Friday, July 11, 2014

Classic Pub Grub at Draft GastroPub

Specials and new dishes. Good things are brewing at Draft GastroPub...

Chef Carlo Miguel and Draft GastroPub introduces their signature specials and cool new dishes, just more reasons to drop by Draft GastroPub for a cold pint and more.

Beef Albondigas (P 290), US Angus beef albondigas tossed in chipotle peppers with roasted garlic aioli. The bold beefy flavors are complemented by the equally bold chipotle peppers for a soothing heat, layered with a creamy garlic aioli for balanced flavors. And great with any of Draft GastroPub's premium draft beers. 

Arancini (P 185), bacon and saffron risotto balls, fried to a crisp perfection and stuffed with mozzarella with basil aioli. Light, soft and crisp, the contrasting textures with each bite bursts with rich flavors from the bacon and saffron risotto, further enriched with the creamy basil aioli. Another light dish that pairs well with a cold pint. 

Fish Popcorn (P 225), crisp battered white fish, tossed in roasted chili pepper sauce served with aioli. Think Buffalo Wings, but with fish, and it works. The subtle and delicate flavors of the tender white fish wrapped in a crisp batter is bumped up by the sharp flavors of the chili pepper sauce, adding that extra layer of heat. 

And if you're really hungry, go for Draft GastroPub's Seafood Risotto (P 445), a creamy saffron risotto topped with grilled mussels, squid, and salmon. The risotto is perfectly cooked, soft and moist, with hints of saffron in every spoonful for an indulgent richness. And the perfectly grilled salmon, squid and mussels complete the flavors, adding sweet and briny notes to the dish. A meal in itself, and another classic from Chef Carlo Miguel. 

For dessert, try Draft GastroPub's new Floris Beer Chocolate Mousse (P 280), rich chocolate mousse with Floris chocolate beer reduction. Beer in a dessert, now that's my kind of dessert. And the Floris chocolate beer reduction combines well with chocolate mousse, adding deep and rich flavors. This is not your usual chocolate mousse, and the deep and bold flavor of Floris chocolate beer reminds you in every bite. Not too sweet, but with a potent chocolate punch. Seriously good.

And there's more. Chef Carlo Miguel unveils two new dishes for Draft GastroPub, starting with the hearty and comforting Mussels Al Vodka (P 780), mussels cooked in Russian standard vodka sauce. Plump mussels in a rich and thick sauce with the sharp notes of premium vodka, served with a side of fries and bread. The mussels have that subtle sweetness, an indication of freshness, and that mild briny taste of the ocean, blending well with the rich flavors of the vodka-based sauce. And go ahead, go dip the bread in the rich sauce for a burst of flavors. 

Tortilla Chicken (P 365), tortilla crusted chicken fillet topped with fresh tomato salsa, guacamole, and chipotle aioli on rice pilaf. Southwestern flavors are the inspiration for this new dish, and Chef Carlo Miguel goes all out with a medley of flavors in this dish, with fresh tomato salsa, guacamole and chipotle adding the familiar Southwestern richness to the crisp tortilla crusted chicken. The tender chicken, with its unique tortilla crust, plays on contrasting textures with that delightful crunch. Add some salsa, some guacamole, and that chipotle aioli, plus a spoonful of rice pilaf with the tortilla chicken, and you have a seriously good meal. 

And you just have to pair these specials and new dishes with Draft GastroPub's premium draft beer, like a cold Stella Artois. Cool specials and great new dishes, paired with a refreshing premium brew...only at Draft GastroPub.

Draft GastroPub is located at Ubit C, The Fort Entertainment Center, 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City or call 846-9725 for inquiries.

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  1. i love draft's food!! will try these next time :)

    1. hey Berylle, you should try these new dishes soon!


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