Tuesday, July 6, 2021

#GuiltlessGoodness: Avo Nice Day with Koomi PH

Our insatiable thirst for refreshing ice-cold beverages gets another satisfying fix with the guiltless goodness of natural drinking yogurt...

Koomi PH brings their specialty Natural Drinking Yogurt to the country adding one more flavorful option to our list of favorites. Blended with silky smooth yogurt made daily and fresh fruits, Koomi PH offers a much healthier option versus the usual sugar-laden drinks common in the market. And their Avo Nice Day blended with fresh avocados just hits the spot. 

From Australia to Manila, Koomi brings the natural goodness and countless health benefits of yogurt in a refreshing blend with fruits for a soothing beverage experience. You get all the rich flavors and then some. Like countless health benefits enjoyed with each drink. Natural yogurt is a known probiotic to aid digestion plus the blended beverages are a much healthier alternative to regular sweetened drinks since it uses only natural fruit honey. Guiltless goodness. That's a compelling point of differentiation versus the usual beverage option in the metro.

With wittingly named variants like Will Ube Mine, It Matcha Been Love, Grape Minds Think A Lychee, I'd Cashew If You Fall, Boppin' Boba, I'm Berry Blue Without You and Avo Nice Day, there's a whole lot of fun, good vibes and fresh flavors behind each yogurt drink by Koomi. 

Fresh and healthy means real flavors. And at Koomi, this is experienced with each of the specialty drinks. With the yogurt base made fresh daily along with fresh fruits, you get delicious, all-natural and real guilt-free goodness with each serving. The aptly named Avo Nice Day (P 170) combines natural and silky smooth yogurt with fresh avocados for an indulgent blend of subtle sweetness and freshness. The addition of Pistachios brings another layer of nutty sweetness for even richer flavors. 

The creamy texture of the yogurt drapes the palate with an indulgent richness followed by the natural sweetness of avocado. The texture of avocado complements the yogurt for a lavish finish. The pistachios complete the experience adding both textural contrast and flavor. This is the first variant I've tried from Koomi, and I'm hooked. 

Fresh, natural and healthy too. And one Avo Nice Day sets the tone for your day. It's a refreshing alternative to the slew of sugary beverages in the market. 

And here's even more good news. Show your Vaccination Card and get rewarded with a 20% Discount with their Featured Drink. It's just a small way of saying thanks from the food service sector for being a part of the solution to the lingering pandemic. Like they all say, no one's really safe until everyone is safe. So pull out your Vaccination Card when you walk-in at any Koomi branch for a cool discount (click on the link at http://koomi.ph/locations/ for a detailed list of store locations). 

Ready for a cool change? Grab your Koomi and Avo Nice Day!

For more on Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt, visit their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/koomiph for more information and updates.

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