Saturday, February 20, 2021

An Express Delivery of Authentic Thai Flavors by The Pad Express

Pad Thai, Pomelo Salad and Mango Sticky Rice, the usual suspects for sudden Thai food cravings. But finding good Thai food at an affordable cost can be challenging in this new normal. Authenticity, freshness and value with the added convenience of food delivery come into play with the sumptuous offerings of The Pad Express...

The Pad Express brings affordable and authentic Thai flavors to your table to satisfy any craving for Thai food. Using the freshest ingredients for their specialty dishes like Pad Thai, Pomelo Salad and Mango Sticky Rice and more plus a wide selection of Thai-style coffee and tea beverages delivered conveniently to your doorstep, The Pad Express is one more tasty option to add to your growing list of food delivery choices in this new normal.  

The new normal presents multiple challenges to the food sector as quality and value become even more relevant in these trying times. The Pad Express breaks the mold with its authentic Thai offerings at a price that's easy on the wallet. Authenticity and value sets The Pad Express apart from your usual Thai options. Dining at home and the rise of the food delivery culture are just some of the emerging consumer habits from the quarantine experience, and The Pad Express is a timely alternative for this new normal. Pad Thai, Pomelo Salad and Mango Sticky Rice for lunch? Just give The Pad Express a call and your sumptuous Thai feast will be on its way. 

Safely packed in sealed containers, your orders remain fresh and ready to-eat. As with all Thai dishes, the quality and freshness of ingredients are crucial in delivering the rich and authentic notes you love. With its wide range of flavor profiles, from sweet and spicy to sour and salty all in one dish, The Pad Express recreates this colorful palette of contrasting notes with every specialty dish on their menu. 

The Pomelo Salad (P 120) is an excellent way to start your Thai feast with garden-fresh and crisp lettuce, sweet pomelos, peanuts and crunchy tofu served with a refreshingly tart and mildly salty fish sauce-based dressing. The Pad Express also offers a Thai Egg Salad (P 120) as another option.

The signature Pad Thai CxS (P 160 Solo/P 650 Bilao/P 1,400 Party Platter) with Chicken and Shrimps of The Pad Express is a savory noodle dish with soft-stir-fried rice noodles topped with succulent shrimps, tender chicken, peanuts, bean sprouts, spring onions and crunchy tofu. Other variants include Pad Thai Tofu (P 100 Solo), Pad Thai Chicken (P 120 Solo), Pad Thai Pork (P 120) and Pad Thai Shrimp (P 140). You may choose to go all-out with the Pad Thai Overload (P 180) without busting your budget.

The perfect ending to any Thai feast, the Mango Sticky Rice (P 80) by The Pad Express is a sweet combo of glutinous rice and fresh mango for an indulgent dessert. The Pad Express also offers a unique Mango Ube Sticky Rice variant (P 100) in case you're in the mood to try something dofferent.

Depending on your location and delivery time, the packaged solo meals by The Pad Express were still hot and you can enjoy it straight out of the container. You may also opt to reheat the dish so you can enjoy the vibrant flavors. The Pad Thai CxS is their loaded version of the classic Thai dish with strips of tender chicken and a pair of plump shrimps adding even more flavor to the soft rice noodles. 

The combination of the different ingredients add layers of distinct flavors, absorbed by the rice noodles releasing even more savory notes with every bite. Served with a lemon wedge, a gentle squeeze completes the flavors.

The briny sweetness of the fresh shrimps come through to complement the savory and sweet finish of the noodle dish followed by hints of tartness and a gentle and soothing heat. Each noodle is draped with the flavorful notes of the different ingredients for that perfect finish. It may be a tad sweeter than most adapting to the local palate, but it still delivers that familiar range of contrasting notes. Solo, Bilao or Party Platter, the Pad Thai CxS is a comforting noodle dish guaranteed to satisfy your Pad Thai cravings. Reasonably priced, this dish is hard to beat when it comes to quality and value.

Other savory options from The Pad Express include Thai Spring Rolls, Thai Curry Puff, Thai Pandan Chicken and Thai Basil Chicken.

The quality of ingredients are best experienced with a salad and the Pomelo Salad of The Pad Express showcases freshness and clean flavors from the lettuce and pomelo combo and the peanuts, bean sprouts and crunchy tofu.

The sweet tartness of the pomelo and sharpness of the fish sauce-based dressing cleanses the palate, intensifying even more with the next bite. A chef once told me that freshness is flavor, and this is one example. The fresh ingredients combine for a hearty salad with distinct Thai notes. The play on contrasting notes and textures makes this salad a good addition to your Thai feast at home. 

The Pad Express completes your Thai experience at home with their specialty Mango Sticky Rice, a traditional Thai duo of glutinous rice slathered in thick and sweet coconut cream paired with fresh and sweet mango sprinkled with sesame seeds. 

It's the perfect ending to your Thai feast, all conveniently delivered to your doorstep by The Pad Express at reasonable price points. Quality and value in this new normal is a combination that's just hard to beat. And The Pad Express delivers on all points. 

A sumptuous meal for one or for the whole family at home, the hearty offerings of The Pad Express brings an authentic taste of Thailand to your table at prices you can afford. Don't forget to try their refreshing Thai tea and coffee beverages. 

As we transition to the new normal, food businesses need to adapt and evolve to changing consumer habits. The Pad Express, with its authentic and value for money offerings and food delivery focus is ready for the new normal. So when your cravings for Thai flavors strikes, simply give The Pad Express a call or message for an express delivery of traditional Thai favorites. 

The Pad Express is located at 58 V. Manansala Diliman, Lungsod Quezon, Kalakhang Maynila 1102 Quezon City or call 8257 1688 and 0968 227 9134 for orders. You can also visit their FB Page at or their IG Feed at @thepadexpress for more updates.

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