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ECQ Eats: Good Vibes at Quezon City's Newest Dining Destination, Supersam Burgers, Chicken, Shakes

As the entire metro slowly and cautiously opens up with the easing of quarantine restrictions, dining out returns on a controlled and limited capacity with mandatory health and safety protocols in place. After more than a year in a lingering pandemic, we all just can't wait to dine out again at our favorite establishments. But it's also a good time to discover exciting new finds...   

Good food, no matter how simple, often triggers memories taking you back to a place or time. In a prolonged quarantine due to the global pandemic, we all yearned for the hearty and sumptuous flavors of familiar dishes to warm both the palate and body. Quezon City's newest dining establishment takes you back with their comforting and uncomplicated flavors in a spacious and casual setting for good vibes all around. Supersam Burgers, Chicken, Shakes shares its own take on classic comfort food with their wide and extensive repertoire of dishes from beverages to appetizers, sandwiches, soups, salads and pasta to savory mains, all-day breakfasts and desserts. Rediscover dining out once more in a new normal with the wholesome flavors of Supersam Burgers, Chicken, Shakes now open to satisfy your cravings...   

Located along Scout Tobias in Quezon City, Supersam Burgers, Chicken, Shakes presents a flavorful ensemble of comforting and satisfying dishes to suit any mood. Founded by close friends, the name Supersam comes from "super samahan," and right off the bat you feel the positive vibes the moment you enter the establishment. The same "super samahan" vibe built on relationships led to another key driver behind the creation of Supersam Burgers, Chicken, Shakes and that was to provide employment for displaced chefs and restaurant workers due to the lockdown. The panoramic glass walls and impressive high ceiling drapes the entire space with light for a vibrant yet relaxed mood making you feel right at home. This same attitude is reflected in their cuisine, simple yet hitting all the right notes with each tasty bite. 

The opening of a new dining concept in these difficult times may not be the ideal situation, but its just what we need to inject some life back in the metro's struggling culinary landscape. It's also a welcome break from the constant barrage of the pandemic in our daily newsfeed. The quarantine experience continues to change our daily routine with dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage emerging as new consumer habits defining a challenging and difficult year. Supersam recognizes these changes, adapting to the times with its food delivery system in place.

Inside Supersam Burgers, Chicken, Shakes, the wide open interiors becomes the stage for a memorable dining experience. Designed with the mandatory social distancing protocols, Supersam Burgers, Chicken, Shakes offers both indoor and al fresco dining options with specially marked seats to ensure the minimum health and safety standards are enforced. For those still hesitant to dine out, diners at Supersam Burgers, Chicken, Shakes are assured that all the latest guidelines are followed for your peace of mind. The food delivery system (via food delivery apps or direct) offers another option to enjoy the new dining concept's refreshing take on comfort food.   

Open from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm on weekdays and 7:00 am to 10:00 pm on weekends, Supersam Burgers, Chicken, Shakes is your newest dine-in and food delivery option for comforting cuisine. Start your Supersam experience with a soothing sip of their indulgent Supersam Ube Milkshake (P 199), a thick and lavish milkshake with a distinctive local spin draping the palate with a creamy richness. Topped with cookie crumbs for added flavor and texture, each sip brings bright notes and a whole lot of good vibes, things we all missed during the quarantine.

Other Super Milk Shakes from Supersam include the Beary Chocolate Milkshake (P 199), Oreo Vanilla Milkshake (P 189) and Strawberry Milkshake (P 189).

Get into the "super samahan" flow at Supersam with their array of tasty appetizers like the crisp Onion Fries (P 179) with large double-dipped onion strips paired with sour cream... 

...or the crunchy and succulent Calamari (P 399) with tender squid rings draped in a light and richly seasoned batter deep-fried to crispy perfection. The side of marinara sauce completes the flavors. From the natural sweetness of the crisp white onions to the fresh briny flavors of the squid, each starter is finished by that perfect crunch. Simple dishes always stand out when executed well using the finest ingredients. That's what you'll find at Supersam Burgers, Chicken, Shakes.

Other appetizers include the Gambas al Ajillo (P 479), Mozza Squares (P 199), Nacho Feast (P 459), Nacho Fries (P 359) and Super Shrimp Fritters (P 459) along with a supporting cast of savory wings like Super BBQ Wings (P 269), Super Buffalo Wings (P 269), Super K-Wings (P 269) and Super Parmesan Wings (P 269).

A warm bowl of soup works any day, and the Fresh Pumpkin Soup (P 209) may be just what you need when you dine out for the first time after months at home. Thick and creamy, the deep nutty notes of pureed pumpkin delivers all the rich flavors followed by the crisp croutons. 

