Tuesday, March 24, 2015

All Set for Good Eats with Chibi's Kitchen's Teishoku Sets

Take a leisurely drive down south and discover comforting Japanese-style home cooking with Chibi's Kitchen's sumptuous Teishoku sets... 

A wide variety of freshly prepared Japanese Teishoku meal sets, from seafood to chicken, beef and pork, are just some of the offerings you can expect at Chibi's Kitchen. It's definitely worth the drive down south...

Located at the new Evia Lifestyle Center along Daang Hari in Las Pinas City, Chibi's Kitchen offers its take on Japanese comfort food with its range of home-style dishes featuring its signature crispy Chicken Karaage, as well as beef, pork and seafood Teishoku sets, all with reasonable prices. 

The compact interiors mimic the popular dining joints in Tokyo with its communal vibe. But the compact space is deceptive, with options for al fresco dining as well as additional seating areas on the second floor. Service is efficient and courteous, and you get to shop for some unique Japanese retail items displayed on one side of Chibi's Kitchen. 

Start your meal with some of Chibi's Kitchen's premium beverages imported from Japan, from fruit juices, teas and even iced coffee beverages. And that's what makes Chibi's Kitchen special, with its wide selection of imported Japanese products, including retail items, that add to a unique dining experience.

Chibi's Kitchen is noted for its chicken meal sets, with its crispy Karaage. The Karaage with Mayo Teishoku Set (P 290), the classic Japanese style fried chicken, served with a creamy Japanese mayo dip, salad, miso soup, a side dish made with the freshest vegetables for the day, and a bowl of steamed white rice, is the perfect intro dish for first-time diners. The crispy chicken is tender and juicy with a perfectly crisp layer on the outside, with the Japanese mayo adding that smooth and silky texture and a richness in flavor in every bite.

Or go for a Karaage with a flavorful twist, the Karaage with Takoyaki Sauce Teishoku Set (P 290), with the same crispy Japanese-style fried chicken topped with bonito flakes and served with a thick and sweet takoyaki sauce, drizzled with rich Japanese mayo. The flavors of this set meal are kicked up a notch with the addition of the bonito flakes and the sweet takoyaki sauce, for an all new Karaage experience.

Looking for seafood? Go for Chibi's Kitchen's Saba Shiosaki Teishoku Set (P 260), a flavorful grilled fillet of mackerel for a light meal option. Simply squeeze some lemon to bring out the fresh notes of the delicately flavored mackerel for a light yet satisfying meal.

The Buta No Shogayaki Teishoku Set (P 220), with tender pan-seared pork belly glazed in a sweet ginger sauce, is one of Chibi's Kitchen's signature pork dishes. The sweet pork dish is just perfect with the steamed white rice, and you'll probably want some extra rice with this set. The richness of the ginger glaze adds a unique layer of flavor to the pork belly, for another comforting and satisfying meal.

Chibi's Kitchen also offers a wide variety of Donburi sets, including this hefty bowl of Gyudon (P 220), with thin strips of tender beef and vegetables on steamed white rice topped with an egg. The set also comes with a side of salad and vegetable appetizer. The thin strips of beef are tender and the egg really completes this set with its rich flavors. Simply break the yolk and let it run on the bowl and mix it all up.

Then, Chibi's Kitchen serves what it calls the homestyle Japanese version of our very own pork adobo, the Buta No Kakuni Teishoku Set (P 290), tender, slow-braised pork belly cooked in a sweet soy-based sauce with green beans, aji tamago, and mustard. Just the size of the pork belly makes for an impressive sight.

Incredibly tender, all you need are chop sticks to slice a chunk from the soft slab of pork belly. Add some of the sauce on your bowl of steamed white rice, then get a chunk of the tender pork belly, a bit of mustard, and go for it. The natural subtle sweetness of the pork come through with its familiar richness, perfectly balanced by the extra bite and sharpness of the mustard. The fresh and crisp green beans and aji tamago complete this set meal. This one's a personal favorite.

Other tasty sides include the Weiner (P 270, L), with imported Japanese pan-fried sausages and shredded cabbage, and the Nikujaga (P 310, R), thinly sliced beef stewed with potatoes, carrots, and vegetables.  

Cap your Teishoku feast at Chibi's Kitchen with some refreshing desserts, including Japanese shaved iced desserts just in time for summer, with their Kakigori (P 85) in Coffee, Strawberry, and Uji Matcha flavors. Each refreshing bowl of Kakigori, shaped like bears, is just what you need to beat the summer heat. Or some silky and velvety smooth Panna Cotta in Caramel, Chocolate and Mint, and Matcha, pairing well with another Japanese iced coffee beverage.

Each Teishoku set is packed with flavor and reasonably priced, a winning combination, and a great excuse to drive down south. Familiar and comforting, yet new and refreshingly different. For a complete Teishoku dining experience and value for money, Chibi's Kitchen is definitely top of the list. Grab your car keys and drive down south for some comforting Japanese homestyle meals at Chibi's Kitchen, and you're all set for some really good eats...

Chibi's Kitchen is located at the Ground Floor of Everydasy Building, Evia Lifestyle Center, Evia City, or call 887-0148 for inquiries.

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  1. Oh my, I am seriously craving a big plateful of this for lunch!

  2. Oh my, I am seriously craving a big plateful of this for lunch!

    1. Hi Candy, great to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by!


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