Saturday, July 5, 2014

Just Another Flavorful Day at Just Thai

Contrasting yet balanced flavors. The distinct layers of sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and spicy notes combine for a harmonious blend making each dish a colorful palette of bold flavors. And that's how they do it at Just Thai... every day.  

The unique and refreshing flavors of Thai cuisine are recreated in every single dish, and each spoonful becomes a sensory experience of diverse flavors.

As you settle down for a wide range of Thai flavors, why not jump start your palate with a refreshing and tart Tamarind Juice (P 80) to get you in the groove. Sweet, with just a hint of sourness, it's a perfect start to the range of flavors yet to come at Just Thai.

The first dish is then served, Thom Kha Gai (190), a rich and creamy chicken soup in coconut broth, lemongrass, chili, and mushrooms. The creamy coconut milk serves as the base, rich, thick and comforting. And then the different flavors come out adding layers of sharp, contrasting notes, like the aromatic lemongrass and the soothing heat from the chili. Yet all these different flavors combine for a delicate balance, as the chili is tempered by the creamy coconut milk while the lemongrass adds its own unique citrus note. The tender chicken and nutty mushrooms complete the flavors. 

Kuai Tiao Neua (P 280), stewed beef noddle soup with vegetables in a light yet flavorful broth. The fresh medley of vegetables provide a range of textures combining well with the savory and tender beef and firm noodles. A subtle layer of heat adds that final layer of flavor without overpowering the dish. At Just Thai, you can have all the dishes made with your desired level of heat, from a mild spicy blend to authentic Thai levels of heat, your call. As with all Thai dishes, the heat does not overwhelm the other flavors. Balance and harmony, all in one bowl.

Pla Rad Prik (P 395), crispy fillet of fresh tilapia deep-fried to perfection, served with sweet chili or tamarind sauce. A simple dish that packs fresh flavors, and that comforting crispness in every bite. The fresh herbs and the sauces complete the flavors.

Pair your dishes with Just Thai's popular Hhao Krok Kapi (P 250), or Bagoong Rice, fried rice with shrimp paste, sweet pork, eggs, peanuts, chili, and green mangoes. The variety of flavors and textures in this one dish typifies the range and diversity typical of Thai cuisine. As the staff mixes the rice with the other ingredients, a fragrant aroma teases your senses. Salty and sweet, sour and savory, and that refreshing heat from the chili for a spicy kick, contrasting flavors in a balanced blend.

Bplah Pla Muek Kratiem (P 300), squid with garlic and pepper, and the deep flavor of Thai fish sauce. Perfectly cooked, the squid is soft and tender with delicate flavors, accentuated by the chili and sharp fish sauce. The blend of flavors and textures come through in every bite, perfect when paired with the Thai fried rice. This one's a personal favorite.

To complete your Thai experience, Just Thai's Pad Thai (P 280) should be on your list, stir-fried rice noodles with eggs, tamarind juice, chili, peanuts, coriander, and lime. The firm noodles burst with even more layers of flavors as the fresh herbs combine with the chili and lime.

Gai Pad Met Ma Maling (P 380), chicken with cashews in a rich and savory sauce. The delicate flavors of the tender chicken are kicked up a notch with the sauce, and you'll want extra rice to go with this dish.

Pad Gaprow Talay (P 280), mixed seafood in basil, with plump mussels, squid, shrimps and fish in a rich and creamy sauce with fresh herbs and chili. There is this undescribeable feeling when one discovers a flavorful new dish, and this one's it. The rich and spicy sauce and the fresh seafood combine for a whole new flavor experience. 

Continue your Thai culinary journey with Just Thai's signature desserts, like the rich Tha Kho (P 140), soft and creamy coconut pudding wrapped in pandan leaves with sweet corn. The pandan leaves infuses a subtle aromatic fragrance and flavor to the creamy dessert...

...and the intricate and indulgent Khao Niaow Ma Muang (P 260), slices of sweet mangoes delicately layered on sticky rice drizzled with coconut sauce. Take a closer look at the sweet mango slices, with each slice delicately arranged, and almost too pretty to eat. But once the creamy coconut sauce is poured, you just can't help but dive in. Contrasting flavors and textures, a fitting last course for an epic Thai feast.

Cap your meal with a cup of Just Thai's slow drip coffee, sweetened with condensed milk. Rich and contrasting flavors, authentic Thai dishes. Just another flavorful day at Just Thai.

Just Thai is located at Burgos Circle, Forbestown, Bonifacio Global City or call 403-8718 for inquiries and reservations.

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  1. Pad thai.. bagoong rice.. I love Thai food!! Will check this place out when we're around the area :)

    1. hey Berylle, great food and cool place, you should check it out...


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