Tuesday, July 8, 2014

An Italian Job: A Real Italian Coffee Experience at Cafe Pascucci

Bold, full-bodied flavors in every cup, just the way you want it...

Italy's popular coffee chain is now in Manila, offering local coffee lovers another option for their coffee fix. Great coffee, indulgent sweet treats, all in one cool place...

The Pascucci family has been in the coffee business since 1835, trading colonial raw coffee. In 1935, the family opened their very first shop in Monte Cerignone, and continued to grow during the post-war period. Serving only organic and fair trade quality beans, you get the very best in every cup, served with that distinct Italian flair.

Using their very own proprietary blend, the Espresso Gold, Caffe Pascucci's brews are packed with so much flavor without the bitter aftertaste. Each sip brings robust and rich flavors, almost like chocolate. Entering Caffe Pascucci, one is greeted by bright yet soothing colors and the aroma of premium brewed coffee,  and your coffee experience at Caffe Pascucci begins. I start with Caffe Pascucci's Hot Mocha Double (P 140), a blend of Caffe Pascucci's Espresso Gold and premium chocolate drizzled with chocolate syrup.

Rich, creamy, and not too sweet, with the bold notes of the Espresso Gold coffee base combining well with the premium chocolate. The deep flavors of Caffe Pascucci's espresso still comes through without overpowering the chocolate. A perfect hot cup on a rainy day, with that Italian twist.

Pair your cup with Caffe Pascucci's signature Dark Belgian Cheesecake (P 195), an indulgent dessert combining the deep notes of premium dark Belgian chocolate with rich cream cheese. The signature dessert is topped with caramel and white chocolate discs, a joy to nibble on after every sip of Caffe Pascucci's Hot Mocha Double.

Sweet and creamy, this one's a keeper for that coffee and sugar fix. Painted with chocolate, strawberry, and caramel syrup to complete the elegantly plated dessert, almost too pretty to touch, yet one bite quickly leads to another. And another.

Caffe Pascucci also offers a wide variety of fresh pastries and sandwiches, just take a look at the walls, or better yet, scan the chillers to see what's available. Muffins, cakes, cookies, sweet buns, cupcakes and savory sandwiches, each one a perfect pair to any of Caffe Pascucci's signature coffee.

I cap my Caffe Pascucci experience with their ice blended Fraspuccio Confuso (P 160), a refreshing and indulgent blend of Caffe Pascucci's very own Espresso Gold with ice,  milk, and chocolate topped with their signature Confuso cream, a rich cream infused with vanilla, and drizzled with caramel and crushed biscuits.

The distinct Confuso cream has a buttery, almost cookie-like flavor, that pairs well with the boldly flavored espresso base for balanced flavors. And despite the rains that day, the rich flavors of Caffe Pascucci's Fraspuccio Confuso provided sweet and comforting flavors, making a cloudy day so much better.

Whether you're looking for a bold espresso or a cool and refreshing iced Fraspuccio paired with a rich and indulgent dessert, Caffe Pascucci's got the right blend for you. And you get it with a distinct Italian twist. Simply have a chat with Caffe Pascucci's friendly baristas and they'll recommend the perfect Italian brew just for you.

Caffe Pascucci is located at the Ground Floor, Glorietta 2, Glorietta Complex, Ayala Center, Makati City or call 955-1556 for inquiries.

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