Sunday, June 7, 2015

Revisiting the Iconic Three Sisters in Kapitolyo

The fragrant aroma of grilled meat and seafood on hot charcoal fill the air, as long lines start to form at the entrance of an ancestral home along Pasig's emerging culinary hub. It's a scene that's repeated everyday, going as far back as the early seventies. 

For over forty years, Three Sisters has seen it all, with the growth of the now popular Kapitolyo as the metro's culinary hub. And that's because its been there from the very start, in fact, it's one of the first restaurants in Kapitolyo. And as the palate of diners continue to evolve, you can always go back to traditional flavors at Three Sisters.

The amazing story of Three Sisters goes way back to 1941, with a humble stall (L) in Poblacion, Pasig just right before the outbreak of the Second World War. In the early seventies, it relocated to its current location in Kapitolyo, becoming one of the first restaurants in the now famous culinary strip.

Today, the family's fourth generation, Paul Pike, along with long-time employee and cook, Mang Ramon (L), continue the culinary traditions of Three Sisters in the family's ancestral home. And yes, everything you love about Three Sisters, its classic and comforting flavors at reasonable prices are preserved and maintained.

Familiar, home-style meals with comforting flavors and value for money have long been the winning formula at Three Sisters, and dining at the family's ancestral home completes the experience. Start with some of the signature heritage family Filipino vegetable dishes at Three Sisters, like the Pinakbet (P 160), a blend of fresh local vegetables with pork and shrimp paste...

...and the classic Bangus Belly sa Miso (P 240), a tart and hearty soup conbining the richness of milkfish belly and the bold notes of miso. The flavors are pure and real, just like what you'd expect when dining in your favorite aunt's home.

Or you can rediscover an old favorite from the seventies, the familiar Hototay (P 40/bowl) with vegetables and egg in a clear yet flavorful broth.

Dining with friends and family becomes a lot more fun with the Pancit sa Bilao from Three Sisters, which include the Pancit Bihon, Miki Bihon, Pancit Canton, and Palabok, ranging in price from P 280 to P 1,440.

In between, have some Lumpiang Shanghai (P 120), crispy spring rolls filled with pork and vegetables.

For the main dish, you just can't go wrong with the Crispy Pata (P 450), served on thick and tasty kare-kare sauce. The combination of crunchy pork knuckles and the rich peanut sauce is a perfect match, with the kare-kare sauce balancing the richness of the knuckles. Extra rice? You know you'll want another cup with this dish.

Outside at the garden in front of the ancestral home, the charcoal grills continue to fire-up, serving the other signature specialties of Three Sisters. And it's the aroma of pork, chicken, and seafood glazed with the thick and sweet sauce on charcoal that continues to bring in the crowds.

The Pork Barbecue (P 48/stick) is definitely one of the best in Kapitolyo, with thick chunks of tender and juicy pork draped in a sweet glaze, with a layer of smoky char, fresh off the charcoal grill.

Have a skewer or two, or better yet, three, with some Java Rice and the thick homemade sauce, and you've got a classic meal at Three Sisters.

For heftier appetites, go for the Inihaw na Liempo (P 125 per slab), tender pork belly strips grilled to perfection with a smoky and sweet sauce.

Other grilled options include Chicken BBQ (P 125), or grilled fish like tilapia, dalag, and hito, served with buro. Just go and have a look at the grill by the garden, and take your pick.

And maybe just one or two more skewers of the signature Pork Barbecue just to be sure. The flavors are comfortingly familiar yet refreshing, and its heartwarming to know that there are still some places in the metro that continues to serve their dishes the way you remember it. And there's no other way of having it when you talk about classic flavors at Three Sisters.

Three Sisters is located at 10 East Capitol Drive, Kapitoylo, Pasig or call 631-9247 or 0917-636-2134 for inquiries.

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