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The World on Your Plate at The Peninsula Manila's Escolta

The best of the world, in one place...

The Peninsula Manila's elegant Escolta brings the world to your plate with its themed daily lunch and dinner buffet selections starting with the flavors of the Americas on Mondays. The range and diversity of flavors takes you on a culinary journey of the continent, from the famed pork ribs and barbecue of the American Southwest, the freshest seafood prepared with Caribbean spices, the richly seasoned Chicken Peri-Peri and hefty beef dishes with chimichurri from Latin America, to hearty Brazilian stews. And it all starts at The Peninsula Manila's Escolta...

The Peninsula Manila's elegant all-day dining restaurant, Escolta features a daily international buffet highlighting the best global flavors every day of the week. Named after the iconic street in old Manila, Escolta exudes a formal yet relaxed old-world charm, the perfect stage for the world's best flavors. 

Escolta's impressive buffet selection includes hot and cold mains of fresh seafood and roast meats from the carvery, cheeses, salads, pasta, and an equally impressive dessert bar, integrated with live cooking stations for a memorable dining experience with that classic Peninsula touch.

Inside the private Nielsen Room at Escolta, one can enjoy intimate dining in the classic and luxuriously appointed area, with its dark wooden walls displaying framed black & white images of the early days of local aviation and the pioneering spirit of the Nielsen Tower.

Enjoy a refreshing Mocktail (L) or a stiff yet soothing cocktail before dinner to get you in the groove. The sweet and tart Loy Krathong (R), a smooth blend with white and dark rum and orange bitters is one of the featured cocktails for the hotel's "Tastefully Thai" promotion running through June.

After a few more cocktails, it was time to survey the spread. Fresh baked bread and hand-rolled pasta are just some of the selections at Escolta, including a wide array of gourmet cheeses and assorted cold cuts. Then, it's time for a taste of the Americas at Escolta...   

One of the features of Latin American cuisine is its wide variety of grilled meats, including beef, lamb, pork, and chicken. Executive Chef Mike Wehrle and Escolta's Chef de Cuisine Gregory Georges recreate the iconic churrasco and fiery peri-peri flavors of South America every Monday at Escolta's carvery. 

The wide selection of meats are expertly grilled and carved by the chefs on station. The interactive feature of the live cooking station adds to the dining experience, with the chefs preparing your choice meat exactly the way you like it.  

Start your culinary journey to South American flavors with the refreshing Brazilian Chicken Salad (L),  or maybe some comforting Arroz con Pollo (R), soft and fluffy Saffron and Garlic Rice with tender chicken chunks.

Continue your culinary journey with the richly flavored Jamaican Jerk Chicken with green beans and young corn (L) and a steaming hot bowl of Brazilian Biana Moqu (R), a hearty seafood stew in creamy coconut milk, coriander and a rich blend of spices.

The delicate flavors of fresh seafood are given a flavorful kick with tart Latin American salsa with the Montego Bay Grilled Fish with Caribbean Salsa. Topped with juicy cherry tomatoes and asparagus spears, the salsa brings the sunny flavors of the Carribbean with its clean and refreshing notes. 

And there's more. Sweet and smoky Pork Ribs Barbecue with Corn Salsa (L) from the American Southwest and Grilled Lamb Steak with Chilean Salsa (R) present even more options for choice proteins with the distinct flavors of the Americas. 

And don't pass on the Sauteed Mushroom with Chorizo, with the bold and sharp flavors of the chorizo balanced by the nutty notes of the mushrooms and sweetness of the vegetables.  

And here's the beef...Barbecued Beef Steak Churrasco with Chimichurri Rojo, carrots, peppers, and green beans. The iconic Argentine staple, chimichurri, a rich blend of parsley, garlic, oregano, and sunflower oil, adds its own distinct notes to the tender beef for that unique South American flavor. 

Back inside Escolta's Nielsen Room, a cart loaded with premium grilled meats arrived, ready for carving by your table side. 

The mains were then served, starting with the freshly carved Roast Lamb with Chimichurri. The smoky and gamey notes of the tender lamb are balanced by the nutty, garlicky and subtle minty notes of the chimichurri...

...followed by the Roast Beef with Jalapeno Salsa, with its bold and robust beefy notes punctuated by a layer of sharp and soothing heat from the salsa. The premium grilled meats are great on its own, but the infusion of traditional South American condiments like the chimichurri and salsa give it a whole new flavor experience. 

The elegantly plated Grilled Fish with Caribbean Salsa is served next, topped with a fresh salsa made with peppers, corn, tomatoes and onions, adding a flavorful punch to the delicate sweetness of the fish.

Pork Ribs Barbecue with Corn Salsa, tender and juicy pork with a smoky sweet glaze, is then served next. The perfectly grilled pork ribs just slide off the bone, draped in the signature Southern-style glaze. 

And no South American feast will be complete without some Chicken Peri-Peri, tender grilled chicken seasoned with the spicy bird's eye chili rub. The mild flavors of the grilled chicken are kicked up a notch with the gradual build-up of heat, lingering long after the first bite. Not overly spicy, with just a soothing layer of refreshing heat.

Then, you can sample the rest of the world with the other stations at Escolta, like sushi and rice rolls, or the juicy Charsiu Pork (L) and Roast Chicken (R) over at the Asian Station. Truly, the world on your plate, at The Peninsula Manila's Escolta.

Cap your Latin American feast with a wide variety of indulgent desserts, including ornate pastries, artisanal ice cream, fresh fruits, and an impressive chocolate fountain. Or you can stick with the flavorful Latin American vibe and go for the freshly made Churros at the Churros Station.  

Soft and crisp churros with a thick and smooth cup of hot chocolate...perfect. Book your culinary destination at Escolta, with the flavors of the Americas featured on Mondays, the distinct cuisine of Korea and Japan on Tuesdays, the best of Asia on Wednesdays, rustic Italian cuisine on Thursdays, a lavish seafood feast on Fridays and Saturdays, and Champagne Brunches on Sundays.

The weekday lunch buffet is from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm and is priced at P 1,530 for adults and P 910 for children under 12. Weekday dinners is from 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm with prices at P 1,750 for adults and P 970 for children under 12. An additional P 800 entitles you to an endless pour of sparkling wines, local beers, and soft drinks.  Friday and Saturday Seafood dinner prices for adults are P 2,000 and P 1,150 for children under 12. Sunday Champagne Brunch prices for adults are P 3,300 inclusive of free-flowing Cgampagne, wines, local beers, and soft drinks; P 3,000 for adults inclusive of free-flowing sparkling wines, local beers and soft drinks; P 2,200 for adults and P 1,200 for children under 12.

Escolta is located at The Peninsula Manila, Ayala corner Makati Avenues, 1226 Makati City or call (632) 887-2888 for inquiries or reservations. You can also e-mail at or visit 

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