Saturday, July 26, 2014

Home Cooking with a Twist at Angel's Kitchen

Traditional Filipino home cooking with an inspired twist. Just leave it to the five moms behind Angel's Kitchen to come up with heavenly combinations for a unique take on traditional and comforting dishes.   

Interesting, creative, and playful twists that make even familiar dishes new and different. And that's just how it is at Angel's Kitchen...

Your experience begins with Angel's Kitchen's Chicken Liver Pate with crisp melba toast, just a preview of more good things to come.

Then, Angel's Kitchen's signature dishes arrived, starting with the Beef Taquitos (P 258), with crisp wontons instead of mini taco shells. Richly seasoned ground beef with lettuce, cheese and fresh pico de gallo combine for familiar flavors, with the crisp wonton wrappers adding that cool twist. And it works.

Crispy Steamed Dory (P 388), topped with asparagus, leeks, and shiitake mushrooms. Draped with a layer of cheese, blending well with the soft and equally creamy dory. It's a rich and comforting dish, and a hefty meal in itself.

Angel's Kitchen's wide range of pasta dishes are also served with a cool twist, like the unique and inventive Tuyo Puttanesca (P 358), richly flavored with dried fish flakes instead of anchovies. The tomatoes and olives add fresh layers of tart flavors to complete the dish. And this dish isn't shy with flavor, with bold and sharp notes.

Mandarin Chicken in Tangy Orange Sauce (P 408), Angel's Kitchen's own take on the classic fried chicken. Crisp yet tender and juicy, the delicate flavors of the chicken are kicked up a notch with the sweet notes of the orange sauce for that Asian touch.

The original and award-winning Pinakbet Rice with Lechon Kawali and Chocolate Bagoong (P 428), combining the classic pinakbet with crunchy pork belly is probably Angel's Kitchen's most popular dish. The rice is transformed with the richly flavored pinakbet, and the chocolate bagoong remains a surprising blend, and just great with the lechon kawali. So many flavors in just one dish, and always a must try at Angel's Kitchen.

But leave room for dessert. Angel's Kitchen's Rustic Apple Pie is the perfect finisher to any meal at Angel's Kitchen.

Each slice of Rustic Apple Pie (P 218) is served on butterscotch sauce, adding sweet notes to the classic dessert.

Choco Lava Cake (P 188), soft and moist topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup, another winner. Angel's Kitchen serves a full line of cakes and pastries, and you have quite a number of options.

Cool twists, transforming familiar dishes to something new and different. And that sort of thing happens every day at Angel's Kitchen.  

Angel's Kitchen is located at 57 Connecticut Street, North East Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila, or call 721-8822 for inquiries.

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