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Discovering Lotlotan at F1 Hotel Manila's Luzviminda 3 Pistang Pinoy Buffet Dinner

You always discover something new, and the third edition of F1 Hotel Manila's Luzviminda 3 Pistang Pinoy buffet is another eye-opener, blending traditional flavors with inventive, modern twists on Filipino cuisine. 

F1 Hotel Manila teams up with some of the country's best chefs for its 3rd Luzviminda Food Festival, dubbed Luzviminda 3 Pistang Pinoy, including Rustique Kitchen's Bruce Lim, Alab Filipino Restaurant's Tatung Sarthou, and Big 8 Corporate Hotel's Sider Tadtad for the two-week celebration of Filipino flavors. My day at F1 Hotel Manila culminates with another epic dinner experience...

Though it rained earlier that afternoon, the skies cleared before sunset leaving a warm red glow. It was time for Chef Sider Tadtad to set up the Lotlotan for the evening's dinner, the second part in my Luzviminda 3 Pistang Pinoy All Day Buffet experience at F1 Hotel Manila. 

After an  impressive lunch (see my previous post here at, dinner promised to be an equally memorable one, featuring a traditional cooking method from Mindanao. Lotlotan is a traditional cooking technique used by ethnic tribes in Mindanao, uniquely local with the use of young bamboo tubes filled with fresh ingredients capped by banana leaves to lock in the heat and laid on an open fire. The indigenous cooking method imparts a fragrant aroma from the young bamboo and banana leaves, with an added layer of subtle sweetness to enhance the dish. Chicken, pork, seafood, vegetables, and rice are just some of the dishes prepared in this unique cooking style,

Chef Sider Tadtad expertly manages the flames to ensure even cooking, checking the young bamboo tubes every now and then. After less than an hour, the bamboo tubes are ready for serving. Chef Sider Tadtad delicately splits open one of the tubes revealing a creamy chicken dish... he proudly presents the dish to the guests. Slow-cooked over fire, there is a rustic vibe to the dishes prepared Lotlotan style, as fragrant aromas from natural herbs and spices, and the bamboo itself, whets your appetite.

Chef Sider Tadtad's Tuna Bihod Sisig, rice cooked with tuna fish roe and herbs topped with chopped onions and chili prepared in the Lotlotan style, is the dish that sets the tone for the evening's dinner.

Soft, creamy, with layers of heat from the chili to balance the richness of the fish roe, presents unique and distinctly local flavors. It's my first time to experience the authentic flavors of Mindanao prepared in the Lotlotan style, and seeing it prepared just added to the overall dining experience.

The culinary journey of local flavors continued with grilled fresh seafood, including Stuffed Grilled Squid served with a side of chili soy sauce dip and seafood rice.  

The Seafood Rice, paired with Kilawin, the local version of Ceviche, rolled in banana leaf, offers even more fresh flavors.

A serving of Baboy sa Pinya, a slow-cooked pork stew with pineapples, delivers both sweet and savory flavors.

Inihaw na Panga, or grilled tuna jaws, is yet another classic favorite from the south, with tender and juicy tuna and its mild sweetness contrasting with the light smoky char. The meat in between the bones are just packed with so much flavor, you'll go for a second serving. And since this is a buffet, you can go for as much as you want.

Classic local flavors from the south to culminate a day filled with traditional Filipino flavors, completes your Independence Day staycation at F1 Hotel Manila. But there's more...

Cap your feast with the traditional Tinagtag, crisp rolls made with rice flour and sugar, and perfect with tea or coffee. F1 Hotel Manila's Luzviminda 3 Pistang Pinoy buffet is available from June 12 to 25, 2015 at F All Day Dining Restaurant for both lunch and dinner. And you get to taste the distinct regional flavors of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao for only P 1,399 net per person. Add P 100 and get an unlimited fill of Filipino drinks like sago't gulaman, melon, and buko pandan.  And here's more good news. Dine in for lunch or dinner buffet and get a chance to win round trip tickets to Boracay from 2GO Travel, now that's cool.

F1 Hotel Manila's Luzviminda 3 Pistang Pinoy is in partnership with BDO, Dasoland, Raflora, Culinary Exchange, Destileria limtuaco, 2GO Travel, Security Bank, and Seagull Glassworks.  

For more on the wide array of dishes at F1 Hotel Manila's Luzviminda 3 Pistang Pinoy buffet, check out my previous post here at

F All Day Dining Restaurant is located at the 3rd Floor of F1 Hotel Manila, 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City or call 928-9888 for inquiries and reservations. 

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