Monday, July 28, 2014

Carat Vodka Premium: A Real Gem Among Vodkas

Smooth and easy. Just exactly what you'd expect from an old Russian recipe dating back 500 years.

Carat Vodka Premium is the newest vodka available in select establishments, with sharp, clean, and refreshing notes perfected from a traditional 500 year old Russian recipe. Enjoy it chilled, mixed with cocktails, or simply straight and neat, and discover a refreshingly smooth vodka experience.

The elegant sandblasted bottle with the distinct gold band sets Carat Vodka Premium apart from the others, and you just know this is premium stuff. Carat Vodka Premium uses water sourced from the Tatra Mountain area of the western Carpathians in Eastern Europe, almost 2000 meters below the earth's surface, ensuring only the purest water is used in every bottle. The resulting blend delivers a distinctly smooth and refreshing sip that's just perfect on its own.

Made in Slovakia with a 500 year-old Russian recipe, Carat Vodka Premium has gained international recognition, with numerous European awards in its belt. But the best way to sample this award-winning vodka is having a shot glass or two to experience its distinct and refreshingly smooth quality.

A mild and fruity aroma greets you as you open Carat Vodka Premium's twist cap. And as you pour it on your shot glass, the clean and crystal clear quality of the vodka further entices you to add just a little bit more...

And here's a simple challenge. Take a shot of Carat Vodka Premium, then take a shot of your current favorite vodka brand. Almost immediately, there are noticeable differences. Depending on your palate, you can detect subtle or even significant differences in overall smoothness and flavor. Perfect with mixers, but one sip and you know Carat Vodka Premium is perfect on its own, with a hint of sweetness in every sip. Clean, fresh and smooth straight up, and a second shot is definitely on the way.

Refreshingly clean and smooth, a 500 year old recipe definitely can't be wrong. You can find Carat Vodka Premium in fine establishments such as Aracama, Reserve, Locale Gastropub, Global Beer Exchange, Prohibition, Copper Grill, Jozu Kin, and the Maltroom.

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