Tuesday, September 28, 2021

ECQ Eats: All Squared Up with the New Detroit Style Pizza from Corner Pizza

Crisp and chewy with a crunchy crust and double the cheese loaded with edge-to-edge toppings, here's a treat to get you squared up for an exciting new pizza experience...

The much loved pizza is enjoyed the world over with different regions and cities showcasing their own distinctive culinary style. Kenny Rogers Roasters brings the classic Detroit Pizza to the metro with their newest concept, Corner Pizza. A unique pizza style, the distinctive rectangular or square shape isn't the only feature that sets it apart from the rest. There's a whole lot more, from the crust to the toppings. It's high time for a new pizza experience, and there's no better time to dare to be square with the new Detroit Pizza by Corner Pizza.   

Corner Pizza sets its sights on the metro's growing base of pizza fans with the selection of square pizza offerings including the iconic Detroit Pizza. And it's a welcome addition to your growing list of pizza options as dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage continue to define a challenging new normal. And that's good news for pizza fans. 

The newest entry in an established pie-dominated market, Corner Pizza introduced its square-shaped pizza in November late last year at the height of the pandemic. Bigger by a square inch from the usual 12 inch round pizza counterpart, Corner Pizza offers a savory and flavorful bang for the bite. Changing consumer habits due to the pandemic led to the creation of the delivery-driven new concept. "Corner Pizza was born given the pandemic situation last year, by maximizing the delivery service and products of Kenny Rogers Roasters," shared Marco Siy who developed the new concept. 

All Squared Up with Special Deals

Corner Pizza goes a step further for the launch of the new specialty Detroit Pizza with a cool deal. Enjoy a value packed bonus with the Parmesan Crusted Garlic Bread (P 129) from Corner Pizza for free when you order a Detroit Pizza (P 599) online at https://www.cornerpizza.com.ph/. Be sure to check out their other cool offers including their Buy 1, Get 1 at 50% Off deal

Crunchy on the outside and soft inside, it's the perfect snack option at home for the long days of quarantine. Four thick crusted garlic bread coated with Parmesan and served a special salsa, it's a deal that's just too good to pass up. But better hurry. The offer for free Parmesan Crusted Garlic Bread with every Detroit Pizza purchase at Corner Pizza is only until October 17

Dare To Be Square

And now, let's get squared up for the meat of the matter. The Detroit Pizza (P 599) by Corner Pizza is one serious pizza. One look, and it's a pretty loaded pizza from all four corners and every angle all the way to the crisp edges. That's Detroit in a box.

The Detroit Pizza by Corner Pizza features the specialty thick and chewy crust with a delicate crispness slathered in rich tomato sauce and topped with 50 flavorful slices of pepperoni for that meaty punch. The Mozzarella and Cheddar complete this savory and crisp Detroit Style Pizza experience with its luscious creamy finish.  

What makes Detroit Style Pizza pizza different and unique from other types of pizza? Here's what to look out for in the Detroit Style Pizza of Corner Pizza:
  1. Crispy Cheese Crusted Edge. The edges of the Detroit Style Pizza at Corner Pizza features a Cheddar crust for that extra crisp cheesy crust. Described by Detroit pizza fans as the much coveted "frico" crust, it's unique creamy burst and delicately crisp texture makes it distinctively Detroit. Not New York. Not Chicago. 
  2. 50% More Cheese. Corner Pizza lays on the cheese in a big way with a double layer of Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese blend for a real cheesy experience. 
  3. Topped with Rich Tomato Sauce. The Detroit Pizza by Corner Pizza is made even richer with an extra generous heaping of tart tomato sauce on top to temper the extra cheese richness for balanced notes.
  4. Extra Thick, Topped from Edge-to-Edge. The unique shape allows for an even distribution of toppings, that means enjoying more of what you love with its thick and chewy texture for that extra pizza goodness.  

Once you open the box, the bold yet fragrant aroma of cheese and pepperoni triggers your appetite. One bite and the difference that makes it a Detroit Style Pizza comes through from the crisp yet thick to the chewy crust, creamy cheese blend and the lavish toppings of tomato sauce and pepperoni for a pizza lover's dream. All the elements come together for a sumptuous pizza experience.

For The Pizza Fan

Rich, savory flavors and contrasting textures bring layers of pure pizza goodness with each and every slice of the new Detroit Style Pizza by Corner Pizza. The corners, understandably, are the first to go with its crisp sides but each slice packs all the flavors and you still get an audible crunch from the middle portions of the pizza with its chewy and crisp bottom crust. That light crispness and layers of flavors are what true pizza fans look for, and you'll find it with the new Detroit Style Pepperoni Pizza

Each box contains 16 savory slices, perfect for sharing with family at home. Every bite delivers the savory notes of the pepperoni followed by the richness of the cheese and tartness of the tomatoes for complex yet balanced layers. The thick and chewy crust brings the crunch for the perfect finish. One slice leads to another, and you still can't get enough of the flavor and textural layers with the Detroit Style Pizza Pepperoni by Corner Pizza. 

The use of the finest and freshest ingredients brings real flavors, making the new Detroit Style Pizza by Corner Pizza a must-try for pizza fans. "We don't cut corners in the selection of ingredients, preparation, and shape. This is further strengthened by our new pizza that has a thick and chewy crust, the Detroit Pepperoni. And we don't plan to stop there, there are lots of exciting products soon," added Marco Siy. 

And there's more. Be sure to visit their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/cornerpizzaph/ and website at https://www.cornerpizza.com.ph/product/detroit-pizza/ for online orders as well as the full menu and even more value-packed promotions and offers that's hard to beat. 

Looking for a new pizza experience? Look no further, there's a new player in the competitive pizza arena and it's not cutting corners to get a slice of the pie. Discover Detroit Style with the newest pizza offering from Corner Pizza, and dare to be square with the Detroit Style Pizza

To order your own chewy, cheesy and crusty Detroit Style Pizza by Corner Pizza, visit https://www.cornerpizza.com.ph/ or call 8 555 9000 for delivery. You can also visit their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/cornerpizzaph/ and IG Feed at @cornerpizzaph for more updates.

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