Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pumped Up Kicks from Ippudo's New Ramen Sidekicks

A comforting bowl of good and authentic ramen is often a meal in itself. But there are times when you want contrasting favors and textures to complete your ramen. Now, you can pump-up your ramen by pairing it with some flavorful sides for an all-new ramen dining experience.

Meet Ippudo's new Ramen Sidekicks, hearty and flavorful side dishes to enhance your ramen dining experience...

Ippudo's signature all-time bestseller, the Pork Bun (P 100, L) with its tender and juicy braised pork belly and original sauce on a soft steamed bun, is now joined by another potential best-seller. The addition of new side dishes, Ippudo's new Ramen Sidekicks, adds even more options for that perfect ramen meal.

The new Fried Chicken Bun (P 100), with its crisp and crunchy glazed chicken fillet topped with shredded cabbage and Japanese mayo on the signature soft steamed bun, is one of the new Ramen Sidekicks from Ippudo. The juicy chicken fillet with its crunchy outer layer delivers contrasting texture and flavor that pairs so well any of the signature ramen at Ippudo. The delicate flavors of the chicken also balances the richness of the pork-based ramen, and just perfect for those in-between bites of ramen.   

But there's more. The new Ramen Sidekicks offer a variety of flavorful options to pair with your favorite ramen, with each dish offering distinct flavors. Meet the rest of the new Ramen Sidekicks from Ippudo...

The Fried Chicken Skin Salad (P 220), a refreshing mixed green salad with cherry tomatoes, shio tamago, and strips of crispy chicken skin blend with the shoyu dressing and mildly spicy mayo sauce, also balances the richness of the ramen with its fresh, pure, and clean flavors to cleanse the palate. The fresh greens, with its shoyu and spicy mayo dressing, are boosted by the bold salty notes and crisp texture of the fried chicken skin, tempered by the rich shio tamago.

Ippudo's new Chicken Wings (P 255), glazed chicken wings with white sesame served with a side of refreshing mixed green salad, delivers both familiar and comforting flavors, with tender and juicy chicken with its mildly crisp outer layer draped in a sweet glaze with robust hints of pepper. Both texture and flavor pair well with the richness of the ramen, and the side of salad completes the flavors.

The Nanban Karaage (P 250), a cool twist on the classic karaage drizzled with a sweet sauce and a creamy tartar sauce with a side of salad. The addition of the creamy tartar sauce adds a totally new flavor to the traditional dish, as the sharp notes of the sweet glaze balances the flavors. The side of salad cleanses the palate, preparing you for yet another slurp of the rich ramen and the crispy karaage for that one-two punch.

Ippudoi has one more option for those craving for even more flavors. The Okonomiyaki (P 245), another classic Japanese dish with a unique twist, kicked up with Ippudo's signature chashu, black konnyaku, egg, sweet okonomiyaki sauce and creamy Japanese mayo. It's the pork chashu that adds that flavorful kick to the mild notes of the okonomiyaki, kicked up even more by the egg, Japanese mayo and sweet okonomiyaki sauce. The complex flavors remain balanced, without overpowering your ramen.

Then, it's time for the ramen. Pair your Ramen Sidekicks with any of Ippudo's signature ramen, like the new, limited-edition Miso Akamaru (P 450), with thick and wavy noodles in Ippudo's classic tonkotsu broth infused with three types of miso, topped with a slice of tender rolled and torched Ooban Chashu, sansio ground pork, fresh bean sprouts, and green cabbage for added texture and flavor. The bright red akamaru miso sauce adds that layer of heat while nutty garlic notes from the koyu garlic oil complete the blend of flavors (for more on Ippudo's authentic and signature ramen, check out my previous post here at

The Ooban Chashu, rolled and torched for distinct smoky notes, and the sansio ground pork, combine for meaty flavors, blending well with the miso-infused tonkotsu broth. Add some Nori, Tamago, and and an additional slice of the Ooban Chashu (P 75, L), and you have one serious bowl of ramen. 

Cap your feast with the new Matcha Creme Brulee (P 140), a creamy brulee topped with rich and smooth vanilla ice cream sprinkled with matcha powder. The dessert is rich, without the overpowering bitter notes from the matcha, leaving a silky and velvety finish to end your ramen feast at Ippudo.

And here's even more cool news. Experience all five of Ippudo's new Ramen Sidekicks, and you get your favorite ramen for free. Just ask for the Ippudo Matsuri Card, and begin your ramen feast with Ippudo's new Ramen Sidekicks. At Ippudo, the ramen experience just got leveled up with a flavorful new cast of Ramen Sidekicks.

Ippudo is located at the 3F, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City or call 470-1837 for inquiries.

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