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#GuiltlessGoodness Comes to Robinsons Magnolia with Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt

Refreshingly healthy, yogurt always comes top-of-mind on the healthy food list. Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt redefines your #GuiltlessGoodness experience with their indulgent yogurt creations at Robinsons Magnolia...

From yogurt-based beverages to yogurt cakes, Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt showcases the versatility of the dairy product with a variety of healthy and refreshing options to sip and bite. Now with 42 stores and counting, Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt is more than ready for the gradual re-opening of the metro with the easing of quarantine restrictions.  

Laying the Foundation 

Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt began an aggressive roll-out of store openings at the height of the quarantine (36 stores opened during the pandemic) catering to take-out and delivery in a bold move that surprised many pundits in the food service sector. But the timing was perfect. Through take-out and delivery, Koomi built brand awareness and encouraged product trial during the quarantine laying the foundation for the eventual easing of quarantine restrictions. With a growing network of branches located throughout the metro, Koomi is now poised to welcome back customers with the re-opening of businesses in the new normal. 

Koomi is part of the trio of exciting new dining concepts from the Visum Ventures Group led by John Michael Hilton making its mark on the local culinary landscape which includes Zig Healthy Made Happy (more on their wide selection of salad bowls, salad wraps, sushi bowls and refreshing drinks on earlier post, #HealthyMadeHappy: Add A Vibrant Splash of Color to Healthy Dining with Zig Healthy Made Happy) and OhMyGreek! or OMG.

Like they say, there are always two sides in any crisis. And Koomi wisely chose to focus on the potential opportunities instead of dwelling on the difficulties of the quarantine. That's good news for yogurt fans, and a toast-worthy reason to raise a glass high. 

I've tried Koomi's refreshing natural yogurt drinks before with their Avo Nice Day, a creamy yogurt and avocado blend and totally enjoyed it (more on my post here at #GuiltlessGoodness: Avo Nice Day by Koomi PH). But that was just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. At the opening of their newest branch in Robinsons Magnolia, the wide repertoire of tempting options was presented reflecting infinite possibilities to enjoy yogurt.

Following the latest health and safety protocols, the stand-alone structure is lined by clear panels with foot markers to enforce social distancing while queuing for orders. As an added treat, Koomi offers an attractive 20% Discount on selected drinks for vaccinated customers. That's Koomi's way of thanking customers for doing their share in curbing the spread of the virus and being part of the solution, not the problem.

From yogurt blended with activated charcoal and coconut with Why Not Coconut? (P 135), the vibrant tartness of fresh strawberries with You're The Berry Best (P 145), the soothing notes of a unique dragon fruit and banana combo with Dragon Funana (P 145), the nutty blend of dates and cashews with I'd Cashew If You Fall (P 155) and Mango Cracker Rocker with Grahams (P 155) to the new Koomi Yogurt Cakes, there's a whole wide world of indulgent yogurt richness to discover and experience at Koomi.  And there's just no better way start your first day out after long days of quarantine at home than with a serving of Koomi's yogurt specialties.

Stuck and Loving It

Rice with yogurt? You bet. The Stick-On-Me Purple Rice (P 125) pairs silky smooth yogurt with sticky purple rice for a unique yogurt drink experience. The soft and chewy purple rice lays on the texture while delivering a subtle nutty sweetness rounded out by the rich smoothness of the yogurt for a satisfying thirst-quencher you can chew. Koomi takes pride in their creative selection of natural drinking yogurt with surprising combinations of fruits, nuts and even rice. And activated charcoal.  

In A Purple Haze of Pure Indulgence

Familiar flavors take centerstage with the amusingly named Will Ube Mine (P 170) with ube, nata and cheese foam for a flavor-packed drink. The deep notes and sweetness of the local ube are tempered by the sharpness and mild salty hints of the cheese foam for balanced flavors, while the nata adds that perfect finishing touch with its soft texture and added layer of sweetness.  

With twenty inventive and tempting yogurt options (as of last count) to choose from including an equally wide assortment of fresh toppings, picking just one isn't easy. That's just more reasons for a return visit or take-out at Koomi. Delivery? No worries. Koomi is available for delivery via GrabFood and FoodPanda.

Have Your Cake and...

Koomi's playful innovation leads to even more exciting plot twists with their decadent duo of Koomi Yogurt Cakes, the Waterberry Wonder Yogurt Cake and Mango Choco Moo Yogurt Cake with its layered indulgence. Surprises just never ceases at Koomi.

With their specialty yogurt as the base, the new creations enrich your yogurt experience you just won't find anywhere else. Hats off to the brilliant team behind the new offerings for constantly tempting our palate with flavorful new combos. The Waterberry Wonder Yogurt Cake features layers of fresh strawberries, watermelon, gluten-free almond dacquoise and silky smooth yogurt topped with pistachios...

...while the Mango Choco Moo Yogurt Cake combines layers of fresh mangoes, gluten-free almond dacquoise with yogurt drizzled with luscious dark chocolate. Pick one. Better yet, grab both. The use of the freshest premium ingredients ensures a flavorful richness with each bite, all the way down the bottom of the cup. And just like their yogurt drinks, the new products bring seemingly contrasting yet complimentary notes together in a seamless weave. 

Take-Out and Delivery Without The Fuss

The thick yet smooth consistency of the specialty yogurt by Koomi holds up pretty well for take-out as well as the rigors of delivery so you can recreate the unique Koomi #guiltlessgoodness experience in the safety and comfort of home. Just keep it in the ref and when the craving hits, simply pull it out and sip. The You're The Berry Best (P 145) with fresh strawberries and Nuts About You (P 155) with almonds and pistachios are just some of my picks from the growing menu of Koomi. What's your favorite?

As dine-in capacity for restaurants in the metro is increased to 20% along with sustained vaccinations to reach herd immunity gain momentum, there is light at the end of the tunnel. But the battle against the persistent bug isn't over just yet. The new normal is here to stay, adapting to it is the first step in the long road back to recovery. Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt, with its 42 stores and more planned in the near future is more than ready to welcome you back in this new normal. 

Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt is located at the 2nd Floor of Robinsons Magnolia, Aurora Boulevard corner Doña Hemady Street, Quezon City. For more on Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt, visit their FB Page at for more information and updates.

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