Wednesday, September 8, 2021

ECQ Eats: Scout's Honor Craft Cookie Shop Launches Expanded New Menu for Delivery in the New Normal

I've tried some of the best cookies and desserts at Scout's Honor Craft Cookie Shop, and it remains high on my list for indulgent treats. But there's more cooking in the kitchen at Scout's Honor these days, including an all new expanded menu of savory offerings conveniently delivered to your doorstep...

Scout's Honor Craft Cookie Shop responds to the changing times with an expanded menu available for delivery from tasty starters to savory mains, beverages and desserts. From the packaging to the comforting flavors of the new offerings, Scout's Honor makes dining at home special in this new normal. Now with branches in Ayala Malls Vertis North, SM North Edsa and Santolan Town Plaza, Scout's Honor is ready to serve and deliver your next meal with a Scout's promise for a memorable dining experience at home.

Packed in a box, all your orders are prepared following all the latest health and safety protocols delivered fresh and hot to your doorstep...

...with each dish sealed in its own individual packaging for your peace of mind. It's the little details like this that make the new expanded menu from Scout's Honor a noteworthy addition to your long and growing list of food delivery options in the ECQ. Or GCQ. Or MECQ. Whatever quarantine classification, you know you can depend on Scout's Honor to deliver the goods. Dining at home, along with the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage have emerged as the new consumer habits in a challenging year due to the pandemic. As restrictions on mobility continue to be enforced, the simple pleasures of dining out are now replaced by dining at home. Scout's Honor makes it easier with their wide selection of new dishes, conveniently delivered to your home without the fuss. 

Start your sumptuous feast at home with a comforting bowl of Corn Soup, a creamy and hearty soup loaded with sweet corn kernels and topped with crunchy croutons... open up your taste buds for the main courses. It's a soothing starter that's perfect for the long cloudy days of quarantine at home, warming both your appetite and body with each sip and bite. One more sip drapes the palate with a lingering richness, followed by the delectable crunch of the kernels and croutons.

Before the mains, how about a refreshing salad? Scout's Honor combines the clean and crisp garden freshness of vegetables with the juicy and savory notes of tender chicken with the Asian Salad with Grilled Chicken for another winning dish.

The generous portion of Asian Salad with Grilled Chicken is a light meal in itself with fresh onions, carrots, sweet corn, croutons, cherry tomatoes, juicy grilled chicken and crunchy croutons on crisp lettuce sprinkled with sesame seeds and slathered in a smooth and creamy sesame-based dressing for that distinct Asian finish.

Both flavor and textural contrasts come together in a seamless and balanced weave with each tasty bite. Scout's Honor offers other tasty and tempting starters including Mini Corn Dogs, Baked Nachos and Spinach and Cheese Pockets

In between bites, wash it all down with the refreshing Black Gulaman...

...a refreshing beverage with its indulgent sweetness and strips of soft tapioca. The sweet notes of the beverage pairs well with the savory flavors of the mains... the Baked Parmesan Chicken, a juicy slab of chicken cutlet enrobed in a parmesan-based breading for vibrant flavors and laid on soft and fluffy fried rice with a fresh side of carrots and string beans.

The savory notes of the Parmesan compliments the delicate flavors of the tender baked chicken while the fried rice adds yet another layer of richness to the dish. The fresh vegetables complete the dish. Crisp and crunchy on the outside and juicy inside, the Baked Parmesan Chicken delivers contrasting textures with bold flavors for a satisfying meal. Other savory options from the expanded new menu include Garlic Shrimps, Bangus Teriyaki, Chicken Barbecue, Salisbury Steak and Roast Beef.  

Breakfast? Scout's Honor has that covered too. Scout's Honor offers All-Day Breakfast with their inventive and unique Thick Cut Bacon with a sweet and tangy honey sinigang glaze, Chorizo Hash with savory chorizo bites and potatoes, Pancakes in Classic, Banana PancakesChocNut Pancakes, Ube Pancakes and Chocolate Chip Pancakes which you can opt to upgrade to Thick Waffles. Or go for familiar local flavors with the Roast Beef Belly Pares, a sumptuous dish with garlic rice and eggs. 

The Roast Beef Belly Pares hits all the right notes from the fork-tender slabs of beef covered in a mildly sweet pares sauce with its familiar anise hints to the perfectly executed eggs with its soft and runny yolk and garlic fried rice for a hefty breakfast that can be enjoyed any time of day at home. A side of chili adds that soothing heat if you want some spice to go with each savory bite.

The slabs of melt-in-your-mouth beef in this dish are the highlight of the dish, ably complimented by the supporting cast of garlic fried rice, eggs and chili sauce coming together in a lavish yet hearty all-day breakfast combo. 

If you're craving for pasta, Scout's Honor has that in their new menu too like Creamy Cheese Carbonara with Parmesan, Easy Melt Cheese and crisp and smoky bacon bits; 4 Cheese Ravioli with Marinara Sauce with Parmesan, Cheddar, Cream Cheese and Mozzarella; and the local inspired Palabok topped shrimp, crunchy chicharon and egg. Sandwiches? Scout's Honor offers their specialty Scout's Burger, a hefty quarter pounder beef patty with tomato and lettuce that you can customize with Blue Cheese, American Cheese, mushrooms, egg or bacon. Other tempting sandwiches include the Shrimp Sandwich, a tasty sub stuffed with succulent shrimps; the Chorizo Burger with the sweet and smoky chorizo patty topped with slaw and egg and the Chicken Barbecue Sandwich with tender and juicy chicken with Ranch dressing. Pair your sandwich with Scout's Honor's French Fries or Onion Rings for a hearty feast at home.

Known for their desserts, Scout's Honor's indulgent creations are not to be missed (for more on Scout's Honor's indulgent offerings, see my previous posts, Ready for Cookie Camp at Scout's Honor Craft Cookie Shop from five years ago, Bite and Sip: Scout's Honor Craft Cookie Shop's Craft Cookie Milkshake Version Upgrade on their inventive milkshakes and Be Prepared for the Season of Giving: Scout's Honor's Tempting Holiday Cookie Sets). The Banana Cookie Pudding is equally indulgent, and perfect for delivery to cap your sumptuous feast at home.

The silky smooth pudding delivers subtle sweet notes from the bananas followed by the indulgent richness of cream and the crunch of a cookie. Think of it as the perfect ending to your Scout's Honor's experience. Other tempting dessert options include the Peach and Cookie Cobbler Parfait with layers of cookies, warm peach compote and vanilla ice cream and the Chocolate Dark Secret, a thick chocolate milkshake topped with the specialty Deep Dark Secret Cookie.

But there's one more trick up the sleeves of Scout's Honor, the comforting Hot Nutella. A decadent and thick beverage with the nutty sweetness of Nutella, this one adds an elegantly comforting and smooth finish to a satisfying meal delivered by Scout's Honor.

As dining at home becomes the rule rather than exception in a difficult new normal, you can add Scout's Honor to your list of delivery options. From tasty starters to savory mains, indulgent desserts and soothing beverages, Scout's Honor is ready to satisfy all your home dining cravings with just a few clicks on your mobile device. 

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