Thursday, March 12, 2015

Change is Delicious with BonChon Chicken's New Crunchy Garlic

BonChon Chicken brings a delicious change to your chicken craving, with a brand new flavor for an exciting and different experience. And there's no better time than now to start fresh with something new and exciting and fall in love with BonChon Chicken all over again... 

BonChon Chicken introduces its newest flavor, the Crunchy Garlic, to complement its existing line-up of flavors, including its flagship variant, the Soy Garlic, its fiery Sweet and Spicy, and the Honey Citrus. 

The new and refreshing Crunchy Garlic is BonChon's fourth flavor, as BonChon adds even more flavorful options to your dining experience in line with its mission of being the agent for "delicious change." Out with the old and boring, in with the new and exciting, and at BonChon, change is indeed delicious.

BonChon, which means "my hometown" in Korean, known for its unique American-Korean fusion of flavors, and now you can have a taste with yet another flavor coating its signature chicken. The new Crunchy Garlic sauce is a sweet and salty glaze with crunchy garlic chips sprinkled on the crispy, tender and juicy chicken. The sweetness is perfectly balanced by just a hint of saltiness, bringing out the flavors of the crispy chicken, finished by the nutty notes of the garlic. With BonChon's signature chicken as the base, the new flavor is a welcome addition to BonChon's flavorful range of dishes. 

As with all of BonChon's chicken dishes, each piece is individually hand-brushed with the proprietary and unique glazes. The contrasting textures of the tender and juicy chicken with its crispy outer layer is given a whole new dimension of flavor with the new Crunchy Garlic, and the garlic chips really add that finishing kick in every bite. The sweetness lingers long after the first bite, with the garlic completing the flavors. The new Crunchy Garlic is available for all chicken meals, from the 1 piece Chicken Boxed Meal to the Large Combo Group Meal.  

And with Lent just around the corner, the new Crunchy Garlic flavor is also available for BonChon's Fish meals, including the Crispy Fish Rice Box. The Crunchy Garlic plays well with the delicate flavors of the Crispy Fish, highlighting the versatility of the new sauce. 

New flavors and new experiences, it's these delicious changes that make dining so much more fun and exciting, and that's what you can find at BonChon Chicken. Pair it with the new Seoul Fried Rice, and you have a winning pair. Try something new, and at BonChon, you'll definitely agree that "change is delicious."

Cap your meal with the Apple Caramel Crispy Crepe to complete your feast. Now with 86 locations nationwide, there's one branch nearest you where you can discover the new flavor, adding to your list of favorites at BonChon Chicken.

BonChon Chicken is located at the Ground Floor, Annapolis Carpark Building, Greenhills, San Juan City or call 633-1818 for deliveries.

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