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#HealthyMadeHappy: Add A Vibrant Splash of Color to Healthy Dining with Zig Healthy Made Happy

The correlation between healthy food and happiness is no secret. When you choose to be healthy, you choose to be happy. It's as simple as that. The metro's newest dining concept offers its own take on healthy food, made happy... 

Zig Healthy Made Happy makes its mark on the local culinary landscape with the opening of its newest branch in Robinsons Magnolia with more on the way in the pipeline. Zig brings its specialty Salad Bowls and Wraps, Sushi Bowls, Salad Pizza and refreshing beverages as a healthier option to your dining experience for dine-in, take-out or delivery. Ready to inject some happiness to your diet? Then, read on...

Finding Clarity in a Haze of Healthy Options

As quarantine restrictions are gradually eased in the metro, the hard-hit food service sector opens up once more for dine-in on a limited capacity. There are quite a number of healthy dining options, and cutting through the clutter is your first step in discovering healthy made happy. After all, a healthy diet is your first line of defense in a lingering pandemic. In a challenging new normal defined by changing and emerging consumer habits like dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage due to a global pandemic, choosing healthier options becomes a smart choice. But healthy food doesn't have to be bland or boring. Not at all. Not with Zig.

Zig Healthy Made Happy brings a fresh, new and flavorful perspective to healthy food with a lavish array of inventive dishes. Add a vibrant splash of color to your healthy dining experience with fresh salads reinvented with a novel and tasty spin like wraps, pizza and sushi bowls paired with a freshly squeezed blend of juices. It's healthy made happy. 

Located at the Upper Ground Level of Robinsons Magnolia, the newest entry in a competitive and revitalized culinary landscape is a much appreciated and welcome sign of more good things yet to come as cautious optimism replaces uncertainty in the midst of an on-going pandemic. A part of the Visum Ventrures Group led by John Michael Hilton, Zig Healthy Made Happy completes a trio of exciting new dining concepts which include Koomi (see more on my earlier post at #GuiltlessGoodness: Avo Nice Day with Koomi PH on their specialty drinking yogurt blends) and OMG or Oh My Greek.

The unique open configuration surrounded of Zig Healthy Made Happy at Robinsons Magnolia provides customers a unique peek at their healthy and refreshing specialties surrounded by clear panels. It's a nice touch, adding to the bright aesthetics of the branch while adding to your peace of mind. The design is also consistent with the latest mandatory health and safety protocols. The new normal is here to stay, adapting to it crucial in ensuring further growth. 

Start your healthy made happy experience at Zig with a soothing sip of their specialty blended beverages using the freshest ingredients prepared in collaboration with Pure Nectar... the Orange Zing (P 220) made with pineapple, carrots, orange, ginger and turmeric; the Red Wave (P 220) with beetroot, carrots, ginger and apple; the Skinny Green (P 220) with moringa, cucumber, green apple, celery and ginger; the Lemon Boost (P 180) with lemon and cayenne pepper and the Coco Hydrate (P 140) with pure and fresh coconut water. The freshness and unique blend of ingredients opens the palate with its clean and soothing notes, just in time for the healthy made happy specialties at Zig. But that's not all. Zig also offers a range of Kombucha in collaboration with Happi Lab.

Have Your Salad Your Way

The extensive line of sumptuous salads offers a variety of flavors and styles to suit your every mood or craving. Zig goes the extra step by offering their specialty salads in Snack Bowl, Regular Bowl and Wrap variants. The wittingly named It's A Thai (P 225 Snack Bowl/P 320 Regular Bowl/P 320 Wrap) brings bold Thai flavors with its mix of fork-tender roast beef, Lollo Rosa lettuce, Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red onions, cucumber, green bell pepper, cilantro, mint and roasted peanuts served with a side of Thai Sweet Chili Dressing. The medley of garden fresh ingredients delights the palate with its play on textural contrasts with the tender beef adding a layer of savory richness followed by the sweet and tart finish of the dressing. The flavors are fresh, bold and even unrestrained with punchy upfront notes. In a bowl or a wrap, It's A Thai is the ideal salad for those looking for intense and vibrant flavors.

The humorously named I Don't Give a Crab (P 185 Snack Bowl/P 270 Regular Bowl/P 270 Wrap) combines succulent crab sticks with Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, crunchy croutons, vermicelli noodles, onions, egg and crab sauce topped with strips of nori for another flavorful take on salads. The flavors are more delicate and nuanced with the briny sweetness of the kani laying its subtle notes on the palate. For those who love seafood with their salad, this is the salad for you.

You've had Caesar Salad before, but Zig does one better with their own unique spin. The Oh Caesar, My Caesar (P 160 Snack Bowl/P 245 Regular Bowl/P 245 Wrap) brings comfortingly familiar flavors with its fresh play on rich notes from cured bacon, crisp Romaine lettuce, crunchy croutons, Parmesan cheese and egg draped with a silky smooth Caesar dressing. The smoky notes from the cured bacon and sharpness from the Parmesan gives this dish that flavorful burst for another refreshing salad experience at Zig. But there's more. You can customize your salad with Chicken or Salmon to suit your preference.  

