Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Let It Rain: Recovery Food at Brotzeit

Don't let the rainy season put a damper on your appetite. In fact, there are dishes that just tastes and feels so right during rainy days... 

Brotzeit introduces its own take on rainy day comfort food with its very own German-inspired Recovery Food, with new signature mains and desserts that make rainy days a whole lot better...

A cold Weihenstephan Original Hell Lager or Wheat Beer fresh from the tap does it for me on any rainy day. Or any day, really. And pairing it with one of Brotzeit's Culinary Director Ivan Maminta's new dishes makes rainy days just perfect. The new line of dishes are, in fact, meant to be enjoyed during the rainy season.

Here's a sneak preview of Brotzeit's comforting Recovery Food, starting with some soup. Nothing like a steaming hot and comforting bowl of soup on a rainy day. Brotzeit's Mariniertes Rindfleisch mit Kartoffein, a rustic soup with in-house cured slabs of tender corned beef and potatoes in a light yet flavorful broth is just what you need on a grey, cloudy day. The subtle hints of various spices add layers of flavors to the soup, rounded out by the fork-tender and briny corned beef.

Stews and rainy days are another classic match-up, recreated at Brotzeit with the Rindsragout, a hearty beef stew with buttered spaetzli, apricot and cranberry. The tender beef, covered in a rich and thick sauce delivers bold and upfront flavors, balanced by the soft and buttery spaetzli for another winning combo. This, and another round of wheat beer, and yes, let it rain.

Lachs mit Risotto, tender and rich pan-seared salmon on creamy beer-infused risotto with spinach is another flavorful option, with just a whisper of beer notes that further enrich the risotto. Drizzle some lemon and the delicate flavors of the tender and premium salmon come alive. A light and healthy option, the beer-infused risotto and spinach makes this a meal in itself.

And there's more...Huhnerbrust-Eintopf im Blatterteig, slow-cooked chicken stewed in beer with carrots and pearl onions covered in a light and flaky crust. A whiff of the freshly-baked and buttery pastry makes any rainy day right.

Gently crack the delicate pastry shell, as steam and a fragrant aroma from the slow-cooked chicken with beer invite you to just dig right in. The subtle and delicate notes of the tender chicken are enhanced by the creamy beer-infused sauce. Have a chunk of chicken, some pastry dipped in the rich sauce, and you're just glad it's a rainy day.

For dessert, Brotzeit's Sahne-Flan mit Rumtopf, a creamy and indulgent vanilla pudding draped with rum-braised fruits should take away the rainy day blues with a quick and vibrant sugar rush...

...or maybe, the Bayrische Creme, a rich Bavarian Cream with strawberry preserve, is more to your liking. Brotzeit's Recovery Food's pair of indulgent desserts just completes your rainy day bliss.  

Cap your rainy day feast at Brotzeit with the signature Heisse Schokolade, a creamy hot chocolate with premium bittersweet chocolate and whipped cream. The hot bittersweet dark chocolate and the thick whipped cream drizzled with cocoa powder just makes any day feel so right, rain or no rain.

Feeling down with the weather? Welcome and embrace the rainy days with Brotzeit's Recovery Food specials, and rainy days just got better. At Brotzeit...

Brotzeit is located at the Ground Floor, Glorietta 4, Ayala Center, Makati City or call 893-2815 for inquiries and reservations.

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