Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Spinning Comfort Food at Splice

Fresh, vibrant, creative, and fun, with a fusion of bold and distinct flavors transforming familiar comfort food to something new and refreshing...

...and you can find all these at Splice, with its playful reinterpretation of classic comfort food by Chef Ivory Yat.

Chef Ivory Yat (L) weaves her own unique and creative twist to comfort food in a variety of flavorful options at Splice, the newest restaurant in the Greenfield District. Her dynamic enthusiasm is contagious, and you can experience her inventive spin in each of her signature dishes, like the Angus Beef Tapa Poutine (R). 

Our sampling experience at Spin starts with Chef Ivory Yat's California Crab Meat Salad, with chunks of crab meat and mayo on avocado and mango cubes drizzled with a creamy aioli and topped with crispy potato chips and a side of fresh greens. It's a light dish, yet the refreshing flavors come through in every bite. Pure, clean and fresh flavors, and a good start before the signature mains. 

You can tell that Chef Ivory Yat and partners behind Splice are fans of The Simpsons, with the arrival of the next dish. Chef Ivory Yat combines the donut and and the burger with The Lisa Burger, an all-beef patty topped with a creamy mustard dressing on homemade donuts drizzled with caramel. The blend of savory and sweet is well-balanced, and those homemade donuts really add the perfect finishing touch.

The combination of donuts and burgers may not be a new idea, but Chef Ivory Yat pushes the concept further with her range of burgers...

...like the The Mint Bartholomew Burger, with a juicy beef patty drizzled with a creamy cheese sauce and topped with tart and sour coleslaw for another blend of distinct flavors. Sweet, sour, tart, and savory, all in one bite. And if you want more, Chef Ivory Yat has the Homer's D'ohnut Burger with American cheese and grilled onions coming into play.

And Chef Ivory Yat has more creative tricks up her sleeves with a range of both traditional and modern pasta dishes...

...including the Danggit and Chicken Skin Carbonara, a creamy pasta dish made the traditional way with egg, but goes a step further with its topping of crispy danggit and chicken skin instead of bacon. The salty notes from the danggit and chicken skin add a whole new flavor experience to the unique pasta, with contrasting textures to complete the dish.

Chef Ivory Yat also offers a variety affordable meals, like the Chicken Satay and Prawn Crackers served with Buco Pandan Rice, highlighting Southeast Asian flavors.

And if you're really hungry, go for the Beef Stroganoff, with tender beef and mushrooms in a thick gravy and served with fried rice. Most dishes are not priced within the  P 200-300+ range, so you get great value as well.

And with their homemade donuts, it just seemed right to go for donuts for dessert. The Donut Butt and Nut features their signature donut drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with almonds. The dessert is usually served with just the balls from the center of the donut, but Chef Ivory Yat served the whole donut that evening.

Cool, inventive dishes and great value, things are definitely looking good at the Greenfield District...

Splice Restaurant is located at The Portal, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City.

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