Wednesday, September 15, 2021

ECQ Eats: Kenny Rogers Roasters Goes Beyond Deliciously Healthy with Plant-Based Options from Beyond Meat

Access to healthy alternatives isn't easy, more so in a challenging new normal. The choice of eating healthy gets a boost with the new and flavorful plant-based options from Kenny Rogers Roasters...

Healthy food with rich and vibrant flavors? Absolutely. And that's not all. Low in cholesterol, saturated fats and free of antibiotics and hormones from animal-based counterparts, the newest plant-based offering is a refreshing and beyond deliciously healthy option from one of the leading global fast food chains. Starting September 14, discover healthy yet bold savory flavors as Kenny Rogers Roasters and Beyond Meat introduce their Beyond Deliciously Healthy line-up in all branches nationwide for an exciting and unique flavor experience with the Kenny's Beyond Burger and Kenny's Mashed Potato.

The sweeping changes due to the quarantine experience saw the emergence of new consumer habits such as dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage defining a difficult and challenging year. Not surprisingly, eating healthy isn't a priority in a new normal. But Kenny Rogers Roasters and Beyond Meat changes all that by providing easy and convenient access to healthier plant-based options without skimping on taste or flavor. The unique partnership between the global chain Kenny Rogers Roasters and world-renowned Beyond Meat is quite timely as well. With its wide network of nationwide branches as well as an established online ordering and food delivery system in place, eating healthy has never been this easy even in this new normal to keep you back on track with a healthier lifestyle.

The best way to get acquainted with the new plant-based offerings by Kenny Rogers Roasters is with the Kenny's Mashed Potato (P 295), a loaded combo with juicy grilled Beyond Meat patty laid on smooth and creamy mashed potatoes served with a side of mushroom gravy. I've tried various products from Beyond Meat before and enjoyed my experience. I have to admit, Beyond Meat just changed the way I perceive plant-based substitutes. If you've tried and enjoyed Beyond Meat before, you'll love the way Kenny Rogers Roasters orchestrates its own spin with its new plant-based offerings. Your experience begins with the innovative packaging...

...with the mashed potato and patty sealed in a container topped with a cleverly designed lid that also holds the mushroom gravy to keep it separate from the other components that's ideal for delivery. Your order arrives fresh and hot, and your beyond deliciously healthy experience from Kenny Rogers Roasters and Beyond Meat begins... 

Flip the lid and you've got yourself a sumptuous and healthy meal, earning plus points in my book for its novel, practical and functional design. But the real proof is in the pudding or in this case, the grilled patty, the mashed potato and mushroom gravy. 

The presentation of the different components becomes your first visual clue to the well-thought process behind crafting the newest offering from Kenny Rogers Roasters and Beyond Meat. The bold gill marks on the thick patty and the silky smooth consistency of the creamy mashed potato with the side of thick gravy teases both the eyes and the palate. 

A big bite of the firm yet juicy patty brings a savory richness followed by its fresh-off-the-grill smoky hints combining for a comfortingly familiar weave of flavors from your favorite burger patty. The flavors are all there, hitting all the right notes from the very first bite. The mouthfeel and texture recreates all the sensory elements of a burger that you'll need to constantly remind yourself that this patty contains absolutely no meat.  

On its own, the well seasoned Beyond Meat patty is great as is bringing all the flavors and textures we all love in a burger. After a second bite, it's still hard to believe there isn't any meat at all in the juicy grilled patty as it continues to deliver all the familiar notes with flavorful bursts of savory umami with every succeeding bite. 

It's the combination of the different components from the Kenny's Mashed Potato that really seals the deal, from the juicy patty to the silky smooth and buttery mashed potato and the deep rounded notes of the mushroom gravy coming together in a seamless blend. And the best part? You can indulge without the guilt. From the packaging down to the bold flavors, the new plant-based offering is a welcome alternative to add to your growing list of food delivery options. A meal in itself, Kenny Rogers Roasters has a serious contender with the Kenny's Mashed Potato.

That same savory finish and palate pleasing texture of Beyond Meat's patty takes centerstage once more with the Kenny's Beyond Burger (P 295), a juicy burger stacked with garden fresh and crisp lettuce, tart tomatoes, creamy cheese and smooth mayo in between soft toasted buns. Layered with a variety of contrasting and distinct flavors and textures, the patty's rich flavors are complemented and enhanced by the other fresh components for that satisfying burger finish.  

The richly seasoned patty holds up well, staying firm all the way to the last bite while delivering all the flavorful notes one would expect from a traditional beef burger. The lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and mayo bring its own unique notes to the mix, capped by the soft bun for a burger experience that's familiar yet totally unlike any other. And that's what Kenny Rogers Roasters and Beyond Meat brings to the table. It's a burger, but it's not. And it's healthy. Who knew plant-based alternatives and healthy options can be so flavorful yet be good for you at the same time?

The Kenny's Beyond Burger is a worthy addition to your must-try list, and it's also a much needed yet refreshing change from the usual options. The new plant-based offerings from Kenny Rogers Roasters and Beyond Meat are more than just healthy alternatives. In this new normal, a healthier lifestyle and diet is your first line of defense in a lingering pandemic. All it takes are small steps along a healthier path, and the Kenny's Beyond Burger and Kenny's Mashed Potato makes it easy.  

As dining out and restrictions on limited dine-in capacity and mobility continue to be enforced in the metro, you don't have to leave the safety and comfort of home to experience the new plant-based line up from Kenny Rogers Roasters. Simply visit their website at and your orders will soon be on its way to your doorstep.

It's good to see more plant-based alternatives in the evolving and changing local culinary landscape as more consumers are now taking a second and longer look at personal health. Kenny Rogers Roasters and Beyond Meat add to the wide variety of healthy options available for delivery for your convenience. Ready for a refreshing and beyond deliciously healthy change? Call or click the link below to order and experience burgers that's tasty and good for you too...

Get your Kenny's Beyond Deliciously Healthy Meals and as well as their other specialty bestsellers on or via their hotline at 8-555-9000. 

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