Saturday, June 13, 2015

Adding a Cool Touch to Modern World Fusion Cuisine at Vyne

Modern and creative, inventive and full of flavor, world fusion cuisine is splashed with just the right touch of cool. And it all works. At Vyne...

From the same group behind Hyve, Vyne takes on modern world fusion cuisine with its signature cool touch. Bold flavors and a stylish execution combine for some of the most elegant dishes this side of the metro.

Behind the creative cuisine at Vyne is Executive Chef Jerome Orpiano (R), who previously worked with Chef Rob Pengson at The Goose Station. At Vyne, Executive Chef Jerome Orpiano shares his own creative take on modern world fusion cuisine. 

Inside Vyne, you can find a well-stocked bar, and it's always a good idea to have a few cocktails. Start with some of Vyne's special cocktails, like the Dry Martini (L) or a classic Old-Fashioned (R), and you're just about ready for your meal.

Start your dining experience at Vine with their elegantly plated Thai Scallops (P 300), delicately seared scallops with Nuoc Cham dressing topped with sambal mayo and crispy catfish bits. The fresh, clean and mildly sweet notes of the scallops come through followed by the flavorful and spicy kick of the Thai dressing. The crunchy catfish adds both texture and salty notes to complete the flavors.

Then, go for the Pork Chasu Bun (P 295), with braised pork chasu on fried mantao topped with a quail egg, nori strips, leeks, and sesame mayo. The tender and juicy pork chasu's richness is given a flavorful boost by the quail egg and creamy sesame mayo, while the leeks add that layer of sharpness and the nori strips with its distinct nutty notes for complex yet balanced flavors. All these flavors in one bite. And yes, you're going for the last piece...

A hearty soup come next. Vyne's Prawn Ravioli Laksa (P 270), served with prawn ravioli and crispy diced tofu, topped with fried onions and bean sprouts.

A bowl with all but one of the components of the dish is served (L), completed when the fresh hot broth is poured  (R) adding to the entertaining presentation of the dish. It's little touches like these that make dining at Vyne so interesting. And special.

And Vyne doesn't run out of surprises, as another inventive fusion dish is served. Vyne's Ramen Carbonara (P 350), an inventive miso cream carbonara topped with smoked pork belly, a shot of shio ramen broth with a sous vide egg.

Once the shot of shio broth is added, the dish is transformed, replicating the look and flavor of Japanese ramen. The playful blend of flavors result in a truly unique dish, a creamy pasta and a hearty ramen, in one bowl. The sous vide egg completes both the presentation and flavors of the dish. It's another of those fusion dishes that works so well at Vyne.

Vyne's simply named The Salmon (P 450), an elegantly plated dish with seared salmon fillet served with pea puree, braised charred leeks, asparagus and jamon serrano broth, looks deceptively simple, but one bite changes all that. After the jamon serrano broth is poured, the creative combination of flavors come through, each with its own distinct note, blending perfectly without overpowering the other. Delicately balanced flavors, elegantly presented in the signature Vyne style.

Just how do you take the classic burger to the next level? Leave it to Vyne to show you how. The Vyne Burger (P 550), the signature burger with a juicy 200 grams all-beef patty, foie gras, mushroom ragout, and bleu cheese. This one's definitely a leveled-up burger combining the richness of a premium all-beef patty with indulgent foie gras, elegantly finished by bleu cheese and the savory and nutty mushroom ragout. Everything you want in a classic burger, and more, from Vyne.

But if you've got a serious craving for beef, then it's definitely Vyne's Prime Rib Steak (P 1,200 - 300g with one sauce/P 2,500 - 600g with two sauces/P 3,800 - 1000g with 4 sauces) with horseradish gremolata, beef jus, fried brussel sprouts, coleslaw, and potato fries. There's just nothing like a hefty slab of premium beef on a wooden chopping board...

Each slice of juicy, tender beef, bursts in your mouth with rich flavors You can add even more layers of flavor on your steak with Vyne's wide variety of steak sauces, which include Truffle Mushroom, Pommery Jus, Chimichurri, Barbecue Sauce, Pepper Sauce, Tomato & Chili, Curry, Pinoy Barbecue, and Yogurt & Garlic. An impressive dish, with equally rich flavors to boot.

Vyne then lays on its final surprise for dessert, with another elegantly plated dish. Vyne's Lemon Cheesecake with Citrus and  Basil (P 360), an indulgent dessert with Lemon New York Cheesecake, lemon custard, meringue, chopped pistachio, and basil. Formed with a popsickle, the visual play is another creative twist, delivering a medley of flavors from the basil, citrus and pistachio to enhance the creamy cheesecake. The zesty notes of citrus tempers the richness of the dessert for balanced flavors. It's a fitting dessert to end a dinner full of surprises. The elegant presentation, matched with the richness of bold flavors, completes the dining experience at Vyne.

Vyne is located at the 8th Floor, W Global Center, 9th Avenue corner 30th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City or call 808-9430 for inquiries. 

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