Monday, February 15, 2021

Change Up Your Fried Chicken Game with a Delivery from CRAV Restaurant

Crisp and juicy, there's nothing like a good fried chicken meal to warm both the palate and body with its comforting notes. But if you're looking to spice things up, then you're ready for a new fried chicken experience. Change up your fried chicken game and skip the usual eleven secret herbs and spices for a flavorful new twist...

CRAV Restaurant adds its own inventive spin to the classic fried chicken with its new CRAV Fried Chicken to change the fried chicken game. And it works. That same juicy and crisp texture we all love in a good southern-style fried chicken is all there, but with a uniquely flavorful twist infused with deep curry notes. Rich eastern flavors meets southern style with the new Curry-Flavored Fried Chicken for a winner, winner chicken dinner delivery by CRAV Restaurant... 

Changing consumer habits including dining at home and the emergence of the food delivery culture due to the pandemic continues to transform the metro's food businesses, resulting in a surge of creative culinary innovations. Now, more than ever, consumers enjoy even more choices. CRAV Restaurant in Marikina adapts to the new normal with its repertoire of comfort food offerings, including an inventive Curry-Flavored Fried Chicken (P 149-2 pcs/P 299-6 pcs/P 499-10 pcs).

Replacing the usual southern style herbs and spices with a curry spice blend just transforms the typical fried chicken with a burst of unique and vibrant notes. The distinct nutty and mildly sharp hints of the curry add depth to the delicate flavors of the chicken without overwhelming the palate. The infusion of rich curry notes complements the crisp and juicy fried chicken, lingering long after the last bite. Another crisp bite intensifies the flavors while a dab in the thick gravy completes the experience.

CRAV Restaurant starts with the perfect fried chicken, tender and juicy capped with a crunchy layer of breading. The lightly crisp breading delivers an audible crunch with every bite, followed by the tender chicken releasing its juicy and savory notes. And CRAV Restaurant's Curry Flavored Fried Chicken holds up well even after delivery, remaining hot, crispy and juicy. Simply open the lid and enjoy.

You can specify your cuts too, and the breast and thigh combo is neatly packed in a sealed tray for delivery with rice and gravy for a complete meal. One quick call to CRAV Restaurant is all you need to enjoy a sumptuous fried chicken meal at home. 

It's an inventive take on fried chicken where Southern comfort meets the rich spice blend of the east. The unique curry spice blend sets this apart from the usual, just what you need change up your fried chicken game. The Curry Flavored Fried Chicken by CRAV Restaurant brings both vibrant and comforting notes to your home dining experience in this new normal.. 

Take-out, dine-in or delivery, CRAV Restaurant has a winner with their Curry-Flavored Fried Chicken. And if you decide to dine-in at CRAV Restaurant, ask about their P 299 deal for Unlimited CRAV Chicken. Ready to change your fried chicken game?

CRAV is located at Lot 6 Block 5 Unit D, Golden Valley Subdivision, Marikina 1805 Metro Manila or call 0915 920 7926 and 0908 653 4661 for orders and deliveries (also available on GrabFood and FoodPanda). You can also visit their FB Page at for more information and updates.

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