Monday, March 9, 2015

Calling the Nurse at Burgers & Brewskies' Newest Branch at Estancia Mall

Call the Nurse? The Nurse just got closer to home. Just head on over to Burgers & Brewskies, now open at the new Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons...

The signature Call the Nurse is just one of the many must-try specials at Burgers & Brewskies, plus a full range of premium beer to go with your burger. And if you're itching to see the Nurse at the new location, here's a quick look at Burgers & Brewskies' newest branch, plus some interesting new dishes...

Burgers & Brewskies opens its second branch at the new Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons, bringing its signature line of creative burgers and premium beers at the newest commercial development in the metro. 

Inside the spacious interiors of the new branch, one can find familiar accents from the original branch, including distressed wood panels from Vigan and the trademark beer bottle chandelier for that unique Burgers & Brewskies vibe.

If you've got a favorite brew, they probably have it at Burgers & Brewskies. Premium imported beer or local artisan brews, go ahead and pair your favorite beer with the full range of burgers at Burgers & Brewskies.

After picking a spot inside the branch, it's time for the serious part, and going through the menu is just part of the fun with the witty and playful names. Start with Burgers & Brewskies' inventive take on the classic Poutine, the Pinoutine (P 180), with steak fries covered in rich Bulalo brown sauce and topped with fresh shredded kesong puti for a uniquely local spin. Bone marrow and local white cheese on crisp fries...pure genius.

The spicy Cuban Missile (P 120), grilled sweet corn slathered with mayo and spiced shredded cheese, is another winner at Burgers & Brewskies. Sweet and creamy with just a subtle layer of heat, simply squeeze  some lemon for even more flavor.

But if it's heat you want, go for the Sesame Sriracha Wings (P 195), crispy wings draped with fiery Sriracha hot sauce, honey and sesame. The sweet and spicy combo with a layer of nutty notes from the sesame seeds combine with the contrasting crisp and tender, juicy texture of the wings. Perfect with a cold beer.

It's always a good idea to go for balance in every meal, and at Burgers & Brewskies, you can. The B & B Wedge Salad (P 180), a hearty bowl of fresh and crisp Iceberg lettuce wedges, Bleu Cheese dressing, roasted tomato strips, candied bacon bits, and crushed cashews. The iceberg lettuce wedges are the perfect base for the play of complex flavors, with the tart tomato strips, sweet and smoky bacon and cashews adding their own distinct notes, with the rich and creamy bleu cheese dressing binding everything together.

But Burgers & Brewskies isn't done yet, with even more tricks up their sleeve. And it seemed appropriate to try some new dishes at the new branch. The crisp Zucchini Sticks, battered and breaded deep-fried zucchini served with a creamy olive aioli dip, is yet another interesting and flavorful starter. The mildly sweet zucchini is perfectly complemented by the creamy aioli, and the crisp breaded texture makes you go for yet another stick. And there's more...

Burgers & Brewskies takes bacon to an entirely new level with the Bacon Chicharon (P 210), freshly brined thin slices of pork belly with a light dusting of starch and fried to crispy perfection, served with a sweet and spicy vinegar dip. Just take a look at those crisp bacon strips...

Each strip of bacon is perfectly crunchy, releasing the bold smoky and salty notes in every bite. The sweet and spicy dip cuts the richness of the bacon for balance, and you're just about ready to go for yet another strip. And another. And one more reason to check out the new Burgers & Brewskies at Estancia Mall.

Then, it's time to relish Burger & Brewskies' signature burgers, each made with 1/3 lb 100% US beef patties prepared fresh everyday and cooked medium to maintain its tender, juicy texture, and bold, beefy and distinct flavor. The classic Call the Nurse (P 280), a massive premium burger topped with seared Mac & Cheese, spiced mustard aioli, B&B cheese sauce, and honey Sriracha bacon, an old favorite. Just the idea of topping a beef patty with mac & cheese and bacon shows you the playful and creative approach of Burgers & Brewskies, and there are more examples of that distinct and unique style with their other burgers... the Philly (P 250), with the signature B&B beef patty stuffed with sauteed thinly sliced steak and B&B cheese sauce, topped with sauteed onions and peppers. A Philly cheese steak inside a burger, now how cool is that? The sauteed onions and peppers add familiar flavors you find in a cheese steak, recreated in a burger. But check out what these guys do with fish...

With a name inspired by the animated film "Finding Nemo," the P. Sherman (P 250) is yet another playful and inventive twist with crisp, tender and juicy New England style fish cake topped with spiced mustard aioli, B&B cheese sauce, roasted sweet peppers, and fried basil leaves. The spiced mustard aioli's sharpness contrasts with the creamy B&B cheese sauce for balance, and the roasted peppers add smoky and sweet notes for even more layers of flavors in every bite. And perfect timing too, just in time for lent and meatless Fridays.

Want more bacon? You can have it in your dessert. The Creamy Soy Panna Cotta (P 85), velvety smooth soy milk panna cotta with B&B's spiced candied bacon bits...perfect. The sweet and creamy soy panna cotta redefines the usual panna cotta with a subtle heat from the spiced and smoky bacon. And it's got bacon. These are just some of the reasons to stop by and check out Burgers & Brewskies' newest branch. Go for your old favorites, and discover new ones, at Burgers & Brewskies newest branch at Estancia Mall.

Burgers & Brewskies is located at the ground Floor of the new Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons, Kapitolyo, Pasig or call 531-5632.

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  1. How much is the Call the ER? It was mentioned in a lot of blogs but the price is not mentioned :(

    1. Hi Kai, Call the Nurse is priced at P 280 (listed above), well worth it with the honey Sriracha bacon. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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