Satisfy your taco cravings at Zig with the aptly named Let's Taco 'Bout It (P 210 Snack Bowl/P 305 Regular Bowl/P 305 Wrap) loaded with chili con carne, red kidney beans, red onions, tart tomato salsa, Cheddar cheese, jalapeño, guacamole, corn kernels and crisp corn tortilla on fresh Romaine lettuce slathered with smooth Sour Cream Chive. The sharp notes of the red onions and jalapeño brings contrasting layers of flavor to temper the savory richness of chili con carne and the smoothness of the sour cream chive dressing for that balanced finish. 

The textural contrasts and play on a weave of distinct flavors makes this Mexican-inspired salad a personal pick at Zig. Other salad offerings include The Pesto's Yet To Come with Fusilli pasta, Kalamata olives and nutty Pesto sauce and No Fig Deal with pears, candied walnuts and dried figs on Lollo Rosa lettuce and arugula drizzled with a sweet and sharp Balsamic glaze.  

At Zig, you can also enjoy your salad in wrap...

It's A Wrap

Enjoy your refreshing salad conveniently wrapped in a soft and mildly chewy tortilla and take it anywhere with you. The handheld convenience of the wrap brings the same clean and fresh notes of the salad with each and every bite, like the It's A Thai Wrap (P 320) with vermicelli and beef...

...or the Let's Taco 'Bout It Wrap (P 305). The wrap is a novel way to enjoy your salad, ensuring a taste of all the different ingredients in one big bite. The tortilla itself is the perfect vessel for the unique salad twist, soft and delicately chewy maintaining its form holding all the fresh ingredients together all the way to the last bite. Now that's a wrap, if you ask me. 

Go with the Flow and Roll with It

Zig also takes aim at the pizza with their unique Salad Pizza, available in Sourdough or Wheat Bread. The Cheese Said Yes (P 490 good for 2-3) lets you roll up your slice with fresh premium toppings like alfalfa and arugula on a rich and lavish blended layer of Mozzarella, Parmesan, Blue Cheese and kesong puti drizzled with olive oil and chili oil. The creamy notes of the various cheeses and clean, sweet and mildly bitter hints of the alfalfa and arugula combine for refreshing flavors while the olive oil completes the play with its deep, nutty hints. A dab of chili oil adds a fiery yet soothing heat with each bite.

The soft and thin yet crisp crust gives this pizza a light yet satisfying character with its thick layer of cheeses and fresh arugula and alfalfa. The simplicity of the pizza is deceptive, delivering rich and even intense notes...

...but it gets better when you roll it up. Each bite delivers all the indulgent cheesy flavors complimenting the fresh alfalfa and arugula. Enjoy a slice in a tasty roll, and you'll say yes to the Cheese Said Yes by Zig. Other Pizza Salad variants include the Tomato Go The Distance (P 490) slathered with thick and smooth Pomodoro and Garlic You A Lot (P 490) with roasted garlic and Ricotta. Take a slice and roll with it.

Take It Home

Zig is also cognizant of emerging consumer habits due to the sweeping transformative impact of the quarantine experience, and all their fresh offerings are also available for take-out and delivery. The Sushi Bowl selection are another must-try at Zig, with fresh and succulent seafood on White Sushi Rice, Brown Sushi Rice and Quinoa. 

The Keep It Shrimple (P 305) is a sumptuous bowl with soft and sticky sushi rice topped with crunchy tempura crumbs, asparagus, sweet mangoes, red cabbage, nori strips and succulent prawns slathered with Sriracha Mayo. Mix it all up with the Sriracha Mayo and all the flavors come together seamlessly with the briny sweetness of the prawns tying everything together. The Sriracha Mayo adds just a whisper of heat to cap the dish. Other Sushi Bowl options from Zig include the Tuna Is Better Than One (P 315) and California Dreaming (P 315) with salmon.

A full meal in itself, the Keep It Shrimple Sushi Bowl is lavish yet healthy with the freshest ingredients delivering real flavors. The plump prawns and sweet mangoes pair well together for a refreshing and healthy meal along with the other components of the dish. You can replace White Sushi Rice with Quinoa (P 90) or Brown Sushi Rice for a healthier bowl, your choice. 

And don't forget the salad wrap. The savory It's A Thai Wrap (P 320) with beef just brightens any cloudy day at home with its rich and tart notes, with all the ingredients enjoyed together in one bite. A fresh and delicate crispness along with tender bites for contrasting textures matched with sweet, tart, a gentle and subtle spice and savory flavors combine for that perfect finish.

You can enjoy healthy food at home or anywhere you wish, just hit up Zig on your mobile device. And be happy. Guaranteed.

From salad bowls to wraps, pizza salad to sushi bowls, Zig Healthy Made Happy cuts a unique proposition that sets it apart from the haze of healthy dining options in the metro...

...while adding a whole lot flavorful colors to your dining experience. Now, you can be healthy and happy with the right food choices with the fresh offerings of Zig Healthy Made Happy. Experience a refreshing dining experience at their newest branch in Robinsons Magnolia, or enjoy a healthy feast at home delivered by GrabFood and FoodPanda.  

Zig Healthy Made Happy is located at the Upper Ground Level, Robinsons Magnolia, Hemady Street corner Aurora Boulevard, New Manila, Quezon City. You can also visit their FB Page at for more information and updates. 

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