Other options include the French Onion Soup (P 199), Fresh Potato Soup (P 239), Garden Fresh Tomato Soup (P 199) and Triple Mushroom Soup (P 249).

Enjoy breakfast all-day at Supersam with their sumptuous array of tasty Super Breakfast offerings from Super Omelettes, International Breakfast and Super Kids' Meals to familiar Super Filipino Favorites like the Arroz Caldo (P 179). The traditional aromatic sticky rice porridge with tender chicken and spring onions is just perfect any time of day, delivering a comforting hug to your palate with its honest and real homestyle flavors. 

Other breakfast selections from their Super Filipino Favorites include Crispy Tuyo (P 339), Longganisam (P 349), Oats Caldo (P 189), Oats Champorado (P 169), Tasty Tocino (P 289), Super Angus Tapa (P 329) and Waffle Chori (P 339). Be sure to check out their other breakfast specialties like Eggs Benedict (P 359), French Toast (P 269), Pancake Cereal with Fruits in Season (P 259) and Super American Breakfast (P 559) with eggs, bacon, sausages and pancakes.    

A Filipino breakfast always has pairings and when you have Arroz Caldo, you need another side dish... Tokwa't Bagnet (P 249). Supersam's inventive take on the traditional dish combines both flavors and texures in a seamless blend with crisp slabs of fried tofu and crunchy pork bagnet topped with onions and chili for that extra bite and soothing heat. The sweet, salty and sour soy-vinegar dip is served separately to maintain the fresh crispness of the fried bagnet and tofu. A dip in the sauce delivers a flavorful burst tempering the savory and unctuous richness of the pork for that balanced finish. 

The rich flavors of the crisp pork and the subtle nutty hints of the crunchy tofu come together with the fresh snap of the sweet onions and fiery chili for complex yet balanced notes. And that delectable crunch will have you going for another bite. The Tokwa't Bagnet by Supersam is one of those simple yet comforting dishes that will make you come back to Quezon City's newest dining destination. 

Pasta is one more dish on your list of comfort food, and Supersam offers a tempting selection...

...with their 3 Mushroom Trufle Pasta (P 319), Aglio e Olio (P 279), Chicken Alfredo (P 189), Crab Roe Pasta with Crab Flakes (P 389), Meaty Spaghetti (P 159), Pesto Penne with Grilled Veggies (P 289), Super Cheesy Baked Lasagna (P 309) and Seafood Marinara (P 409). 

Then, there's the Chori Burger (P 199). It's the sweet, savory and smoky notes you've been looking for during the long quarantine days at home, recreated for a nostalgic treat at Supersam. The blend of ground chorizo and pork patty stuffed with American Cheddar cheese combine for rich layers of flavors complemented by a sunny side-up and refreshing coleslaw on a soft bun. 

Gently press down the bun and let the yolk ooze down before that big bite. Each of the specific components come into play delivering their unique notes to compliment without overpowering the other in a delicately balanced sandwich. These are the flavors you've always loved, and now you'll find it at Supersam.

Supersam offers an extensive menu of Super Burgers, Super Sandwiches and Open Face Sandwiches with nineteen variants and picking one can be a challenge. But just go with the flow and follow your craving.  

Eighteen options are listed on their menu for savory mains from beef, chicken, pork and seafood including their specialty Sam's Crispy Chicken available in Bucket of 6 (P 499), 1 Piece Chicken with Rice (P 139) and 2 Pieces Chicken with Rice (P 229). 

There are countless ways to enjoy fried chicken, but you don't have to overly complicate it. Fried to a delectable crispness with a layer of crunchy skin over tender and juicy chicken, it's a satisfying meal that's both nostalgic and timeless. A complete meal with rice and gravy, it's a combo offering both value and flavor. 

Cap your meal at Supersam with another serving of the Supersam Ube Milkshake (P 199)...

...or have your caffeine fix with an indulgent spin with the Affogato

Take in the weekend vibe with a refreshing mug of Pilsner Urquell drawn fresh and straight from the tap. And it really just doesn't get better than that. More than just a dining destination, you could say Supersam is a hidden sanctuary taking you back to a time and place with its simple yet comforting cuisine. On the side, the "super samahan" vibe is quietly carried out with the restaurant's advocacy of sharing the love by providing meals to the needy and frontliners in the battle against the pandemic. 

Take a break from the deluge of news from the pandemic and enjoy a sumptuous meal at the newest restaurant in the Quezon City neighborhood. If you prefer, let Supersam Burgers, Chicken, Shakes deliver their own unique take on comfort food to your doorstep with a few quick taps on your mobile device...

Supersam Burgers, Chicken, Shakes is located at 60 Scout Tobias Street, Diliman, Quezon City or call 0977 883 8889 for more information. You can also visit their FB Page at for more updates.

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