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ECQ Eats: Celebrate a Mid Autumn Feast At Home Delivered by King Chef

Dining out remains restricted in the metro with the current MECQ quarantine status, but that doesn't mean missing out on a festive Mid-Autumn feast at home. How? Easy. Just leave it to King Chef to deliver their sumptuous set menu offerings to your doorstep... 

The global pandemic continues to change and transform our daily routine, placing everything on hold with restrictions on mobility enforced throughout the metro. Dining at home, along with the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage are now part of the quarantine experience defining a challenging new normal. Traditional celebrations take a back seat as new cases continue to rise. Staying home meant dining at home. And celebrating at home. Enjoy a lavish Mid-Autumn feast in the safety and comfort of home delivered by King Chef...

Chef of Kings, King of Chefs

Long known for their authentic Cantonese cuisine, King Chef remains one of the metro's enduring institutions with their wide and extensive offerings. Now with five branches in the metro including their flagship restaurant at Banawe in Quezon City, you'll also find King Chef at SM North Edsa, SM Cherry Shaw, Ayala Malls Manila Bay and Lucky Chinatown Mall Binondo (for more on King Chef, see my previous posts, King Chef Dim Sum Kitchen: The Ultimate Dim Sum Destination at SM City North Edsa from four years ago and MOMents: Celebrate Mom's Day at King Chef Seafood Restaurant on their lavish seasonal offerings also from 2017). At King Chef, the customer is king deserving the finest dishes. And like many establishments, King Chef has adapted and pivoted to the new normal with its food delivery option. It's a timely transition sweeping the metro's culinary landscape, and just one of many hurdles sweeping the hard-hit food service sector. 

With easy access online, customers no longer need to leave home to experience authentic and hearty flavors. Or miss out on the traditional Mid-Autumn celebrations. Now you can enjoy a feast fit for kings in true King Chef style at home with their Mid-Autumn Feasts Set Menus conveniently delivered to your doorstep. All it takes are a few easy clicks and taps on your mobile device at With four tempting options to choose from, celebrating a Mid-Autumn feast at home with family is easy. 

And here's even more good news. Originally priced from P 1,070 to P 1,440, you can enjoy all the special Mid-Autumn Feast Sets at a discounted price of only P 888 until the end of September. Now that's a seriously good deal. Each set is good for 2-3 persons, perfect for an intimate family gathering at home in this new normal. My feast from King Chef featured the selection from their Mid Autumn Feasts Set 2 which included Wanton Soup, King's Style Fried Chicken (Half), Fried 5 Spice Rolls and Fish Fillet Taosi with Tofu Hotpot.

Start your feast at home with a comforting bowl of Wanton Soup loaded with soft pork and shrimp dumplings and vegetables in a light yet flavorful broth. Each soothing sip warms both the palate and body for a much needed respite from the constant barrage of news from the pandemic.

The delicate notes of the broth compliment the light yet savory notes of the wantons followed by the fresh and clean flavors of the vegetables. One more sip opens up the palate for the savory mains... the the specialty King's Style Fried Chicken (Half) served with crunchy prawn chips and savory red sauce dip. The perfectly seasoned signature dish is capped by a delicately crisp outer layer for textural contrast...

...over soft and juicy chicken delivering a vibrant burst of savory richness with each bite. The complex blend of secret seasonings makes it great as is but a dip in the red sauce brings out even more flavors. Crisp skin with juicy chicken dipped in a sweet and tart red sauce, just can't get better than that.

The Half Portion is good for two to three, but you can opt to go a la carte with their Whole King's Style Fried Chicken (P 660) or the King's Style Fried Chicken Tray (P 1,320) with two Whole Chickens for larger families.

Fork-tender and succulent fish fillet draped in a thick taosi-based sauce with tofu, the deep and rich notes of the Fish Fillet Taosi with Tofu Hotpot adds yet another comforting layer of flavors to your Mid Autumn feast at home.

