Thursday, March 19, 2015

Just Like the First Time with Coca-Cola

That first brush with the iconic contour bottle from childhood so many summers ago still linger long after that very first sip, and years later, that memory remains fresh and vivid, forever etched in my mind.   

That experience is recreated with a perfectly chilled Coca-Cola, with its soothing and intrinsic thirst-quenching qualities delivering that familiar and comforting burn and bite at the back of your throat.

And it all starts with the proper chilling of Coca-Cola for that perfect Coke. Once chilled to the perfect temperature of 3 degrees, you're ready to experience the perfect Coke, just like the first time.

And chilling your Coca-Cola is easy. Simply load it in a chiller, fill it with ice, and leave it for a few minutes or more. Or you can place it in your freezer. Once the perfect temperature is reached, it's your turn to chill with a perfect Coke. 

The feel of the contour bottle, with its classic bright red label and signature Spencerian script, signal refreshment, as you go for that long-awaited sip. The effervescent fizz refreshes you like no other as it trickles down your throat, recreating the very first time you experienced the simple joys of pure refreshment. Simply chill your Coke, and enjoy it like the very first time. All the time.

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