Saturday, March 28, 2015

Size Does Matter at Size Matters

Admit it. Size matters. And when it comes to burgers and sausages, Size Matters takes the concept quite seriously...

At Size Matters, you have the option to upsize from the usual 1/4 pounder to a hefty 1/2 pound burger, or push your limit from the 6 inch link to a whopping 12 inch sausage link. Ready to go big?

Located at the bustling Kapitolyo area, a destination quickly emerging as a foodie neighborhood, Size Matters offers big bites of comforting classics to add to your list of dining options in the area. 

At Size Matters, even the condiments are extra large, with massive bottles of Tabasco and huge squeeze bottles of mayo and ketchup. And if you want some home brewed Iced Tea (P 40 12 oz/P 60 22 oz/P 80 36 oz), you can go for a thirst-busting mug, all 36 ounces of refreshing iced tea.

Size Matters offers a variety comfort food, from fresh salads and pasta, ribs, burgers and sausages. Start your meal with a light yet refreshing Asian Chicken Salad (P 150, L), with crisp lettuce, oranges and tender grilled chicken drizzled with roasted sesame dressing or a hearty Carbonara (P 209, R)...

...or go straight for the meat, with the American Ribs (P 435 Solo/P 765 Sharing) at Size Matters. The tender pork ribs with a smoky and sweet barbecue glaze just slides clean off the bone with ease. Great for sharing, and ideal for groups, or one real hungry dude.

Then, there's the Cheese Steak Sandwich (P 219), with tender strips of beef draped in cheese and topped with caramelized onions. The flavors are rich and creamy, great with an ice-cold beer. And at Size Matters, you can choose from an extensive list of premium imported beers to pair with your meal.

But you just have to try the burgers at Size Matters. Start with the T.W.B, The Works Burger (P 299 1/3 lb), with Monterey Jack stuffed beef patties topped with bacon, American cheddar, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and mushrooms on an oat bun. Plus, you get a choice of cream cheese or blue cheese for the works.

Or try some of the sausage patties at Size Matters, like the I.B.J., or the Italian Burger Job (P 189 1/4 lb/P 269 1/2 lb), with an Italian Sausage patty topped with caramelized onions, Monterey Jack, garlic cream cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes on a soft oat bun. You can even customize your burger by adding toppings, like a sunny side up (plus P 10), corn (P 15), garlic mushrooms (P 25), and bacon (P 35), or cheeses like Colby Jack (P 40) and Mozzarella (P 35), or even sauces like Blue Cheese (P 40), Sausage Chili (P 50), BBQ Sauce (P 30), or a thick and comforting Gravy (P 10).  

Breakfast on a bun? The B. I. B. Breakfast in Bed Burger (P 199 for 1/4 lb and P 279 for 1/2 lb), with two Breakfast Sausage patties topped with American cheddar, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, crisp bacon and a sunny side-up on English muffins, is just perfect any time of day.

I go for the Sausage Link (P 299 12 inch/P165 6 inch), a foot long Italian Sausage topped with tomatoes and onions on a white bun. Just add some mustard, mayo, and ketchup and you have a classic dog. The Italian Sausage has a sharp and smoky flavor, complemented by the fresh onions and tomatoes for clean flavors. Each bite comes with a fresh and crisp "snap" from the premium sausage link, adding to the experience. At Size Matters, go for the 12 inch sausage links. Other choices include Bratwurst with Cheese, Hungarian, Kielbasa, or Schublig in both 6 and 12 inch links. And you'll just have to agree, size does matter at Size Matters.

Size Matters is located at the Ground Floor of D'Ace Plaza, Kapitolyo, Pasig or call 477-3065 for inquiries or delivery.

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