The mildly sharp flavors of the taosi sauce provides contrasting notes tempering the delicate briny sweetness of the fish fillet with its soft and buttery texture for that comforting and balanced finish. The large slabs of melt-in-your-mouth fish fillet, tofu and vegetables combine for another hearty dish from King Chef and this dish calls for extra rice. 

Crisp and savory, the Fried Five Spice Rolls served with a creamy dip adds tasty bites to your Mid Autumn feast at home. The blend of spices gives these crisp rolls a flavorful punch. The deep fried rolls brings bold flavors perfectly tempered by the dip, and one bite just leads to another. From the tasty starter of Fried Five Spice Rolls to the soothing bowl of Wanton Soup and savory mains of King's Style Fried Chicken and Fish Fillet Taosi with Tofu Hotpot, the Mid Autumn Feasts Set 2 option by King Chef brings a festive vibe to any home dining experience for only P 888.  

But why not complete your feast at home with some noodles? 

After all, it just isn't a celebration without noodles right? The Birthday Noodles (P 350) is an excellent addition to your Mid Autumn feast at home with firm egg noodles and quail eggs paired with seafood, chicken and vegetables in a thick brown sauce. Served separately, simply pour the brown sauce loaded with tender chicken, fresh vegetables and succulent seafood on the noodles and mix together... 

...for a sumptuous noodle dish. Evenly draped with the sauce, each noodle delivers a flavorful richness followed by the distinct notes of the various toppings. Each order is good for 2-3 to complete your dining experience at home.

The multiple layers of each distinct note comes together with each bite, from the soft and springy noodles coated with the thick sauce to the delicate sweetness of the seafood, juicy chicken and fresh vegetables. The aptly named Birthday Noodles is the final element to a special Mid Autumn feast at home. 

The selections from the Mid Autumn Feasts Set Menus by King Chef allows you to customize the perfect feast at home with their a la carte offerings (see links below for their FB Page and website to view the Mid Autumn Feasts Set Menus and other dishes available for delivery). 

Authenticity and Tradition, Packed and Sealed in an Elegant Tin Box

At the heart of any Mid Autumn feast are mooncakes, and King Chef has that too packed in elegant tin boxes that's perfect for gift-giving. 

Individually sealed and wrapped protected from the elements to guarantee freshness, the mooncakes by King Chef brings tradition to your table for a proper Mid Autumn feast experience.

The round pastries honors the full moon and the lunar cycle, hence its name and shape. A sweet, thick and dense filling from red bean paste or lotus seed paste with whole salted egg yolk draped in a thin and soft chewy crust has become the symbol of the much anticipated festival enjoyed around the world. The intricate patterns on the top usually present symbols for longevity, harmony and the moon, auspicious reminders we all need to get us through the long days in this new normal.  

King Chef offers these delicacies in One, Two or Four Pieces priced at P 150, P 300 and P 550 respectively for their Single Egg Lotus Mooncakes.

The familiar and unique flavors of the traditional delicacy are faithfully recreated with each exquisite mooncake, from the crust to the deep rich notes and sweetness of the decadent filling with salted egg yolk.

One, Two or Four, King Chef makes you celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival at home even in the MECQ.

But better hurry. The specialty Mooncakes are available only until supplies last. 

Despite the changing and shifting consumer habits due to the quarantine experience, you can still enjoy comfortingly familiar traditions and some sense of normalcy with the wide array of offerings available online. The unprecedented access to an extensive variety of diverse flavors keeps us all connected even in the seeming isolation of the quarantine. A slice and bite of the indulgent Single Egg Lotus Mooncake just puts everything in the proper perspective...

...with the promise of better times ahead. And it will come. In the meantime, enjoy another bite of savory flavors and indulgent notes all delivered to your doorstep by King Chef. 

Dining at home in the new normal can be special. Just leave it to King Chef to deliver their sumptuous Mid Autumn Feasts Set Menus and decadent Single Egg Lotus Mooncakes straight to your table with just a few quick taps on your mobile device. 

For more on King Chef, visit their FB Page at for more information and updates. You can also order via their website at

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