by Kev takes your palate on a culinary adventure to South America with its specialty Pollo a la Brasa Set Tortilla Combo, a sumptuous feast with tender Peruvian-style roast chicken, refreshing Salsa Criolla, soft flour tortillas, Fried Yuca, rich White Garlic Cream Sauce and a duo of Viaje sauces, the Aji Rojo and Salsa Verde. Conveniently boxed, sealed and delivered to your doorstep, the Pollo a la Brasa Set Tortilla Combo from Viaje by Kev is as authentic as it gets and one of the best food delivery options for dining at home in this new normal. 

Viaje by Kev is a personal culinary expression by young chef Kevin Yu showcasing his experiences in Spain and Peru both as a student and chef. Kevin's travels are the inspiration behind by the aptly named Viaje by Kev, taking Spanish and Peruvian flavors from the alleys of Barcelona to the beaches of San Sebastian, the mountains of Cusco to the streets of Lima straight to your table for your own culinary journey enjoyed in your own home. 

Skewed to a food delivery format, Viaje by Kev adapts to the times combining authenticity and convenience to set it apart from the countless options available to diners. The sweeping transformation due to the quarantine experience continues to impact the way we go about our daily routine, with dining at home and the food delivery culture emerging as the new consumer habits in this new normal. Viaje by Kev is geared up for the new normal, from its packaging to delivery and authentic cuisine for a memorable dining experience that lets you explore the rich culinary heritage of Spain and Peru in the comfort of home.

The large box securely keeps your Peruvian feast fresh and safe from the elements, holding up well during delivery. A complete meal in a box, the Pollo a la Brasa Set Tortilla Combo (P 980) is ready-to-eat with each component packed separately and individually. 

Your Peruvian feast is neatly packed, all you have to do is open the containers and lay it on your dining table for a mouthwatering spread of Peruvian flavors.

Straight from the box to your table, the Pollo a la Brasa from Viaje by Kev faithfully recreates the Peruvian classic complete with sides. For chef Kevin Yu whose professional stints abroad included working in kitchens in both Spain and Peru, the spiced Peruvian roast chicken was a special treat after late night shifts. Roasted low and slow over charcoal draped in Peruvian spices, Chef Kevin recreates those experiences with the Pollo a la Brasa Set Tortilla Combo. 

The tender chicken is masterfully roasted, with the outer surface charred to almost black while remaining juicy. Peruvian herbs and spices can be seen covering the roast chicken, delivering deep and rich notes to complement the delicate flavors followed by that bold and fresh of-the-grill smoky hints. 

The tedious process behind Viaje by Kev's signature dish begins with the freshest ingredients followed by the controlled heat from the charcoals. Recalling his days in Peru, Chef Kevin shares the flavors of his adventures in one elegantly packaged feast.

Peruvian cuisine represents a wide diversity of flavors as varied as its geography. But at the very core of each dish is the freshness of its ingredients. I was once told by a chef that freshness is flavor, and this is clearly demonstrated with the lavish Pollo a la Brasa Set Tortilla Combo from the juicy roasted chicken centerpiece of the feast to the flavorful sides and sauces.  

The diverse flavors of Peru can be seen in the different side dishes of the set. Adding each component in a tortilla wrap completes the Peruvian experience....

...starting with soft Flour Tortillas... the soft and lightly crisp Fried Yucca and Salsa Criolla, a refreshing tart and vibrant tomato and onion salad with corn.

To complete the experience, Viaje by Kev includes a trio of rich sauces with the Pollo a la Brasa Set Tortilla Combo with the smooth and nutty White Garlic Cream Sauce along with pepper-based sauces with the deep notes of the Salsa Verde or Aji Verde and the sharp flavors and mild heat of Aji Roso

But the real fun begins when you prepare your own tortilla wrap. Carve up a few shreds from the near fall-off-the-bone roast chicken and load it on a soft flour tortilla. Top it with Salsa Criolla with a few dabs of White Garlic Cream Sauce, Aji Rojo and Salsa Verde and you're ready for a bite. 

The savory richness of the spiced and juicy roast chicken come through tempered by the sharpness of the Salsa Criolla for delicately balanced notes. The White Garlic Cream Sauce, Salsa Verde and Aji Rojo weaves layers of equally rich and distinct flavors with every bite for contrasting notes. 

The juiciness of the spiced chicken drapes the palate with deep and rounded flavors followed by layers of even more flavors from the Salsa Criolla and the trio of sauces. It's these fresh flavors that transports you to the other side of the world to the busy streets of Lima without leaving home. 

Stuffing and wrapping your own savory tortillas is an experience in itself, best shared with family at home. It makes dining at home special and memorable, elevating it to a different kind of experience in this new normal.

And it's quite filling too, guaranteed to satisfy any appetite. It's a welcome change from the usual meal at home with rice, and healthier too.

The flavors, though complex, are fresh and clean. Chef Kevin's immersion in Peruvian cuisine clearly shows in this dish. And he's mastered and perfected the dish exactly the way he remembered it from those late night kitchen shifts back in Peru.

Load up another tortilla and the flavors just pops in your mouth. Each component is flavorful on its own, but combining everything together just brings contrasting notes together in a seamless weave. And you get all the flavors without having to pile it high on the tortilla.

But it's the story behind the Pollo a la Brasa Set Tortilla Combo from Viaje by Kev that makes it special. They say a dish reflects a story, and this is one of them. Ready to embark on a tasty adventure? Relive the adventures of Chef Kevin Yu in distant Peru and Spain with his lavish offerings of authentic flavors conveniently delivered to your doorstep and embark on a flavorful journey without leaving home with just one quick call or message. 

For more on Viaje by Kev and full menu details, visit their Facebook Page at or their IG Feed at You can also call 0917 702 1695 for orders. 

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