Sunday, June 21, 2015

A True Taste of Australia at Pie Face

The Guardian, the legendary British newspaper, once described Australian minced pies as a true "taste of Australia." The flaky and buttery pastry, premium lean meat simmered and slow-cooked for hours in a thick and flavorful gravy, combine for that distinct, comforting and rustic flavor capturing the very essence of good ol' Oz.

Pie Face recently opened its very first store in the Philippines offering its signature line of Australian-style savory minced pies and desserts, plus award-winning coffee to complete a new and authentic dining experience in the metro. Now you can enjoy a hearty taste of Australia...

The philosophy at Pie Face is simple, use only the best premium quality ingredients, including the finest grass-fed Australian lean beef, French butter and French-inspired puff pastry, serving minced pies the way it's served back in Australia for an authentic dining experience. Absolutely no compromises are allowed, with no preservatives used and baked fresh every single day, each made from scratch for pure and clean flavors. And it all starts with the best ingredients all the way until the product is served fresh and hot from the ovens.
The humble minced pie has always been a comforting Australian staple, and Pie Face combined the use of the freshest and premium ingredients with traditional French-style light, flaky, and buttery pastries for a uniquely Aussie creation. Since opening its very first store in Australia in 2003, Pie Face now aims to boost its regional presence.  

Hand-crafted, made-from-scratch, oven-fresh, with the finest ingredients and premium lean meat for authentic flavors, you can have a true taste of Australia everyday at Pie Face. The uncompromising dedication presents all the iconic flavors the way it should be, with nothing tweaked to suit the local palate which, in my view, nullifies the concept of authenticity.

Each savory minced pie is marked with a distinct hand-piped smiley face, an appropriate icon for Pie Face, representing the best-selling Chunky Steak (a personal favorite), Hickory Pulled Pork, Curry Vegetable, Classic Aussie Mince, Philly Cheese Steak, Mediterranean Chicken, Chicken & MushroomSteak Bacon and Cheese, and Spicy Chili con Carne. And the best part? Prices are affordable, ranging from P 99 to P 130 for the regular savory pies, and P 49 for the smaller, bite-sized savory snap pies. With reasonable price points, you can opt to sample a variety of flavors with the smaller snap pies, or go ahead and take on the regular pies. But that's just the start as the dynamic business partners behind Pie Face Philippines promise to introduce even more savory flavors in the next few months, as well as more branches.

Bit Pie Face isn't just about pies. You can experience artisan roasted coffee from Di Bella, Australia's largest coffee roaster in a variety of coffee creations, like the smooth rounded flavors of the Caramel Machiatto (L) or some Ice Blended Frappes topped with whipped cream (R) to beat the heat.   

The signature coffee is noticeably richer and smoother with rounder notes, and none of the excessive bitterness. It's the perfect pair with the signature savory minced pies and desserts from Pie Face. But the proof is always in the pie, and young business partners Alfred and Michelle serve up a selection of their signature savory minced pies...

First up, the best-selling Chunky Steak (R) and the Philly Cheese Steak pies. The first thing that strikes you is the intense buttery aroma of the savory pies, followed by the light crackling sound of the flaky top crust as you slice the pie, releasing both steam and another layer of fragrant aroma from the stuffing. The top crust is lighter and flakier than the bottom crust, which needs to hold its form as well as absorb the rich flavors of the stuffing. The premium lean grass-fed Chunky Steak is indeed chunky with tender strands of beef delivering bold flavors. The buttery crust adds a contrasting texture to every bite, releasing the concentrated flavors of the stuffing with just a layer of rich buttery notes for the perfect pie. If you enjoy premium beef, the Chunky Steak is definitely the perfect introduction to Australian savory minced pies. The Philly Cheese Steak provides even more complex yet balanced flavors with layers of nuanced notes, from the creamy cheese, the nutty onions, and the sweet peppers with the same premium grass-fed Australian beef and buttery pastry. Both hit the right spot. Perfectly.

The Hickory Pulled Pork (L) and the Chicken and Mushroom (R) pies feature distinct flavor profiles from the savory beef pies. The Hickory Pulled Pork has more intense flavors, with sweet and smoky notes enhancing the delicate flavors of the tender and juicy pulled pork. The Chicken and Mushroom delivers more delicate flavors with the lean chicken meat and nutty mushrooms, and that buttery crust really does the job in completing the flavors. Made with premium French butter, I'm not surprised. Each regular savory minced pie should satisfy any serious appetite, and having two pies is practically a feast. The affordable pricing structure allows you to create your own Australian pie feast with their extensive range of flavors. Other savory options include Sausage Rolls and Sandwiches, but save room for dessert.

I sample a trio of Sweet Pies in CappuccinoLemon, and Chocolate flavors, each one bursting with so much rich flavors complemented by the buttery pastry shells. Rich and nutty, creamy, or tart just peek at the counter take your pick.

A crisp and chewy Muesli Cookie is another option at Pie Face, but there's a whole lot more... more Cookies, Brownies, Muffins, and Cakes. A savory meat pie, a dessert pie, freshly baked pastries and excellent coffee, you have an infinite array of choices at Pie Face. If you're looking for authentic Aussie pies, your search ends right here at Pie Face. Just look for the iconic smiling face or let your nose lead the way and follow the freshly-baked buttery aroma of savory and dessert pies. And you'll be glad you did...

The first branch of Pie Face is located at the Ground Floor, North Wing, SM Mall of Asia Complex.

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