Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Culinary Road Trip Through America's Regional Flavors with The Great American Burger Joint

 Take a flavorful culinary road trip across America's rich and diverse regional flavors without leaving the metro...

The Great American Burger Joint infuses the distinct and iconic flavors of America's culinary regions in each of their signature burgers, with the light yet flavorful notes of the West Coast to the comforting and rich flavors of the East Coast and everything in between. Get ready for an American burger trip at The Burger Joint...

The Burger Joint draws inspiration from the varied regional cuisine of America, injecting these distinct flavors for some truly creative and flavorful burger creations. You'll find juicy cheese creations from the American Midwest, fiery notes from the Southwest, light yet flavorful burgers from SoCal, and burgers with rich sauces from the East Coast.    

Young chef Mara Gabrielle Patena (L) heads the kitchen at The Burger Joint, with their distinct "smashed" burger grilling technique. The loosely formed patties are gently "smashed" on the grill (R), forming a seared crust as the heat moves upward for an evenly cooked patty. The result? Definitely one of the metro's juiciest burgers...

The Burger Joint brews their very own teas with their signature House Iced Tea (P 45/59), a refreshing and flavorful brew with just the right sweetness.

You can also pair your burgers with The Burger Joint's thick and creamy Malt Shakes (L) in Vanilla, Chocolate, or Strawberry (P 120), or go for one of their premium imported beers (P 120-150, R), including Hoegarden, Stella Artois, Heinecken, Blue Moon, and Corona Extra.

The Burger Joint also serves a variety of crisp and savory wings, including their smoky and sweet BBQ Sesame (P 179, L) and the Buffalo Classic (P 179, R). Other variants include the Mexican Mole, Lemon Pepper, and Southern Fried Chicken.  

Loaded Nachos (P 159), crisp nachos draped in cheese and topped with beef, herbs, jalapenos, and watermelon. The richness of the cheese, the bold notes of the beef, the minty hint from the cilantro and fresh herbs, and the soothing heat from the jalapenos combine for a complex yet comforting blend of flavors, balanced by the fresh sweetness of the watermelon. The addition of watermelon makes this dish different from the usual nachos. Cool touch. Perfect with the House Iced Tea...even better with an ice cold beer.

But it's time to go on a road trip through America's rich regional flavors with the signature burgers of The Burger Joint. First stop, The Vegas Burger (P 245), with its signature "smashed" premium all-beef patty topped with bacon, guacamole, lettuce, onion, tomato, pepper jack cheese, and a sunny side-up. Take a big bite and let the yolk run down for even more flavors, combining with the beef, creamy guacamole, pepper jack, and crisp bacon. Then, take another, bigger bite. Feeling lucky? Then, it's definitely the Vegas Burger, one of The Burger Joint's newest burger creations.

The classic flavors of New York come through with The Burger Joint's Little Italy style  Bambino (P 169), topped with a rich marinara sauce, lettuce, mozzarella, and capers. The richness of the marinara are rounded out by the sharpness of the capers, and the mozzarella adds a creamy texture to bind everything together. It's your classic pizza reinvented in a burger, with all the elements blending together in perfectly balanced flavors.  

Inspired by the rich cheeses of Minnesota, the classic Juicy Lucy (P 290) is The Burger Joint's homage to the Minneapolis creation, a hefty half pound burger stuffed with melted cheese in the center and topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickle, bacon, and house sauce. This one delivers the comforting flavors of cheese blended right into the patty.

The pillow-soft brioche buns at The Burger Joint are baked in-house, with fresh batches made twice a day. And it just pairs so well with the Juicy Lucy. One bite and the cheese just oozes out along with the natural juices of the premium beef patty. And the bacon, with its distinct notes, completes the burger rather nicely.  

Next up, the West Coast and its cool, laid back vibe is highlighted with the SoCal Beef Chorizo (P 185), with a juicy chorizo patty topped with guacamole and cilantro. The rich flavors of the chorizo is just right, not overly salty, pairing well with the creamy guacamole and sharp hints from the cilantro. It's a different kind of burger experience, something you can expect at The Burger Joint with its wide range of signature creations.

Finally, the bold flavors of the American South are represented with the Pulled Pork Burger (P 195), tender and smoky pulled pork topped with chili con carne, American cheese, bacon, and BBQ sauce. The sharp and sweet notes of the tender, juicy shreds of barbecued pork bring out flavors from the deep South, balanced by the mild heat from the jalapenos and rounded flavors of the chili con carne. Different, yet downright comforting. But that's just half the story. The Burger Joint offers several more distinct burger creations reflecting the diverse richness of American flavors, with the All-American, the Santa Fe (with bacon mole), the Baja, and Ranchero Chili. Sounds like another culinary road trip with American regional flavors is in the works...

Great burgers, each distinct and reasonably priced. Have a taste of America right in the heart of Pasig, now that's pretty cool.

The Great American Burger Joint is located at the Ground Floor of SM Center Pasig, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue (C5) corner Las Tiendas Street, Frontera Verde, Pasig, Metro Manila or call 631-1299 for inquiries and deliveries.

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