Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Monsterized. Aedan's Burger Goes Monster-Style...

The delicate balance of quality and affordability is pushed to the max with the latest creation from Aedan's Burger. Ready for a big monster bite?

Monsterized. Aedan's Burger will soon launch its impressive Monster Style Burger, a monster-sized feast in a bun to its growing portfolio of specialty burger creations. One look and you know this new burger means business...

Aedan's Burger sets the tone for both quality and value in a new normal where eating and spending smart becomes even more relevant (for more on Aedan's Burger, see my posts, Aedan's Burger Brings Bold Flavors and More Bang for the Buck to Satisfy Your Burger Cravings on my first experience with their Awesome Hawaiian Burger and Baconic Burger and Tasty Duo: The Krunchy Chicken Burger and Cheeseburger by Aedan's Burger on their other variants). The saying you get what you pay for and experiencing real value for money in a struggling economy due to the pandemic is truer than ever. Enjoying a good burger without busting your wallet can be a rare find. But Aedan's Burger proves once again that you can enjoy a good burger at a price that's friendly on the budget. 

Aedan's Burger pulls all the stops for their newest creation. Aedan's Burger piles on two juicy slabs of all-beef patties as the base for their newest creation. How is it different from the Double-Wouble also with two beef patties? Aedan's Burger "monsterizes" it with the addition of bacon, egg and a blend of imported melted cheese along with garden-fresh and crisp lettuce, tomatoes and onions slathered in their special Secret Sauce on a pillow-soft bun. Just reading it is a mouthful. And a big bite just brings it home...

Tall and massive, the Monster Style Burger is delicately layered and stacked with everything we love in a burger. The patties are perfectly grilled, delivering richly seasoned and savory notes with each bite. The bacon brings its distinct smoky notes into play, followed by the creamy richness of the imported melted cheese and sunny side up. Then, the rest of the flavorful cast join in with their own flavors and textures from the crisp lettuce, tart tomatoes and mildly sweet onion finished by the special Secret Sauce. 

It's an elegant burger, with each component contributing to a savory burger experience. I'm told that the new burger creation will be following the same pricing structure of Aedan's Burger. That means a burger with real value.

Need a closer look? Give it a few minutes before taking the plunge for a big bite.

Pair it with the Triple F or French French Fries to complete the experience. Prep the burger by gently pressing it down and go for it. The beefy notes of the patties, the smoky bacon, the indulgent imported melted cheese, runny egg and trifecta of lettuce, onion and tomatoes draped in the Secret Sauce combine for one seriously good burger. 

Soon, you'll find the Monster-Style Burger on the menu of Aedan's Burger. The food service sector continues to transform and adapt to changing consumer habits in this new normal, and the value positioning of Aedan's Burger remains a winning formula. 

Within a week or so, this could be in your hands. Until then, here's an image to feed your eyes until Aedan's Burger formally announces the launch of their newest burger creation.

For more on Aedan's Burger, visit their website at for more information, menu details and updates. You can also call 0966 5625631 (Globe) and 0929 850 7733 for orders.

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