Thursday, July 10, 2014

7-7 at Jet 7 Bistro

July 7 was just supposed to be like any other day. Not this day. Its 7-7 at Jet 7 Bistro... 

Jet 7 Bistro offers the best of global cuisine, drawing inspiration from classic dishes from around the world. Kebabs, Dungeness Crabs, pasta, name it, and Jet 7 Bistro's got you covered. Last July 7, I sampled some of Jet 7 Bistro's signature dishes during its press launch, and here's a peek at Jet 7 Bistro's signature dishes... 

Located at the heart of Quezon City along Timog Avenue, Jet 7 Bistro is a unique restaurant offering classic dishes from all over the world with its extensive menu. Chef's Chris and Bobby head Jet 7 Bistro's kitchens, armed with extensive experience with stints abroad. 

Glasses of red and white wine flowed all night long, along with Ceviche, with each serving bursting with tart and citrus notes with a spicy kick. Bold, upfront flavors on a spoon, and Jet Bistro isn't shy at all with flavors.

We were then served fresh baked rolls served with butter, roasted garlic and olive oil with herbs, straight from Jet 7 Bistro's ovens. Soft, fluffy, and perfect with butter, you just know the kitchen is pretty serious with its food when they bake their own bread. And this batch of rolls is seriously good.

Live entertainment were provided by Art & Soul (L) and Nikka and Jelle (R), adding a cool vibe to Jet 7 Bistro's launch. A few more rounds of red and white, and simply sit back and chill. Then, Jet 7 Bistro's kitchen goes to high gear serving up the next courses...

Herb Roasted Chicken and BBQ Beef Ribs served with Rice Pilaf and vegetables, a plated medley of flavors with the smoky beef ribs and delicate notes of the roasted chicken complemented by buttered vegetables. Rich, comforting flavors, all in one plate, and a perfect sampler of Jet 7 Bistro's range of dishes.

Then, Jet 7 Bistro's signature dish was served. Jet 7 Bistro's French Cut (P 3,800), 28 oz. USDA Angus Ribeye served with au jus, an impressive number served on a wooden board. There's just something about a perfectly grilled slab of prime beef served on a wooden board, bringing out the primordial carnivore in all of us. And this one's pretty damn good. Tender, juicy, perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper, and nothing else. You don't need any sauce at all, served with a flavorful side of au jus to keep the steak moist. Pure beef bliss. And I'll come back for this again. And again.

For dessert, Jet 7 Bistro's Strawberry Sauvugnon caps the evening on a sweet note. Great food, cool vibe, with 7-7 made even more special at Jet 7 Bistro.

Jet 7 Bistro's Brand Ambassador Luigi Nunez flanked by Chef Bobby (L) and Chef Chris (R) chatted with guests at the launch, ensuring everyone had a great time on 7-7 at Jet 7 Bistro. The best of global cuisine, and one mean French Cut, find it all here at Jet 7 Bistro.

Jet 7 Bistro is located at the G/F, President Tower, 81 Timog Avenue corner Scout Ybardoloza St., South Triangle, Quezon City or call 416-6707 for inquiries.

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