Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Tenya Stopover: Tenya Opens Second Branch at Bonifacio Stopover

The authentic flavors of Asakusa Tendon from Tokyo comes to Bonifacio Global City...

Tenya opens its second branch at the new Bonifacio Stopover, with its line of signature Asakusa Tendon bowls plus exciting new additions to the menu. Now that calls for a stopover at Tenya at the new Bonifacio Stopover...

Tenya's newest branch is located at the second level of the new Bonifacio Stopover, with its sleek interiors and standard raised kitchen configuration allowing diners a sneak peek at the delicate process of preparing authentic tendon. As with the first branch, seeing the raised kitchen in action adds to the unique dining experience at Tenya.  

Noboritama Shuuji and Yasuko Hoshi (L) from Tenya Japan head the kitchen at the newest branch, ensuring each dish is prepared to the exacting standards of Tenya. And the dynamic duo runs the kitchen like a finely-tuned machine, with dishes served well under ten minutes. 

A visit to the newest branch of Tenya was also a good opportunity to sample some new dishes. The new Spicy Salmon Salad (P 225) is a refreshing starter with garden fresh greens topped with salmon fillet, sweet corn, spicy Japanese mayo, and draped with nutty Tenkasu, a creamy dressing with the added crunch of crispy bits of tempura batter adding contrasting textures to the salad. The rich flavors of the premium salmon fillet, along with the kani sticks, add layers of distinct flavors to the salad, with the Tenkasu dressing rounding out the flavors. Other salad dishes include the Sesame Chicken Salad (P 195) and the creamy Japanese-style Potato Salad (P 95) for even more choices (for more on Tenya, check out my previous post, a special sneak preview and a first taste of the signature dishes weeks before the opening of their first branch here at, and the successful opening of its first branch in the country at SM Megamall here at

The signature All-Star Tendon (P 325), with black tiger prawn, squid, salmon, kani stick, green beans and mushrooms on premium Japanese rice has always been a favorite ever since I first tried it at Tenya's sneak preview, with its flavorful combo of prawn, squid, salmon, kani and vegetables, each perfectly battered and deep-fried to perfection. Drizzled with the thick and sweet tare sauce, it's one of the reasons I keep going back to Tenya. Tenya also introduced its newest tendon, the Chicken Mayo Tendon (P 275), with three chicken fillets, green beans, and corn kernels on Japanese rice drizzled with creamy Japanese mayo, a must-try on my next visit. Other Tendon bowls include the Asakusa Special Tendon (P 315) with three black tiger prawns and green beans, the Jo Tendon (P 315) with two black tiger prawns, kani stick, green beans, sweet potato, and eggplant; the Kakiage Tendon (P 285) with shrimps, white onions, and celery; the Yasai Tendon (P 255) with its all-vegetable combo of green beans, mushroom, sweet potato, eggplant and small kakiage; and the Buta Kimuchi Tendon (P 295), with three battered and crispy pork belly slices topped with the Japanese version of kimchi.  

For dessert, try Tenya's newest popsicle flavor, the Green Apple Sake Pop, a unique blend of tart green apple with the deep, rounded flavors of premium sake. The tartness of the green apple is perfectly tempered by the bold notes of the sake for balanced and refreshing flavors to cleanse the palate after your tendon feast. Tenya offers other popsicle flavors, including Calamansi, but this new flavor is my new favorite. Green apple and sake, just can't get better than that.

Tenya also offers a new line of ice cream sundaes, like the Ningyo-Yaki Sundae (P 125), incorporating a traditional cake in a contemporary dessert with its Japanese baked cake snack and its playful shape, filled with Nutella or Dulce de Leche on vanilla ice cream topped with caramel popcorn. The shaped cake snack is a popular treat in Asakusa, and Tenya infuses their ice cream sundae with a taste of Asakusa, adding their own twist by filling it with Nutella or Dulce de Leche. Combined with the velvety smooth vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with caramel popcorn, it's the perfect ending to a satisfying tendon meal at Tenya. And the ice cream and caramel popcorn combo is just one of those wild ideas that really works. Pure genius.

Now with two branches, Tenya's expansion plans include even more branches scheduled to open within the year. Planning a lunch stopover? Head over to Tenya at the new Bonifacio Stopover...    

Tenya is located at the Second Level of the new Bonifacio Stopover, Rizal Drive corner 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila.

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