Monday, March 30, 2015

Choose Your Cookie, Choose Your Milk for Your Very Own Scout's Honor Craft Cookie Milkshake

It's that simple. Choose your favorite Eagle Scout Cookie, pair it with one of Scout's Honor's flavored artisan Craft Milk, and blend it together with one of their unique ice cream creations. Your very own milk shake designed to your exact specs and served in a cool mason jar, in just a few minutes.  

Scout's Honor's Chef Miko Aspiras brews up another playful and inventive dessert creation using his signature line of cookies, and just in time for summer too. 

Located at Hole in the Wall at the new Century Mall along Kalayaan Avenue, Scout's Honor showcases some of the metro's most indulgent cookies, each one delicately handcrafted with some very cool and clever combinations. And Scout's Honor continues to surprise and amaze with their new Craft Cookie Milkshake.

Some of Scout's Honor's innovative cookie creations include (clockwise from left) the Matcha Sesame Cookie, a green tea cookie with roasted black sesame cream and milk chocolate chips neatly tied in thin twine; the S'Mores Tag-Alongs, a sable cookie sandwich with Hershey's milk chocolate, home-made soft marshmallows, and crushed grahams; the witty Cookie Inception, an Oreo cookie in a double chocolate fudge cookie stuffed in a chocolate chip cookie for a chocolate trifecta; and the Dark Chocolate Potato Chip Cookie, with dark chocolate topped with potato chips and pretzels. And that's just a few of Scout's Honor's unique cookies, with still so much more to discover and experience.    

Chef Miko Aspiras continues to push the envelope by offering diners the ultimate cookie experience, with each one made fresh using several kinds of dough and over twenty indulgent toppings, served fresh from the oven.

And for his latest product offering, Chef Miko Aspiras takes the classic cookie and milk combo a step further with his clever Craft Cookie Milkshake. After choosing your cookie, you can select from 20 milk flavors for the base of your milkshake. Then choose your ice cream for that final touch.

And here's my Scout's Honor Crafty Cookie Milkshake blend, a Dark Chocolate Potato Chip Cookie with Nutella Milk, blended with Chocolate Malteser Ice Cream. Scout's Honor's Craft Cookie Milkshake is thick and creamy, with added texture from the blended cookies. The deep and bold dark chocolate notes punches through in every sip, punctuated by a whisper saltiness from the pretzels and potato chips, and finished by the smooth and rich Malteeser ice cream. Chef Miko Aspiras definitely has a winner here with his distinct milkshake. Scout's Honor's extensive range of signature cookies, flavored milk, and ice cream combine for an infinite number of flavor combinations. Or just look for Chef Miko Aspiras or any of his friendly staff, and they'll gladly guide you each step of the way for your very own Craft Cookie Milkshake.

And Chef Miko Aspiras has more up his this decadent and indulgent Valrhona dessert bar on creme anglaise from his soon-to-open Le Petite Souffle, also at Century Mall. Good things are definitely happening over at Hole in the Wall, and if you're looking for a creative and indulgent cookie, or an inventive and customized Craft Cookie Milkshake, then it's definitely Scout's Honor. You'll definitely find a favorite, and that's a Scout's Honor's promise.

Scout's Honor is located at Hole in the Wall, Century Mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City.

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