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ECQ Eats: Experience a #TasteOfRendang by House of Rendang Delivered to Your Doorstep from the Cloud Kitchen of Kraver's Canteen

In a changing culinary landscape swept by a lingering pandemic, it's hard to imagine that you can still experience authenticity conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Finding legit Indonesian cuisine in the metro was always a challenge. Not anymore...

Kraver's Canteen, the country's fastest growing cloud kitchen, recently launched House of Rendang co-created with Albert Kurniawan showcasing an authentic taste of Indonesia's rich culinary heritage. Beef Rendang, Ayam Bakar and Sate Ayam prepared the traditional way, that's just some of the specialty dishes from House of Rendang. It's a flavorful addition to Kraver's Canteen's growing portfolio of brands and dining concepts from local entrepreneurs and chefs (for more on Kraver's Canteen, see my previous post, #BakBAKAnNa: Get It On with the Let's Get Litson by Kraver's Kanteen). 

Packed and sealed for delivery, an authentic Indonesian dining experience at home is now much easier than you think. All it takes are a few quick taps on your mobile device and your sumptuous Indonesian feast will soon be on its way to your table. The value and relevance of the cloud kitchen concept becomes apparent in a challenging new normal driven by emerging consumer habits such as dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage defining our quarantine experience. Kraver's Canteen stays ahead of the game with a flowing pipeline of new brands and cuisines in pace with the evolving palates of customers.  

Drawing inspiration from his mother's cherished family recipes, Albert Kurniawan recreates traditional Indonesian dishes from his childhood with the menu of House of Rendang. The rich traditions, stories and culture of Indonesia are reflected in each dish, from the ingredients down to the timeless culinary techniques for that distinctive taste of the Equatorial Emerald.

The Traditional Beef Rendang (P 299/P 599 for two) is a classic Indonesian dish and the best way to get acquainted with Indonesian cuisine. Made with tender chunks of beef seasoned with a rich blend of spices and aromatics and gently simmered, slow-cooked and tediously braised in creamy coconut milk, Beef Rendang is officially recognized as one of Indonesia's national dishes and an intangible thread in the cultural fabric. It's also the dish behind the inspiration for the dining concept's name.

And quite fitting too. The Beef Rendang from the cloud kitchens of Kraver's Canteen is one of the best versions available in the metro. Served with steamed white rice, fresh cucumbers, Kecap Manis or sweet soy sauce and spicy Sambal, it's a complete meal in itself. It's the concentration of bold flavors that can only come from long hours of simmering that makes it as authentic as it gets.

A fork-tender slice of beef delivers a savory richness draping the palate with each bite followed by the creamy finish of coconut milk infused with a rich spice blend for that contrasting sharpness. The depth of flavor and smooth, well rounded finish will have you going for another spoonful. A dab of kecap manis and spicy sambal for that soothing heat adds even more flavorful layers with each bite. 

The use of coconut and spices combine for a uniquely Indonesian experience reflected in this very traditional dish. The robust beefy notes of the dish are made even richer with the rendered coconut for a velvety mouthfeel with just a whisper of heat from the medley of spices and sambal. There's just no short cuts to the bold and savory flavors of a proper rendang. And the Traditional Beef Rendang by House of Rendang from Kraver's Canteen is up there high on the list for authenticity.

House of Rendang also offers other savory options including the Sate Ayam (P 209/P 549 with 6 skewers) or Chicken Sate with juicy chicken thighs marinated in garlic, lemongrass and other spices grilled low and slow on hot charcoal for that hint of smokiness. Paired with steamed white rice or Nasi Goreng topped with egg and served with kecap manis, sambal, cucumber slices and the traditional peanut sauce, the Sate Ayam is another must-try dish at House of Rendang. 

Juicy with a lightly charred surface draped in a thick peanut sauce, one bite delivers the full range of flavors and textures from sweet and savory to smoky and nutty best paired with the sambal for that punchy spicy burst. Perfectly grilled, the mild and delicate flavors of the chicken comes through with its juicy notes complemented by the peanut sauce.    

All the seemingly contrasting flavors come together seamlessly, with the sunny side up egg completing the rich flavors in one sumptuous dish. The richness of Indonesia's culinary traditions are recreated masterfully in another dish from House of Rendang.

Then, there's the Ayam Bakar (P 289/P 529 for two) or Coconut Grilled Chicken with slow-cooked chicken leg quarter in coconut milk grilled over fiery charcoal. The coconut milk keeps the chicken moist and tender adding a hint of sweetness to its delicate flavors complemented by the perfect charred finish with its hints of smoke.  

The kecap manis and sambal brings deep, sweet and spicy notes to the weave of flavors without overpowering the chicken for that delicate balance. The light char and crispness romanced by the charcoal contrasts with the juicy chicken meat with its subtle yet creamy texture from the coconut. Sharp and bold flavors, subtle and even nuanced hints accompany each bite. 

Think of it as a comforting chicken dinner with an Indonesian spin. And it's flavors like this that transports you to the lush islands of Indonesia. Good food, they say, always triggers a time or place. Authenticity takes your palate on a flavorful culinary journey to the Equatorial Emerald from the very first bite with the Traditional Beef Rendang, Sate Ayam and Ayam Bakar from the fired up cloud kitchen of Kraver's Canteen.

To complete your Indonesian feast, your order comes with all the traditional sauces and crackers. How to order? Easy. Just head on over to the Kraver's Canteen website to view the full menu from House of Rendang here. You'll find solo and meals for sharing as well as frozen options of their specialty dishes that you can conveniently store in the freezer for those sudden cravings in the long days of the new normal.

Finding real and legit Indonesian dishes even before the pandemic was never easy. Your search for authentic Indonesian cuisine ends right here with House of Rendang from Kraver's Canteen. You don't have to go far to find it, Kraver's Canteen has cloud kitchens in several locations around the metro. And they'll deliver all your cravings straight to your doorstep via their website at, GrabFoodPH or Pick-A-Roo.

When you want to relive the carefree summers in Bali in this new normal where every travel plan is on pause, no worries. Let House of Rendang from Kraver's Canteen take you there, one dish and bite at a time.  

For more on Kraver's Canteen, visit their FB Page at for information and updates or call 0977 245 9038 for orders and delivery. You can also visit their website at

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