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Make it Brunch at Marriott Cafe

There's nothing quite like a lavish brunch on a Sunday for a perfect weekend, and the Marriott Cafe offers some of the metro's best brunch buffets...   

Manila Marriott Hotel's Marriott Cafe offers a sumptuous Sunday Brunch Buffet with an impressive spread of Asian, Filipino and continental flavors using the freshest ingredients to complete your weekend.

Located at the ground floor of the elegant Manila Marriott Hotel in the bustling Newport City complex, the Marriott Cafe's spacious yet streamlined interiors feature rows of open kitchen set-ups in the different stations where dishes are prepared a la minute to suit your taste and specifications. 

With a total seating capacity of over 200, the Marriott Cafe also features three private rooms good for 8-10 for that special celebration or business meeting. The interior layout also features cozy booths (R) located at the corners for a more intimate feel. The muted lighting adds a comforting warmth to enhance your dining experience. 

Each station is conveniently laid out for ease of flow, allowing diners to navigate from one station to another without skipping a beat. At the Cheese and Cold Cuts Station, freshly baked bread and an assortment of premium cheeses and cured meats, including this Spanish Salchichon, a smoked and dried pork sausage with bold and robust flavors. A Salad Station with a wide range of crisp garden greens and vegetables, and a variety of dressings, can also be found near the Cheese and Cold Cuts station.

Feast on a selection of the freshest seafood, including oysters, clams, mussels, plump shrimps, and squid. Enjoy it fresh with lemon, or have it baked with cheese or grilled with butter, whatever you decide, you just can't go wrong with fresh seafood. And Marriott Cafe offers an abundance of seafood.

Let the chefs on station prepare a fresh bowl of soup with seafood, and a creamy chowder or Asian inspired ginger broth works well with some mussels and clams.

At the Japanese Station, you can choose from a wide selection of sushi and sashimi, freshly prepared with the finest seafood. Or you can go for authentic Teppanyaki, with its equally impressive selection of premium beef, pork, noodles and vegetables, grilled right before you on the teppan grill.  

Over at the Asian Station, one can select the freshest crabs, prawns and squid, and have it prepared in a variety of ways, including Singaporean-style with chili, steamed, or simply fried with salt and pepper, or grilled with butter. Or you can ask the chefs on station for their recommendation.  

The Asian Station also offers a variety of roasts, including Chinese-style Pork Asado, Soy Chicken, and Roasted Duck. Have a few slices of each with some dimsum...perfect.

Local flavors are also prominently displayed, including this impressive slab of Lechon Kawali, with its tender and juicy meat topped with a layer of crisp crackling. Extra rice? Absolutely.

More local flavors can be found, including Lechon Manok, as well as a variety of grilled seafood and other comforting Filipino classics.

Further down past the Asian Station, one can also find CRU Steakhouse and their line of premium steaks and seafood as part of the Sunday Brunch. Simply choose your cut from the selection of US Choice Beef, and have it grilled to your desired doneness. 

CRU Steakhouse also offers their own fresh catch of the day, including slipper lobsters, scallops, prawns, and shrimps. Have it grilled with just a dab of butter, and the clean and briny flavors of the seafood come through in every bite.

Start your Sunday brunch with a bowl of fresh seafood, including a creamy chowder with clams, mussels, and squid, or a simple ginger broth with fresh seafood. The fresh clams and mussels are incredibly tender, with a mild briny sweetness indicating freshness. The squid is perfectly cooked, lightly blanched in steaming hot broth, for delicate flavors.

Follow it up with a plate of fresh Sushi and Sashimi and a refreshing Kani Salad topped with ripe mangoes, fish roe, and creamy Japanese mayo. A plate of assorted cold cuts and cheese rounds out your starters at Marriott Cafe, and you're just about ready for the mains...

Beef Teppan, fresh from the grill, with crisp cabbage, carrots, onions, bean sprouts, sweet peppers and shiitake mushrooms combine with tender sliced beef in a mildly sweet soy-based sauce. Cooked on a flat grill, the flavors of all the ingredients blend seamlessly, with each ingredient adding its own distinct note to the dish.

Crispy Deep-Fried Prawns with salt and pepper, a simple dish that proves once again that with fresh ingredients, you can expect rich and bold flavors no matter how simple the dish. At Marriott Cafe, you can always expect a fresh bounty of seafood to be part of your Sunday Brunch experience.

Continue your seafood feast with Singaporean-Style Crabs, fresh crabs lightly fried and draped in a thick sweet and spicy sauce, its rich flavors seeping in the cracked crab. The fresh and clean flavors of the crab are kicked up by the sauce, and go ahead, use your hands...

But save room for some premium protein from the Marriott Cafe's Carving Station. Roast Leg of Lamb with buttered vegetables and potato wedges, with mushroom gravy and a side of mint jelly, elegantly plated by the chefs on station. The lamb is tender, with just enough bite for texture, with rich flavors.

In between, a detour back at the Asian Station tempts you to stop for a bowl of Laksa, loaded with fresh shrimps, noodles, and fish balls in a thick and spicy broth topped with a slice of pork asado and egg. Hearty and comforting, freshly prepared at the station. The creamy coconut based broth releases a subtle sweetness balanced by a whisper of soothing heat from the chili for a burst of flavors in every sip. One sip, and you'll be glad you made that stop back at the Asian Station.

A slab of US Choice Ribeye, grilled to medium rare with its juicy pink center, on creamy mashed potatoes with buttered vegetables and a side of gravy, rounds out my feast at Marriott Cafe. Bold, beefy flavors, perfectly plated.

Cap your Sunday Brunch with an indulgent bowl of freshly made gelato for dessert. A scoop of Gianduja Amara and Hazelnut Nutella sprinkled with pistachios, walnuts and almonds...pure bliss on a Sunday. And a perfect ending to a sumptuous Sunday Brunch at Marriott Cafe.

Leave it to Marriott Cafe's team of chefs to prepare that perfect dish for you for Sunday Brunch. Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch is priced at P 2,350 net, from 11:30am to 3:00pm, with children aged below five years old free of charge, and kids aged 6-12 enjoy 50%  off. Excellent food matched with excellent service. Sunday Brunch? Make it Marriott Cafe to complete your weekend.

Marriott Cafe is located at the Manila Marriott Hotel, No. 10 Newport Boulevard, Newport City Complex, Pasay City or call 988-9990 for inquiries and reservations.

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