Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What To Do With A 40 Kilo Whole Fresh Tuna: The Masato Show at Buddha-Bar

Just in case you land a 40 Kilo whole fresh tuna, just exactly what do you do? Easy. Just leave it to master chef Masato Nakabayashi...

And that's exactly what happened at the Masato Show held last July 5, 2014, at Buddha-Bar Manila, a unique culinary event showcasing the live cutting of whole fresh tuna for the preparation of creative sushi and sashimi creations.

Now in 25 key cities worldwide, Buddha-Bar Manila recreates the distinct style and sophistication the brand is known for the world over, and a fitting stage for Chef Masato Nakabayashi's culinary event.

Chef Masato Nakabayashi's culinary journey began in a seaside town back in Japan, honing his skills with local masters. Now the resident Sushi Master at Buddha-Bar Paris, his unique and inventive sushi creations helped establish the distinct Buddha-Bar style. And now its our turn to witness Chef Masato's creative flair...  

Armed with a bag full of specialty knives and blades, Chef Masato Nakabayashi begins carving the whole fresh tuna with deliberate precision. Chef Masato's impressive arsenal of knives come into play, with a specific blade used for certain parts of the fish. The prime parts are then prepped for Chef Masato's first course... 

A elegant duo of fresh Tuna Tartare and Seared Tuna starts off the feast, and almost immediately one can taste the fresh and clean flavors of the whole fresh tuna, with subtle hints of sweetness and briny flavors in each bite. One can almost taste the ocean with these premium morsels of tuna, freshly sliced just a few minutes earlier. Pair it with a cold glass of Sapporo, and my Masato Show experience begins on a high note.

As Chef Masato continues to carve the giant tuna, Buddha-Bar's Signature Rolls and Classic Nigiri were served, with each elegant platter featuring the Crazy Spicy Maguro, Pink Lady, Salmon Sushi, Tuna Sushi, and Red Snapper Sushi.

Next, fresh Salmon Skewers with Kobayaki and Chili Oil Sauce. The rich and natural sweetness of the fresh salmon is perfectly complemented by the sharp notes of the Kobayaki and Chili Oil Sauce, for another blend of subtle yet rich flavors. The fresh salmon just melts melts in your mouth, and the sauce adds that extra kick in flavor.

In between, shots of Potato Shochu Den-En Black Label were served, smooth and easy, with that warm rush that just goes perfectly with the fresh sashimi. Premium sake and Japanese beer were also served, and you go for another round. 

Then, Chef Masato serves the next round of sashimi, freshly sliced and served. New Style Sashimi with Kizami and Black Tobiko combines freshness and complex flavors for a uniquely Buddha-Bar style sashimi, with fresh chili added for a soothing heat. Fresh, exciting, different, this new sashimi dish represents the creative style of Chef Masato, infusing different flavors yet the fresh and clean flavors of the premium tuna still linger. This one calls for another cold glass of Sapporo Beer.

But Chef Masato wasn't done just yet...New Style Tuna Sashimi with Black and White Sesame Dressing and Wasabi Ebiko, with layers of delicate and subtle flavors complementing the fresh tuna. And just like the earlier dish, the additional layers of flavors don't overpower the fresh tuna, with the sesame dressing adding a creamy note contrasting with the mild heat from the wasabi and texture of the ebiko, blending together in each slice. This definitely calls for yet another cold glass of Sapporo.

And just like that, an entire 40 kilo whole fresh tuna is skillfully carved, sliced and served, yielding a variety of sashimi dishes with the cleanest and freshest flavors. As Chef Masato delicately sheathes his blades, a round of applause from an appreciative crowd signals the end of the show. Simply awesome...

Buddha-Bar Manila is located at Picar Place, Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City or call 856-6859 for reservations and inquiries.

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