Saturday, September 18, 2021

ECQ Eats: Indulgence at Home with the Creamy Mac And Cheese by Chef Mike Santos of PINCH.mnl

You know it's true, and you've experienced it time and again during the long days of quarantine. There's just nothing a good bowl of comforting mac and cheese can't fix to make your day better. Chef Mike Santos proves it with his indulgent Creamy Mac and Cheese...

The simple yet sumptuous macaroni draped in layers of cheese always tops our list of favorites, and our love and appreciation for this familiar staple grew even stronger during the quarantine. But this familiar classic gets a lavish upgrade. Chef Mike Santos weaves an indulgent spin to comforting dishes available for pick-up and delivery with all-time favorites like the Creamy Mac and Cheese, just one of many savory options at PINCH.mnl. Hungry? Read on...

The sinful Creamy Mac and Cheese Tray (P 950 good for 6-8) by Chef Mike Santos is a reflection of his own personal culinary style, keeping it simple using the finest and freshest ingredients delivering honest and real flavors. This philosophy is showcased at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse by Chef Mike Santos (for more on Chef Mike Santos at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse, see my posts, Dining in the Next Normal: Even in the New Normal, The Steaks Still Sizzle at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse on his unique take on Japanese cuisine and savory steaks and Dining in the Next Normal: Chef Mike Santos Unveils His New Burger Creations at Nanka Japanese Steakhouse on his fully loaded and stacked burger offerings). And now, Chef Mike Santos brings his savory culinary style straight to your table with the wide array of tasty offerings by PINCH.mnl.   

The quarantine experience has clearly left its enduring impact, forever changing our daily routine due to the lingering pandemic. New consumer habits have emerged including dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage that continue to change and transform the culinary landscape defining a difficult and challenging year. The new normal is here to stay and adapting to this new routine becomes the only way to curb the spread of the bug. Staying home means dining at home and despite the restricted mobility, access to real food was never this easy. An indulgent tray of Creamy Mac and Cheese is just a few clicks and taps away on your mobile device...

Chef Mike Santos pivots to these changing consumer habits and patterns by establishing a homebased food business featuring his personal and indulgent take on simple yet elegant and masterfully executed dishes for pick-up and delivery with PINCH.mnl. Aptly named, you'll want to pinch yourself twice after a bite of the solid block of Creamy Mac and Cheese.

And why not. The indulgent layers of Emmental, Cheddar and Parmesan combine with butter and cream for a silky smooth blend delivering a flavorful burst while draping the palate with a creamy richness. The medley of premium gourmet cheeses, decadent butter and cream binds the macaroni in place like a solid block of pure goodness.  

A few minutes in the oven adds a light and delicate crispness to the cheesy crust above as the macaroni below softens up in a luscious slather of cheese, butter and cream while maintaining its solid block form. It's a deceptively simple dish, but one bite immediately tells you this isn't your usual mac and cheese. Far from it. The contrasting textures and real unrestrained flavors come through all the way to the last bite. In true Chef Mike style, the Creamy Mac and Cheese is an elevated and luxurious expression of a popular staple made better with the finest ingredients.    

A tray of mac and cheese becomes a home essential as we hunker down to another round of granular lockdowns in the metro. But not just any mac and cheese. It just has to be the Creamy Mac and Cheese from PINCH.mnl by Chef Mike Santos.

But that's not all that's cookin' at PINCH.mnl. Chef Mike Santos offers a full and extensive range of savory dishes for pick-up and delivery from Rice and Noodle dishes to Seafood, Poultry, Lamb, Beef and Charcuterie Boxes. Each dish is a passionate expression of Chef Mike's own culinary style. Simple yet elegantly executed with bold, unrestrained flavors from the finest ingredients. 

It's true. A bowl of mac and cheese just makes any day better, more so in this challenging new normal like a comforting hug to warm both the palate and body. And when you have exceptionally good mac and cheese like the Creamy Mac and Cheese at home by Chef Mike Santos of PINCH.mnl, better days ahead are guaranteed. 

For more on PINCH.mnl, visit their FB Page and IG Feed at and @pinch.MNL for more information and orders.

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