Friday, July 18, 2014

Discover the New Culinary Treasures of Singapore at Wee Nam Kee

The rich cultural diversity of Singapore is best experienced with its cuisine, a virtual melting pot of Chinese, Malay, and Indian flavors. This fusion of flavors is celebrated with the introduction of Wee Nam Kee's "New Culinary Treasures of Singapore," an impressive range of authentic new dishes from appetizers to mains.   

There's more to Wee Nam Kee than its signature Hainanese Chicken, long considered the gold standard of this iconic Singaporean dish, and the new dishes reflect Singapore's rich heritage with an array of chicken, beef, pork, seafood and noodle dishes.

Established way back in 1989 in Singapore's Upper Thomson district, Wee Nam Kee gained popularity with its signature Hainanese Chicken Rice, leading to rapid expansion both in Singapore and in Asia. With modern and sleek interiors, a peek at the busy kitchen still reminds me of the comforting hawker street food vibe at Wee Nam Kee. 

Wee Nam Kee's Cucumber Lime Refresher is the perfect way to start your Singaporean culinary experience, fresh and not too sweet, made with fresh cucumbers with the sharp notes of lime.

Wee Nam Kee's Crispy Mantou Bread with Condensed Milk is served, perfectly light and crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, a dip in the thick and creamy condensed milk adds that added layer of sweetness that makes each bite so comforting, as you go for one more piece.

Prawn Paste Chicken Wings, crispy fried chicken wings coated with the unique flavor of prawn paste, adding a unique twist and flavor to a familiar dish. The chicken and prawn paste combination is uniquely Singaporean, adding a subtle richness to the delicate flavor of the chicken. Served with chili sauce, it's actually good on its own, perfectly crisp and seasoned.

Salted Egg Chinese Style Fried Chicken, crispy fried chicken cooked with flavorful salted egg batter, and another unique dish. The salted egg adds a distinct note to the crisp chicken, mildly salty and rich, complementing the delicate flavor of the tender chicken. You'll want some extra rice with this one, and don't forget to drizzle some of that sauce on the rice. A personal favorite.

Cashew Coffee Spare Ribs, tender pork ribs seasoned with salt and pepper flavored with Singapore Kopi ground spice rubs topped with cashew nuts. The coffee adds a nutty note to the tender pork, blending with the richly spiced sauce. This one calls for yet another serving of extra rice.

Pineapple Fried Rice with Pork Floss, a unique twist to fried rice with sweet pineapples, mixed vegetables, roast pork, and shrimps topped with sweet and spicy pork floss. The sweet and richly flavored rice dish pairs well with the equally rich flavors of Wee Nam Kee's new dishes, and a great side.

Tamarind Lemongrass Fish Fillet Stew, flavored with tamarind and lemongrass with stewed fish fillet and vegetables. The flavor of the broth is familiar, almost similar to our own sinigang, for a comforting dish. The fresh vegetables add a subtle sweetness to the broth, blending well with the other spices.

Wok Fried Chicken with Cashews and Sun-Dried Chili, a spicy and savory number with Wee Nam Kee's tender chicken strips in a rich and flavorful sauce topped with cashews and spicy chili. The mildly sweet and thick sauce coats each piece of chicken with rich flavors, and if you want a spicier kick, simply slice the chili for more heat.

Prawns with Lychees and Peaches, with perfectly cooked plump prawns in a sweet and sour sauce with peaches and lychees. Each prawn has a delicious snap in every bite, releasing fresh sweet flavors and a briny hint of the ocean. The familiar sweet and sour sauce is given a new twist with the addition of peaches and lychees, for another familiar yet distinct and new flavor experience.

Sauteed Beef Fillet with Sate Sauce, tender and seasoned beef strips sauteed in a traditional Singaporean Sate sauce with garlic and peppers. The deep flavors of the sate sauce pair well with the tender beef, and this one calls for yet another order of steamed white rice. Nothing like sambal sauce and rice.

Spicy Sambal Rice Noodles, a classic Singaporean hawker dish, with soft and chewy rice noodles, seafood, meat, peanuts, and vegetables in a refreshingly spicy Singaporean sambal sauce. The sambal sauce adds a soothing heat, not overwhelmingly spicy, just right. The huge serving is perfect for groups and families, richly flavored, you don't need to add anything else.

Hainanese Chicken Curry Noodles, Wee Nam Kee's version of the traditional Laksa with their very own signature Hainanese chicken, tofu, and vegetables with curry sauce. The soothing spice complements the rich and creamy broth, and the tofu with Wee Nam Kee's own signature Hainanese chicken and fresh vegetables add more flavor and texture. This one's perfect for a rainy day. Or any day, really. These are just a few of Wee Nam Kee's new dishes, with still so much more to try, including the Prawn Rolls in Beancurd Skin, Salted Egg Pork Ribs, Hainanese Chicken Curry Noodles, Butterflied Tilapia with Chili Crab Sauce, Stewed Pork Belly with Steamed Buns and many more, plus refreshing coolers, smoothies and shakes.

Cap your meal with Wee Nam Kee's signature desserts, like the Three Flavor Chocolate Truffle Buchi, filled with white, dark, and milk chocolate topped with whipped cream and a cherry. Served hot, the chocolate oozes once you slice the chewy buchi. With three kinds of chocolate, this one's for the chocoholics in all of us.

Wee Nam Kee's Mango Sago Pudding is another indulgent treat, refreshingly creamy and sweet with the tart and fresh flavors of ripe mangoes.

Savor the richness and culinary diversity of Singapore at any of Wee Nam Kee's eight branches, including Ayala Triangle Gardens, Serendra, Glorietta 2, Alabang Town Center, Promenade Greenhills, Trinoma Mall, Shangri-La East Wing and the new Fairview Terraces Mall.

Wee Nam Kee is located at the Ground Floor, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, East Wing, Shaw Boulevard corner Edsa, Mandaluyong City or call 625-4853 for inquiries.

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