Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Flavors of Ilocos: Dinakdakan, Dinuguan Rice Rolls, and Crispy Dinuguan at Hotel Luna's Comedor

Simple, rustic dishes with bold and upfront flavors is probably the best way to describe Ilocano cuisine, the distinct regional culinary heritage of the north. And a buffet dinner at Hotel Luna's Comedor showcases the best of the north every evening to complete your Vigan experience. 

Traditional dishes with a contemporary update, and more surprising twists await you at Hotel Luna. Here's a peek at the unique taste of Vigan at Hotel Luna's Comedor...

The Dinner Buffet Spread at Hotel Luna's Comedor features a wide variety of local and regional flavors, including unique vegetable dishes like the Ilocano Pinakbet, Poqui-Poqui, and Dinengdeng; and more pork dishes like Igado and Bagnet. But Chef Raymond Quitilen has a few surprises up his sleeves with some truly creative dishes...   

...like the Sapsapuriket Pate, inspired by the Ilocano chicken soup enriched with chicken blood, on crisp crostini.

Complete your experience with the Ilocano version of Sisig, the Dinakdakan, with tender pork cheeks and chili served on spoons.

Fresh Lato, a type of seaweed also known as "sea grapes," make for another interesting starter, with the rich briny notes bursting in your mouth with every bite.

The iconic Bagnet, crispy pork belly, and one of the more popular Ilocano dishes, richly seasoned with the bold notes of shrimp paste, is just one of the highlighted mains that evening. Have some freshly chopped bagnet served with the classic Ilocano condiment, the "KBL" or "kamatis, bagoong, and lasones" or local onions for authentic northern flavors.

Any Filipino feast won't be complete without Lechon, and Hotel Luna featured the Boneless Lechon Roll that evening. More rice with KBL? Absolutely.

Chef Raymond Quitilen then served his own unique take on the classic Dinuguan, the Crispy Dinuguan, with crunchy pork draped in the traditional thick and flavorful blood sauce for contrasting textures and bold flavors. At Hotel Luna, you can always find traditional dishes alongside all-time classics with new and inventive twists, making each dinner a new and refreshed dining experience. At Hotel Luna, you can discover and savor the sights and flavors of the historic capital, all in one place.

Hotel Luna is located at Luna Street, Vigan, Ilocos Sur or call (+632) 584-4945 (Manila Line) or (+077) 632-2222 for inquiries and more information. You can also visit their website here at http://hotelluna.ph/

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