Saturday, July 19, 2014

Wrong Meets Right: Wrong Ramen's Arakawa Abura Soba

Wrong Ramen does it again. And here's just one more right reason to stop by Wrong Ramen...

In collaboration with Osaka's iconic Hanamaruken Ramen, Wrong Ramen introduces what they call the metro's most "irreverent" noodle, the Arakawa Abura Soba, a unique dry noodle dish topped with Hanamaruken's famous pork ribs and R. Lapid's equally famous chicharon. Pure pork bliss in a bowl, Wrong Ramen scores a homerun with this one.

The Communist. F U Ramen. Sea Men Ramen. Just a few of Wrong Ramen's irreverent takes on the classic ramen. They may not take themselves seriously, but these guys are serious about their ramen. Honesty, passion, and pork fat lie at the very heart of Wrong Ramen's philosophy, and The Force is strong here.

With Darth Vader by the stairway, one can sense a playful and quirky vibe inside Wrong Ramen. The dark walls include some pretty cool graphics (try to spot the Nicholas Cage look-alike in one of the walls), and you just know they don't serve the usual ramen. Not by a long shot. And this collaboration with Hanamaruken got me curious...

Since my very first visit to Wrong Ramen (see my previous post from last year here at was an enjoyable one, I've been coming back for their signature ramen dishes.  Playful, inventive, and fun, Wrong Ramen shows another way of enjoying noodles, combining tradition with contemporary, and sometimes quirky, touches that deliver unique flavors. And that's what sets Wrong Ramen apart, with ramen dishes that are familiar yet at the same time different. And this is also seen in Wrong Ramen's appetizers. Begin your experience with Wrong Ramen's starters, the Chirashi Rice Rolls (P 125), shredded chashu pork rolled in rice paper with lettuce and red cabbage. Fresh and crisp with light and clean flavors, a perfect starter to any meal at Wrong Ramen.

Red Cow Tamagoyaki (P 255), a soft and fluffy egg roll filled with corned beef and shiitake mushrooms, drizzled with Japanese mayo. The corned beef and shiitake mushrooms add savory and nutty notes to the soft omelet-like dish, and the creamy Japanese mayo adds a richness to complete the flavors. A light dish and a great side to any of Wrong Ramen's signature noodles.

Sea Men Ramen (P 345), a flavorful seafood broth with clams, squid, and shrimps, a light ramen option with fresh and briny flavors. The tender seafood adds delicate flavors to the light broth, and the fresh bean sprouts provide contrasting texture with the soft yet firm noodles. And don't let the funny name distract you, this is one seriously good seafood ramen.

What happens when you get the traditional ramen masters at Hanamaruken and the guys at Wrong Ramen together to collaborate for a new ramen dish? You get a bowl with bold pork flavors with a cool twist. The new Arakawa Abura Soba (P 295), with Wrong Ramen's soft noodles pan-fried in rich pork tonkotsu reduction, Hanamaruken's signature tender and sweet pulled pork ribs, topped with R. Lapid's famous Chicharon, nori strips, negi, a soft boiled onsen egg, and menma (tender bamboo shoots). The set comes with cup of light shio tonkotsu broth and mildly pickled eggplant. The dry "oil noodle" dish with toppings and a separate broth is a new way of enjoying the rich pork flavors.

First, take a sip of the light yet rich shio tonkotsu broth, then mix the noodles with the Hanamaruken pulled pork ribs and the R. Lapid's Chicharon, then gently pick up the noodles for a bite. The noodles, coated with good old pork fat, is rich with a butter-like mouthfeel, while the tender pulled pork rib and crunchy bits of chicharon add more flavor and texture. Rich and flavorful as is, you don't need to add anything else, maybe a little chili oil for a spicy kick. Take another sip of the rich broth, and repeat the process. 

The new dish, named in honor of Hanamaruken's founder, is enriched with the signature Hanamaruken pulled pork ribs as well as their homemade seasonings, blending with the familiar chicharon for a totally new ramen experience. Served "Tsukemen" style (though the bowl of broth is not intended for dipping the noodles and instead served for sipping, the noodles are flavorful on ts own with the pork tonkotsu reduction), the dry noodle dish showcases Wrong Ramen's non-traditional approach to ramen. The unique ramen dish is limited to only thirty (30) bowls per day, and will be available until Augist 15, 2014.

Familiar yet different, a celebration of pure pork indulgence, and a unique collaboration one can only expect from the guys at Wrong Ramen. And if you're working on that six-pack, take a pause, and just enter Wrong Ramen and go for the Arakawa Abura Soba.

Wrong Ramen is located at Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, or call 823-8249 for inquiries.

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