Monday, June 29, 2015

Deconstructing Filipino Flavors with Junior Master Chef Louise Mabulo

The classic and familiar reinvented with a refreshing new twist, as seen through the eyes and palate of a young up and coming chef...

Junior Master Chef and Breville Philippines Brand Ambassador, Louise Mabulo, shared her own unique and inventive spin on classic Filipino dishes in a private dinner at A_Space Manila Kitchen, presenting iconic Filipino dishes in a whole new way.

Under the mentorship of veteran chef and founding president for the Philippine Chapter of Ordre Internationale des Disciples Escoffier, Philip John Golding (L), young chef Louise Mabulo (R) presents her dishes in preparation for the upcoming Disciples de Escoffier Young Talent Competition in Hongkong this September.

In a private dinner hosted by Breville, makers of high-quality and premium kitchen equipment, Chefs Philip Golding and Louise Mabulo showcased their signature dishes supported by the culinary team from Breville Philippines. That evening, creativity and precision combined for a unique dinner experience.  

Innovative cooking techniques and modern plating aesthetics showed just how far we can push the envelope and present comforting and familiar local dishes in refreshing and exciting ways for a whole new perspective. The special dinner was also another unique inside look at some of the very best chefs at work where the open kitchen is transformed into a stage, similar to my previous experience with Chef Philip Golding (more on that behind-the-scenes experience here at

Each component of the dish is planned in meticulous detail, laid out in precise sequence, and seeing the plan in action up close adds to a better appreciation of the dish. Timing and execution are key in ensuring each dish is served with all the flavors at its peak. The coordination between chefs Philip Golding and Louise Mabulo, both Breville Brand Ambassadors, and the rest of the culinary team, ran like a well-oiled machine, with clockwork precision.

But this was Junior Master Chef Louise Mabulo's show, and with Chef Philip Golding's guidance, Louise proceeded with the preparation of her signature dishes...

...starting with the elegantly plated Line-Caught Yellow Fin Tuna Kinilaw with Pako Fiddle Fern Salad and Bagoong Vinaigrette. The delicate, briny sweetness of the premium tuna come through with each bite, followed by the mild sharpness of citrus for pure and clean flavors. The pickled radish and micro greens add both flavor and texture, and the salty notes of the shrimp paste dressing on fresh fiddle fern completes the dish.

Louise then served her main dish, a hearty Braised Boneless Short Rib Kaldereta with Laing and Monggo Potato Cakes and Root Vegetables. The tender braised boneless short rib is draped in a thick kaldereta sauce, infusing its flavors adding richness to the beef. The other components of the dish, the laing and monggo potato cakes, add texture and flavor to the dish. The complex layers of flavors of the dish remain balanced, weaving in seamlessly without overpowering the other.

For dessert, Louise served her Deconstructed Bilo-Bilo with White Chocolate Coconut Reduction, a beautifully plated dish featuring the classic sticky glutinous rice balls on rich white chocolate coconut cream with mango, toasted pinipig, tapioca pearls and edible flowers. The masterful execution of the dish transforms  the iconic bilo-bilo into something new and different, fresh and inventive. Each plate becomes an artist's canvas, with layers of both color and flavorful notes for a sensory experience.

And like a seasoned veteran, Louise served her final dessert, Milk Champorado with Chocolate Mousse and Dark Chocolate Caviar with Salted Coco Jam. The combination of chocolate mousse, dark chocolate caviar, salted coco jam and champorado blend for an indulgent dessert to cap the evening. Junior Master Chef Louise Mabulo's creativity is impressive, from starters to mains and desserts.

Argentina's Lagarde Winery provided the wine for the evening, with its young yet expressive Altas Cumbres Cabernet Sauvignon (L), while Cocolatto shared their guiltless ice cream, a line of dairy, gluten, lactose, and soy-free hand-crafted ice cream that's vegan and diabetic-friendly. Pure indulgence without the guilt.  

One of the objectives of Disciples of Escoffier is the transfer of knowledge to the next generation of culinary masters, and one can see this with Junior Master Chef Louise Mabulo. And with Chef Philip Golding as her mentor, Junior Master Chef Louise Mabulo is ready for the Disciples of Escoffier Young Talent Competition in Hongkong this September.

A_Space Manila Kitchen is located at 110 Legazpi Street, right across Greenbelt 5, Makati City or call 846-0856 for inquiries.

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